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Flawless Makeup Secret Learned From Kylie🔥🔥🔥

To have flawless makeup, the key part is the foundation. But finding our holy grail foundation isn’t always easy. There are so many factors that come into play when choosing a base:
finish (matte or dewy),
coverage (sheer, medium or full),
texture (liquid or powder),
price point (drugstore or luxe) and more.
Keep in mind, these are my personal favorites that I have tried and that work for me. 🔥MY SKIN🔥
SKIN TYPE: Combination ✔️
SKIN TONE: Medium ✔️
SKIN CONCERNS: Pores & Dullness ✔️
Flawless foundation weapon —— ARMANI beauty - Luminous Silk Foundation
($42). I have to say I’m a big fan of Kardashians and Jenners. I watched their makeup tutorial, their show, their VOGUE videos, their instagram... just for keeping up with them LOL. I have to say that I learned a lot of makeup tricks from these beauties. As title mentioned, this foundation is also Kylie’s favourite. You know in the YouTube upload Kylie of course used predominantly her own-brand products, but when it came to her foundation the mum of Stormi Webster has a firm favourite. 🔥MY HONEST REVIEW🔥 This foundation is incredible, it’s light and more of a watery consistency and it’s more hydrating which I love in any foundation. Can be built up from light to medium and has a lovely finish to it. Felt really nice on the skin and a very "my skin but better" look. 🔥IT WORKS WELL ON ALL SKINS🔥
- For dry skin, it really works and doesn’t flake up or cling to dry patches.
- For oily skin, you just take my time to bounce it in and set it and it just looks like gorgeous skin.
〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ Here are some BASIC RULES for applying foundation flawlessly are pretty much the same for all skin types: ⭐️ Clean and moisturize your face. Start with a clean canvas. Consider skin care as your makeup prime. ⭐️ ● Use only the products suitable for your skin type. ⭐️ ● Apply primer and color correct parts of your face before applying the foundation. ⭐️ ● Choose the right foundation color. ⭐️ Apply foundation and gently blend it. Always start by applying just a little bit of foundation, then add more until you have the right amount of coverage. The goal is to only apply foundation where you need it, so that your skin still looks like skin. ⭐️ ● Stack concealer only where needed. ⭐️ ● Conceal dark circles, and redness. Contour if you need to. A little contouring goes a long way. ⭐️ Stipple, don’t rub. Avoid any wiping or rubbing motions because that will only push the foundation around and cause streaks. ⭐️ Don’t forget your ears! Your ears are a part of your face, too. ⭐️ ● Set your makeup with a finishing spray or a translucent setting powder.
Aug. 13, 2020
JaclynnI love all the Armani foundation. They're all good!!!!
Aug. 17, 2020·3 likes
YourGalSkyeCan’t agree more! 🤩
Aug. 17, 2020
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Hormonal Acne Journey (part 5)
Hello, lovelies!❤ It has been two weeks since my last skin update! "Biologique Recherche" has continued to amaze me! This skincare is 100% worth the investment! My scars have lightened up significantly and my skin is starting to smooth out. I put on makeup now and actually feel like it looks beautiful! Because it's getting so smooth! Wearing makeup used to make me paranoid because it brought attention to my skin texture, and some of my scars were so dark my foundation wouldn't cover it. I use ARMANI beauty - Luminous Silk Foundation , it looks very natural and it isn't thick. My routine has stayed the same! I use "Lait VIP O2" cleanser if I have worn makeup. I use another facial cleanser before I use it though. Then I use "Lotion P50V 1970" toner twice a day after cleansing my face. I have started adding a few drops of water to my cotton ball and putting a few drops of toner on with that. My skin was getting a little dry and my friend suggested I do that and it has worked like a charm! I follow that with the "Placenta Serum" and concentrate that product on my scarred areas. I use it twice a day as well. I then use my lotion, "Creme ISO-Placenta". Once or twice a week I use the face mask, "Masque Vivant", after cleansing my face. I order from karinanyc.com and they have amazing customer service as well! Please look into this brand! Watch YouTube videos, Google it! It is pricey but SO worth it! All of my stuff is "travel size" besides my lotion and face mask and I've been using it for over a month and have PLENTY of product left! So that helps cut down on the price. 😊 If you have any questions please let me know! Also check out my page for hair product recommendations! I am a licensed cosmetologist. ❤ Products will be linked below! BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE - Lait Vip O2 Oxygenating Milk Cleanser BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE - MASQUE VIVANT BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE - Serum Placenta #Biologique Recherche - Lotion P50V 1970[products]#[FiveStars] BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE - Creme Placenta
Heaven in a bottle
This foundation makes my skin look flawless! It has medium coverage that is buildable. You can use a sponge, brush or your fingers to apply it. It really does feel like silk on the skin because it’s so soft and smooth. This one is oil free so it doesn’t feel greasy on the skin and lasts long. It has micro fill technology which allows the ingredients to lay flat for seamless blending and building. This is hands down my favorite foundation. ARMANI beauty - Luminous Silk Foundation 5/5 for me!
