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Anytime, Everywhere, Anywhere kinda Moisturizer!

Since this brand launched in US I was super excited to try out their water cream. This baby has these key ingredients: 1) Water- Stay Technology that locks in moisture, quenches dry skin all when maintaining a fresh lightweight feel. 2) Artemisia Extract which strengthens the moisture barrier of the skin. 3) Coconut derived oil which soothes dryness. . . My experience - I used a generous scoop and applied it all over my face and neck at night. Generally when I wake up in the morning I instantly wash my face and apply a moisturizer however, the days I used this cream my skin did not feel dehydrated or dry in the morning and I could actually see my skin supple and plump in the morning. I would highly recommend this cream for winters as it is a bit on the thicker side. I will keep using it since I seriously love how nourishing it feels. Plus the packaging is recyclable as well which is always a plus ♻️♻️ . . Note it has coconut derived oils. My skin does not react to coconut but I know a lot of people are allergic to coconut in their skincare. Price: $40 for 50ml (1.6 oz)
Nov. 17, 2019

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Go to bed with Fresh skin
Go to bed with Fresh skin
fresh - Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Night Cream I absolutely love this night cream especially specially for my dry skin this really helped to moisturize and hydrate my skin. This beautiful moisturizer contains lotus extract which helps with repairing the skin and deeply hydrating. The consistency is quite rich but sinks in really nicely. There is a slight fragrance but it’s not too overwhelming and that’s what I love about it. After using this moisturizer I would wake up with glowing soft And hydrated skin. This is the perfect moisturizer for the winter because it’s not only going to protect your skin from the heart elements but it’s also rich enough to hydrate and soothe any irritation.
Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Night Cream
fresh-Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Night Cream
I have been using this cream f
I have been using this cream for a while now and can finally share my thoughts 😊 💦Star ingredients: Centella asiatica leaf water (40%), madecassoside, niacinamide 💦Texture: Quite thick, spreads nicely on the skin, however it doesn't fully absorb. It leaves an occlusive film on top of the skin - not greasy, but still. You need to watch out for the amount as if you take too much it might be too heavy 💦Performance: I think this is an amazing product for winter. This really seals everything up and helps to keep the moisture - but it can be too heavy for warmer months. I really enjoy this one now, as my skin needs some heavier formulations because it tends to be dehydrated recently. This cream soothes my skin and makes it feel really comfortable. I love how my skin looks in the morning - calmed, plump and hydrated without any greasiness. You may wanna be aware that it contains silicones!! I don't mind them that much since they don't do any harm to my skin 😉 Overall I recommend this cream more for the winter time, especially if you are struggling with dryness/dehydration. Might be too heavy for oily ppl. My combination skin really likes it, however not sure if I would repurchase in the near future. It's a good cream but wanna try some others now out of curiosity! 😊
Madecassoside Sun Cream SPF39 PA++ 40g
A'pieu-Madecassoside Sun Cream SPF39 PA++ 40g
A ceramide-packed moisturizer
A ceramide-packed moisturizer
I love any product with ceramides, so this COSRX - Balancium, Comfort Ceramide Cream, 2.82 oz (80 g) was made for me. It retails for 26$ for a 2.82 oz tube (9.22$ an ounce), and this is free of parabens, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, animal ingredients, and sulfates. The first ingredient on this moisturizer is actually one of my favorites (centella leaf extract water), and that combined with the ceramide NP makes for a soothing and nourishing moisturizer that my dry skin absolutely loves. This is a thicker cream that I think is best suited for dry skin, but I definitely recommend checking it out if this fits your skins needs
 Balancium, Comfort Ceramide Cream, 2.82 oz (80 g)
COSRX- Balancium, Comfort Ceramide Cream, 2.82 oz (80 g)
the re-turn madecera cream by
the re-turn madecera cream by skinrxlab , easily one of my favorite moisturizers year-round. I think I'm on my third one now? It's named for one of its main ingredients, madecassoside, a naturally occurring anti inflammatory compound, and it definitely works to soothe any irritation or sensitivity, as well as increase collagen synthesis. It's an antioxidant on its own, but works even better in conjunction with vitamin c to protect against UV rays and free radicals. The cream also features one of my favorite skincare ingredients, niacinamide, which brightens and also reduces redness, and is loaded with ceramides to plump and seal in hydration. Perfect for repairing or just protecting the moisture barrier, it defends against irritants and harsh weather. Yet despite feeling incredibly nourishing when applied, it's not heavy at all, so it works both day and night. I use it regularly in the winter and as a night cream in the summer. It does have a bit of fragrance though, so keep that in mind if you have sensitive skin. I stumbled upon it in early 2018, and decided to try it based on the ingredients, only then to see it hailed as one of the top new k-beauty launches of the year!
MadeCera Re-turn Cream
SKINRx LAB-MadeCera Re-turn Cream
Can we just talk about Elizabe
Can we just talk about Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. So I have always associated this brand with classy middle aged women. I don’t know why 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think its the classy, luxurious branding it looked like it was made for grown ups, like proper sensible grown ups 😂. This is why I hadn’t tried this brand myself until I hit “middle aged” too just this year, I am still working on the classy bit 😂😂 . I feel like a complete misunderstood fool !! This cream is working wonders on my dermatitis. It works actual miracles. I apply it to my affected areas and it instantly stops the itching and by morning the irritation has almost completely healed like magic !! . I highly recommend this to anyone that suffers with super dry skin, or irritations. It also soothes burns, flaky skin, scrapes and abrasions. . The texture of this “cream” is more of a sticky balm that smells slightly medicated. You only need the tiniest bit. . Don’t be daft cow like me and wait till you hit an age before you venture in and try 😂😂
Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant
Elizabeth Arden-Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant
Going to start by saying: if you have dry skin and live in extreme cold, then you need to run to the nearest Sephora and grab @drjart’s ceramidin cream! This is by far the best product and moisturizer I’ve discovered this year. It is super duper moisturizing and contains 5-cera complex (ceramides) which overall help strengthen the skin barrier and prevent moisture and water loss. The texture is quite thicccc and feels like butter (it’s soooo smooth)! It spreads super easily and never ever feels heavy on the skin. Anyone who struggles with dryness, itchiness, roughness and skin irritations will highly benefit from this cream. It’s not only moisturizing, but it’s also soothing and calming. I’ve been using this moisturizer every night since winter started and I cannot imagine my skincare routine without it. I always wake up with soft, moisturized skin. I’m so obsessed! I know this cream may not be for everyone, but if you struggle with dry skin then I HIGHLY recommend trying it out. It’s honestly SO worth the money. I would repurchase it over and over again because youu absolutely get what you pay for! A little bit also goes a long way, so it’ll last you quite a while. The last thing I will say is that the hype is SO real! Dr. Jart+ - Ceramidin Cream
Ceramidin Cream
Dr. Jart+-Ceramidin Cream