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Straight from Paris to your bathroom - Clarins E

Clarins Eau Dymanisante’s body spray 👗is so good! I love to work out, this spray is my go-to body spray after my shower, I love it for two reasons. It smells delicious of summer days, 🌞 herbs, flowers completely follows the principles of aromatherapy 🙏🏽 lifting my mood and making me feel really happy every time I use it. Known for its hydrating properties, I can feel my skin plump up and sing! This eau de toilette is the business! Always available on Amazon and Ulta, check it out! You can thank me later 👸🏼Princess. Clarins Hydrating body lotion - feels amazing! 💖 This matching light body lotion feels SILKY on my skin with its sheer aromatic formula and gorgeous smell! I rub a small amount on my arms and legs to hydrate them after my shower, no dry skin in sight! Designed to heighten the sense of general wellbeing and calm, I would say that it is so true! The combination of honey and olive energizes while melting into my skin really quickly without any sign of stickiness - Happy Days 😍 fellow beauty lovers 💋
Apr. 2

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Ralph Lauren Romance
Ralph Lauren Romance
I love this perfume and it’s even better that I got the set with the lotion,shower gel, mist and perfume it’s a steal deal . Ralph Lauren makes some of the most beautiful perfume and cologne
Romance Eau de Parfum Rollerball
RALPH LAUREN-Romance Eau de Parfum Rollerball
I love VICTORIA'S SECRET - Rush Fragrance Mist !! It has such a refreshing scent🤗 It reminds me of waterfalls and butterflies 🦋 I’m pretty sure I got this with VS coupon. It was around $10. I spray this this when I want to give off a “fresh and clean” scent.🤗 I’m not sure if they see the mini fragrance mist in this scent anymore but right now you can get the 8.4oz for $8🙀 (reg. $18) good deal! What are some perfumes that you all use that have “fresh” scents?💕
Rush Fragrance Mist
VICTORIA'S SECRET-Rush Fragrance Mist
L E O N O R - G R E Y

the gol
L E O N O R - G R E Y the golden pack vitamins formula moves like a dry oils and penetrates the skin barrier quickly. The coconut oil is help lock in moisture and a personal favorite. I love using it after right after a shower and even when I waxed my legs for the first time haha 😲 what really makes this work for me is the scent. I love a oil body with a lasting fragence and Huile de Magnolia does not disappoint. Wearing it out I only use a spray perfume one time as to not mask it. . I recommend this body oil to those withlove a perfume like oil that wears well and makes you feel super expensive!
Diptyque Paris Satin Oil which
Diptyque Paris Satin Oil which I have been loving in my hair. This oil is for the body & hair but since it’s very fragranced I like to only use it either in my hair alone or on my body alone so that it’s not overpowering. It smells of jasmine and ylang ylang with hints of honey-amber and saffron. The oil absorbs quickly into your skin and hair which I love in an oil! On top of that – it’s GORGEOUS ✨💫
Satin Oil for Body and Hair
DIPTYQUE-Satin Oil for Body and Hair
Love this Body Cream so much,
Love this Body Cream so much, I love how hydrating and soothing it is on the skin. If my all time favourite. I never switch up Body Care like I do Face Care because this just works. This has been repurchased time and time again. . lauramercier - Fresh Fig Soufflé Body Creme. - Pamper the skin with this body cream which moisturises and nourishes the skin and features a silky, smooth texture that feels luxurious. . . - Created by renowned makeup artist Laura Mercier, this cream is part of her line of bath and body products. . - It has been crafted with grape seed and rice bran oil to condition the skin and has been enriched with vitamin A, C and E to nourish the skin. . . - It also contains vanilla extract and honey to soothe the skin, and sweet almond protein, hydrolysed rice protein, and pro-vitamin B-5 to help protect the skin and balance moisture. . Key Benefits: - Silky, smooth texture. - Rich with vitamins A, C and E. - Helps soothe the skin. - Contributes to the nourishment of skin. - Works to provide moisture balance. .
Fresh Fig Soufflé Body Crème
laura mercier-Fresh Fig Soufflé Body Crème
Today I’ll talk to you guys ab
Today I’ll talk to you guys about this dynamic duo I’ve got here. Now, we can probably all tell my now that I am a major L'Occitane fan. I’m sure everyone is pretty familiar with their skincare/body care products, but what about their fragrances?! ✨ Terre de Lumière Eau de Parfum: this lovely one here came out a couple years ago, I believe? The idea behind this perfume is the Golden Hour, which is a unique moment in the evening before the sunset, when the sky is illuminated in golden lighting 🌅 This mouthwatering perfume has zesty and aromatic too notes and eventually develops into a delicious trifecta of lavender, honey and almond. Much like the rest of L'Occitane scents, this one is nothing short of absolutely ✨ Terre de Lumière Beautifying Body Milk: such a good companion to the above-mentioned! This lovely gal right here has the very same scent as the Eau de Parfum, and it’s not too heavy at all on the skin! And, plot twist: it sparkes!!! 🤩 It’s got a nice sheen to it that’s, if you ask me, perfect for summertime when you’re in a sundress or crop top and you wanna show off a shimmery shoulder paired with the loveliest sunset-inspired scent there ever was 🙌🏻 . What’re you up to on this lovely Saturday, friends?
Terre de Lumière Beautifying Body Milk
L'OCCITANE-Terre de Lumière Beautifying Body Milk