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Mix them up! Get a better foundation
Mix them up! Get a better foundation
I'm very picky to the foundation because I have dry skin. The hydrating, coverage, texture, finish of a foundation is all very important. I got Kevyn Aucoin Etherealist Foundation in Sephora. When I try it store, I like its nice coverage, lightweight texture and fragrance-free. While after few times try on my skin, I found it somewhat dry out my skin. So, I put it away. To get a flawless foundation makeup, I know it’s very important to put on a primer. I got Armani Maestro UV primer, which is one of Armani Beauty's best sellers. It has broad-spectrum SPF 50 that is really amazing, as a primer, I like it. It uses antioxidants fillers to mimic the behavior of collagen. The texture of it is oil-ish and a bit oily. It can soak into the skin well, but I will need to very careful of the amount. Or, my skin will get really greasy. Then, it occurs to me that why not mix them together. The thing is the mixture does do a great job. The mixed foundation becomes very easy to blend and definitely buildable. It is really lightweight and fluid, which provides my skin great moisturizing, and makes my skin looks glowy without oily looking. It won't be cakey even if I wear makeup over 8 hours. Mixed with oily texture primers will not affect its coverage. It could still cover my blemishes. Before I give a try, I cannot imagine how well could two beauty products mix together. Kevyn Aucoin foundation costs me $58, and Armani primer is $64, which are really pricy! This amazing try totally save my money!
Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer SPF 50
ARMANI beauty-Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer SPF 50
Long wear foundation that actually lasts! *GASP* Yes my beauty lovers, it’s true. Uoma Beauty SLAPS! I have dry, acne prone skin, and some scars/dark spots here and there. I have found my match in foundations! UOMA BEAUTY - Say What?! Foundation A foundation with a VERY inclusive shade line that caters to undertone and skin type! This looks flawless on the skin and looks like real skin. + buildable coverage. Light to FULL coverage. + soft matte/natural finish. Not heavy, looks super natural and like skin. + LONG LASTING. I wore this for 12hrs without primer and it stayed put. + has a light scent, but it’s really nice and dissipates. + no oxidation! Doesn’t turn colors. + typical pump foundation bottle. + applies well with both brush and sponge. + I typically use 2-3 pumps for my entire face. ** t i p t i m e ** Mix in a face oil to your foundation to make your foundation look even more skin like.
Say What?! Foundation
UOMA BEAUTY-Say What?! Foundation
Holy grail alert

If you’re lo
Holy grail alert If you’re looking for the most skin-like, dewiest, long-wearing, silky foundation that blends like a dream - look no further. I’m almost mad at myself for how much I love this foundation because its literally $58 but you guys it’s so good. Now I’m not that crazy, I don’t wear it on an everyday basis - I save it for more important days or when I’m going out. This foundation is a light to medium coverage which is exactly what I look for. I prefer to have a light base and then just use a good concealer over problem areas. This is a good way to keep your skin looking like skin and not cakey. It never clings to dry patches and just makes my skin look so juicy and plump without being too slippy if that makes sense. I hate feeling like my foundation is sliding around my face, but this guy stays put and looks good doing it. I also have worn this foundation for over 20 hours (please don’t ask lol) and it still looked AMAZING...so the wearability is just as good as the finish.
