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Neom- luxury body products that smell divine!

Neom Perfect Night Sleep - Magnesium Body Butter 🌾Help me sleep! 😴 This cream is amazing! I love it soooo much and it really works! This cream is what dreams are made of literally! If like me you’re having trouble sleeping, look no further! The cream smells like you’re laying in a sun-drenched field of lavender in the south of France. The consistency is THICK and so SILKY, it melts straight into the skin. I bought this on Amazon, the price reflects the fact you get what you pay for! Full of magic magnesium and pure organic ingredients - a perfect night’s sleep guaranteed every night. Out for the count in no time! Neom Real Luxury Body Scrub 💜 Luxury in a jar! Smells heavenly and feels divine. The body scrub of dreams! Spring is coming and body prep needs to happen, this product is perfect to wake up your skin. Amazing de-stressing ingredients, made with Lavender, Jasmine and Brazillian Rosewood the scrub is sugar-based and whipped up with Jojoba and sunflower oil. My seriously dry skin didn’t know what had hit it! I usually save for this one but at $20 reduced from $40 it’s a steal! Neom Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle 💝 This treatment candle is so sexy! Luxury with a capital L, love your skin. What’s different about this product is that it lights like a candle and acts as a body oil. Light it, drizzle it then massage it on your skin and watch the temperature in the room rise! Made with all-natural ingredients, you can feel the love and goodness in this product. As an added bonus the gorgeous china pot with a pouring spout trimmed in gold is super stylish and refillable. The best product for every woman who wants to feel good and look amazing! I always ask for this as a gift, if I feel I need a glamor boost💋
Apr. 2
annkrishaOmg this sounds amazing! I really want a luxe body duo like this🥰
Apr. 3

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Mizz Bloom is a  brand who str
Mizz Bloom is a brand who strives to create high quality organic, vegan and cruelty free skincare products for face and body. Their philosophy is from nature to skin and formulas are carefully crafted to do the most for your skin. When the brand launched they released 4 products the Nourish Face Oil, Glow Body Oil, Polish Body Scrub and a Jade Roller. Today I want to talk about the Glow Body Oil and Polish Body Scrub ! • Glow Body Oil This is formulated with so many yummy oils a few of them being jojoba, sunflower, pumpkin seed oil and avocado oil. The oil retails for $44. The formula is surprisingly lightweight and sinks into the skin so beautifully. I like to apply this right after I shower while my skin is still wet and then pat dry if needed. The scent is a really lovely citrus scent that is really refreshing but not overpowering. This leaves my skin feeling really hydrated! I also love that the packaging has a pump so it’s easy to dispense and there is no fear of dropping it and spilling it everywhere! • Polish Body Scrub This scrub is formulated with Atlantic sea salt, jojoba, coconut, primrose oil, turmeric and other great things. The scrub retails for $24. The scent is summer citrus and it’s so intoxicating. The added aromatherapy of this scrub while you’re using it is a wonderful bonus. This scrub is gentle on the skin and always makes me feel nice and soft. I like to use this scrub in my morning showers, the citrus scent helps me feel really uplifted and awake! I really love both of these and I have high hopes for the facial oil and roller!
I believe on the idea of using
I believe on the idea of using shower as an opportunity for selflove. We're in there daily and it's how we start or end each day. It's the ideal time to reset and get a little wellness in. Then, using clean and natural body care is one of many ways to limit the exposure of toxic materials from our bodies. It's just make me feel better, especially if the packaging is super cute like these ones from klea skincare. Each ingredients of Klea products is added to serve purpose to your skin. They're natural and certified organic with no parabens, preservatives or synthetics colorants and fragrances. All of the products are handmade and packed in small batches. I've been using their Skin Potion Body Wash everyday in the shower. It contains coconut oil and shea butter, so it doesn't dry out my skin. After that, I spread the Milky Way Light Hydrating Lotion all over my body. It's made with sunflower oil and aloe vera and does an excellent job at hydrating. It's also enriched with collagen to help reduce wrinkles and stretch marks. The texture is very lightweight, almost watery, so that it feels silky and easily absorbs into the skin. And the smell is incredible, like lavender and ylang ylang, which I like. Speaking of lavender, the Calming Lavender Body Oil will leave you feeling just that. I'm pretty good at applying this nightly. It's another product that makes me feel relax in a matter of seconds. I rub this on my feet too for a quick massage and all the chill vibes before drifting off.
I use body oil religiously eve
I use body oil religiously every night and after running out of my trusty Bio Oil, I thought I’d try something new. I somehow fell into spacenk last time I was in Manchester and stumbled across herbivore botanicals and then happened to make an impulse purchase. All totally accidental of course. Anyway, turned out for the better as this stuff is dreamy. I was torn between the Jasmine and Rose Quartz Oil, but I just love the smell of Jasmine too much. It sinks in soooo well. Many other oils are quite sticky and you can still feel them lingering the next morning. This one absorbs straight away and my skin drinks the stuff up. Plus, I find the scent so calming before bed and I’m sure it sends me off for a more sound and restful slumber.
Jasmine Glowing Hydration Body Oil
HERBIVORE-Jasmine Glowing Hydration Body Oil

Giving myself t
R O U T I N E Giving myself that full body foam love last night. I didn't realize how any foam items I owned which make me very happy each holds a specific purpose. You gotta love a good liquid turn foam formaula and here a three I use together. rituals t'ai chi white lotus and green tea shower foam - a surprise scent and experience. I can see why everyone is getting into Rituals luxe line. The foam does have problems coming out of the nozzle which it due to it being a spray and not pump but what I do get out I enjoy. thefaceshop chia seed fresh bubble foam - two pumps of it is enough to go over my face and neck. Its lightweight lather helps keep my skin soft on a daily basis. Its the perfect everyday foam cleanser. toocoolforschool egg mousse body oil - still a thing of beauty this body oil transitions into different textures and smell divine as it does it. I love how give my skin a crazy glow ✨✨! I will defintely be repurchasing.
Egg Mousse Body Oil
too cool for school-Egg Mousse Body Oil
A clean beauty line for your body
A clean beauty line for your body
I’ve been focusing a lot on self care and self love recently. Interestingly, I won the Necessaire line in a giveaway recently. I’ve only ever heard wonderful things about this entire line and on trying them all out, I totally get why. Necessaire is amazing! They focus on personal care products for your body that not only promote cleanliness and health, but also well being in a luxurious setup. I can firmly say that each of these products are amazing. They felt wonderful and work great! I also love that they use a 100% recyclable packaging and work only with FSC-certified vendors. Honestly haven’t tried a single product of their I didn’t love.
The Body Exfoliator
Nécessaire-The Body Exfoliator
Watermelon Afterglow Body Oil
Watermelon Afterglow Body Oil 🍉 Living somewhere so dry I have always loved body oils. They sink in so beautifully without leaving a residue and are super hydrating. First off, this oil smells like a dream. It’s lightly scented with watermelon and blood orange which are two scents I love. The oil itself has so many great ingredients: watermelon seed oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil and vitamin E oil to name a few. This is great for everyday but is formulated ideally for use after sun exposure to nourish, restore glow and prevent signs of aging. I love to use this after my shower while my skin is still wet. The oil locks in so much moisture and leaves me feeling hydrated all day without feeling sticky. can still smell the scent on my skin later on in the day which is also a huge bonus. I have been loving the glow this gives me this is already a summer favorite!
Watermelon Afterglow Body Oil
SIMPER GOODS-Watermelon Afterglow Body Oil