Touche Eclat Le Teint Radiance Awakening Foundation
YVES SAINT LAURENT-Touche Eclat Le Teint Radiance Awakening Foundation
Best Finish Award: ESTĒE LAUDER - Double Wear Radiant Concealer If you’re looking for a concealer that has a soft radiant finish that isn’t too dewy or matte, this is the one! I love wearing this when I want to look like I almost have no makeup on and I use the shade 2W. It gives pretty good coverage and definitely still looks like skin! Best Coverage Award: MAKE UP FOR EVER - Full Cover Concealer Meet the concealer that I’ve been using for 6 years! I loooove this concealer for my breakouts and scars. This is seriously the highest coverage concealer I’ve ever tried! It covers literally anything and is waterproof! I use this only for pinpoint concealing- and shade 6 is my perfect skin match! Best Everyday Award: ARMANI beauty - Power Fabric Concealer This is such a great all-rounded concealer. I love the finish, the coverage and the lasting power of it. I use the shade 5.25 and it’s perfect for everyday use! It gives just enough coverage for me to perfect my skin and it also last pretty long! It works for under the eyes or all over the face for a thin veil to even out discoloration! Best Shade-range Award: FENTY BEAUTY - Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Concealer This concealer my perfect skin match when I’m at my palest- and it’s probably the palest shade I own! I love this concealer so much because there just so many shades to choose from that you’ll for sure be able to find a perfect match. The coverage is pretty high with this one but it still manages to look skin-like. I can tell I have makeup on when I’m wearing this- but not in a bad way! Just very perfecting. I use the shade 145. Best for Photo/Video Award: MAKE UP FOR EVER - Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer This is my go-to concealer for photoshoots or events because it just looks so great for photo and video! I love that it never has flashback and it makes my skin look flawless in person and on screen! There are also so many shades to choose from. I love using this either just under my eyes or as a thin layer of foundation! It looks so natural but flawless. I use the shade 30!
Double Wear Radiant Concealer
ESTĒE LAUDER-Double Wear Radiant Concealer
My FAV Primers! You Will Like Them As Well!💖💖💖
My FAV Primers! You Will Like Them As Well!💖💖💖
Yoooooooo What'sssss up! I am supre super happy today cuz I just finished a bunch of work. And I think it is the time to introduce some of my fav primers.  And all three primers have Great reviews: laura mercier - Foundation Primer YVES SAINT LAURENT - Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow #HOURGLASS - Veil Mineral Primer[products]#[FiveStars] 1) Laura Mercier Foundation Primer This colorless, lightweight primer has good shine-control. It spreads easily, gets absorbed right away and leaves my skin feeling moisturized, but it doesn't even out my skin tone. It's very moisturizing and it leaves my skin shine-free. It allows my makeup to be long lasting, and doesn't cause separation nor balls up. 2) YSL Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow This is also a colorless primer that's even more lightweight. It gets absorbed more easily, provides my skin with a translucent glow, but it doesn't even out my skin tone. 3) Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer This is a white, mousse-like primer which spreads easily. I use it to correct my skin tone and cover the redness around my nose. It has the best shine control effect compared with the Laura Mercier and YSL primers. It even keeps my under eye makeup from peeling, so this is my favorite primer so far.
Foundation Primer
laura mercier-Foundation Primer
What I like & dislike of Fenty Beauty face products
What I like & dislike of Fenty Beauty face products
Rihanna created Fenty Beauty, focusing on a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, developing formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades. So when the brand came out I was very excited. And today I want to share some face products that I bought several months ago and share my thoughts. Let’s start with the primer and foundation that created for normal to dry skin type. The Pro Filter Hydrating Primer is a lightweight, hydrating primer with grape seed oil and sodium hyaluronate inside for a silky-smooth finish. I have dry skin and I can feel the hydration after applying it, but I don’t think it will last all day. However, the packaging and the smell of it is really nice, so I can give it 4/5 and I quite like it. FENTY BEAUTY - Pro Filt'r Hydrating Primer About the Hydrating Longwear Foundation, I am not a fan of it. As you can see in the picture, I use it after the primer and it still looks dry even it has fluidity. The description says it will give a hydrating, natural finish with medium-to-full coverage. I admit that the coverage is pretty good and it is easy to blend, but it is not hydrating for me and I can see it sticking in my smiling lines after only 3 to 4 hours. So I am thinking maybe it will have better performance during hot summer weather. I can give it 3/5 and I don’t think it met my expectation.  FENTY BEAUTY - Pro Filt'r Hydrating Longwear Foundation Now it turns to highlighters. The first one is the Diamond Bomb-How Many Carats?!, which is a highlighter with pure platinum sparkle and no base color at all. So, I think it can be used for all skin tones. Even it is full of glitters, it features a unique jelly-powder formula and feels like oily based. However, it squeezed and off the pan right now and I didn’t drop it for sure. So, considering the risk of off pan, I can give it 4/5 and a like. FENTY BEAUTY - Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil The next is a mini highlighter I bought in a set with a lip gloss. It is a Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter named Hu$tla Baby, which is a golden champagne shimmer. It feels super soft and shiny. The size is also perfect for traveling. Even the shade is not very special, it is still beautiful and can match different kinds of makeup. I can also give it 4/5.  FENTY BEAUTY - Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter So these are my thoughts about the products I bought from Fenty Beauty, and each of them I did a lot of work before purchasing. Hope my reviews can be helpful for you!
Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil
FENTY BEAUTY-Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil