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Sorbet heaven

Seriously this brand has been amazing so far, their isn’t a product that I haven’t liked yet. Their ingredients are amazing and the smell and texture of their products are great. I love to use this in my neck, chest, and hands. It works wonders on your elbows as well. Mine are super dry and this has helped big time :) I need to try more products by them. CAUDALIE - Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet
It’s lightweight gel-cream is packed with grape water and antioxidants to soothe and hydrate skin. One of their best sellers. Skin Type: Normal, Dry Skincare Concerns: Dryness, Redness, and Dullness and Uneven Key Ingredients 🔑
Organic Grape Water: Moisturizes skin.
Grape Seed Polyphenols: Antioxidant properties fight wrinkle-causing free radicals like pollution, stress, and sun damage.
Chamomile: Calms and soothes
Clinical Results: In a clinical trial, percent of satisfaction after 28 days for 22 volunteers: - 77% reduced redness - 90% soothed skin This product is vegan as well as being under Sephora’s clean list. If you love a product by them, let me know, I want to try more!! :)
Aug. 30, 2020
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Caudalie gel moisturizer, not for everyone.
CAUDALIE - Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet is expensive and smells nice, BUT it really fails to be a good moisturizer. I use this at night along with some hyaluronic acid serums, to lock in some moisture. I have combination skin that cannot tolerate thick moisturizers for daily use, I have been looking for a lightweight moisturizer for night. Pros: I love the scent in this product. It’s not a very potent scent but it comes off as fresh and fades quickly. It does not leave a sticky film on my face instead it easily absorbed. Its ingredients include grape water, grape seed polyphenols, and chamomile. All of this combined work to moisturize the skin, fight wrinkles (caused by sun damage, stress, and pollution), and soothe. You can definitely feel the soothing from the chamomile and some moisture but there are still areas where it does not perform well. Cons: For $39 I would expect this product to last a lot longer. I have to use a dimes amount to cover my face each time. That being said, the reason that you need so much of it is that it does not spread very well. Though I like the scent and think this is a very luxurious product, if you have combination to oily skin, I would really recommend Glossier. - The Refine Duo (the moisturizer in this) or CeraVe - PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion .
Samples: The Good, The Bad, And The Fragrance
After a recent purchase from my local Shoppers Drug Mart, I was given a few samples of skincare products. After giving each of them two tries, I have thoughts. Here they are: reversa - Radiance Cream SPF 30 I absolutely loved this cream! This was a deeply hydrating cream with a decent amount of sun protection, 4% Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C. There is a slight tingle when you first apply it because of the AHA , which is normal. But I found that it did very well on my sensitive skin. Avène - Cleanance Comedomed Anti-Imperfections Concentrate This product is an anti blemish concentrate to help prevent breakouts and clear skin. I love this brand but I was disappointed to see that the second ingredient is isopropyl alcohol and this line is specifically made for sensitive skin. It didn't irritate my skin but the texture is really sticky and the tackiness made it very difficult to blend into the skin. philosophy - Purity Made Simple Ultra-Light Moisturizer This was such a bland moisturizer for the price point it sells for. Nothing special at all, save your money and get a drugstore priced lotion. CAUDALIE - Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet This one was horrible! Such a heavy fragrance and did a sub par job at keeping my skin hydrated. This is a product for people who love heavy scents and want to feel fancy with no real goal for their skincare. Gross. NUXE - Crème Fraîche de Beauté 48HR Moisturising Rich Cream Holy crap, this is one of the worst creams I have ever tried. The moment I put it on my face, it started to burn. If that wasn't bad enough, even my hands started to feel like they were on fire and I immediately decided to just wash it all off. The fragrance is way too strong and severely irritating, so if you have sensitive skin, stay away from this one. Hope this helps! Happy shopping!

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Citrus Goodness in a Jar
Citrus Goodness in a Jar
Hi everyone! I’m so excited to join the Cherie community and see all your reviews! Especially with the products we are putting on our skin, I think it’s incredibly important to not only share what worked for us, but also what didn’t. Today I’m reviewing theCAUDALIE - Vinoperfect Brightening Moisturizer with Niacinamide . I had low standards for this one because of my previous experience with the Caudalie beauty elixir. I had the impression that all their products had alcohol (the bad kind) in them, but this one totally changed my opinion! I absolutely LOVE this moisturizer. For my dry and sensitive skin, it’s the perfect cream to put on in the morning. It refreshes my face with a thick, but not too thick, layer of moisture to last me throughout the whole day. Since I have dry skin, I can get away with using it in the day and night, but for oily or combination skin types, I think this cream is best suited for a nighttime routine. The texture is most similar to Tatcha creams, really rich and delicious :) It has a pretty strong scent, but I really like how fresh and citrusy it is. And that’s coming from someone who is really sensitive to smells! This moisturizer will continue to be a frequent visitor in my routine! #CherieCreator
Vinoperfect Brightening Moisturizer with Niacinamide
CAUDALIE-Vinoperfect Brightening Moisturizer with Niacinamide
Have you ever tried a mousse m
Have you ever tried a mousse moisturizer? Laneige calming mousse moisturizer because I’ve never tried anything like it! I had been in the market for a moisturizer made for sensitive skin, so this came at the perfect time for me. 🌸 It comes out very mousse-like and immediately feels soothing and cooling on contact. When my skin was red and itchy from a reaction, it hydrated and soothed my poor face! I loved how light weight it is, it isn’t goopy or thick. It’s unscented and takes a few minutes to absorb in, not unlike any other moisturizer! Overall, I have loooved using it and it’s my go-to whenever I have irritated skin!
Fresh Calming Mousse Moisturizer
LANEIGE-Fresh Calming Mousse Moisturizer
Lightweight yet rich moisturizer
Lightweight yet rich moisturizer
In the market for a new moisturizer? Give the VERSED - SKIN SOAK Rich Moisture Cream a try because you won’t regret it. This is a rich moisturizing cream that hydrates and nourishes the skin while also fighting off the signs of aging. It contains key ingredients such as glycerin, squalane, vitamin e, sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid, and red algae extract. I’m currently in love with this simple yet amazing moisturizer. This has a rich emollient creamy texture that feels so lush and dreamy on the skin. It dries down to a mild dewy finish that surprisingly isn’t heavy or greasy feeling. This is a bit too rich for me during the day but it can be done if I use a very small amount. I much preferred to use this in the evening alongside my retinol serum because it has definitely helped minimize any irritations and dryness associated with retinol. I enjoyed how soft and moisturized my skin felt the following morning. It also tends to look more plump and firmer as well. There’s no added fragrance so sensitive skin types can easily utilize this without worry. This was created for dry skin types but I believe any skin type would enjoy this as it’s lightweight but so nourishing at the same time. This didn’t clog my pores or cause me to breakout so I’m all for it. I’d like to mention that although this is very emollient, it lacks occlusive properties so if you have very dry skin then you may need something thicker on top of this or you can double layer it. Overall, I loved this little gem from Versed and I will definitely repurchase this in the future. I do think it’s a bit pricy for the amount but you only need a small amount for each use. I kind of wished this came in a bigger jar now because I’m going through it quicker than I anticipated. I’ve been very impressed so far with everything that I’ve tried from Versed. Have you guys tried this or anything from versed? If so, any thoughts on them? Rating: 5/5 ⭐️ #CherieCreator #Versed
SKIN SOAK Rich Moisture Cream
VERSED-SKIN SOAK Rich Moisture Cream
Dr. Althea
Dr. Althea
Dr. Althea (Review) 🌱 Hi guys, so today’s post is going to be a review about the Resveratrol 345NA Intensive Repair Cream, that @dr.altheaglobal gifted me. This Intensive Repair Cream carries a few key ingredients: 🌱 Resveratrol: Comes from grape skin, which act’s like an antioxidant (good for anti-aging). 🌱 Niacinamide: (MY FAVORITE) Helps reduce inflammation/soothe acne and prevent new breakouts from developing. 🌱 Fig: Delivers moisture to the skin, while clearing excess oil and dead skin cells. 🌱 Lavender: Can help reduce redness and acne scarring. 🌱 Turmeric: Reduces redness and inflammation from acne, and helps to even out skin discoloration. The MAIN benefits to this cream is that is targets fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin cell turnover and improves your skin’s elasticity. On top of that, this cream is GREAT for those with acne-prone/sensitive skin (like me) as it does an amazing job at soothing my acne and my irritated skin. This cream is packed with other wonderful ingredients such as: 🌱 Algae Extract: Great for drawing toxins out of the skin. 🌱 Centella Asiatica Extract: A great hydrating ingredient that soothes sensitive/compromised skin. 🌱 Squalane: Natural skin oil, hydrates the skin while controlling oil production. 🌱 Hyaluronic Acid: Cult fav ingredient for hydration. The texture of this cream is more of a thick gel consistency, which I LOVE. I have combo/more so dry skin and noticed lotions/creams both just don’t agree with my skin, gel-like formulas work the best for me! I am so happy I was introduced to this brand, I am super excited to try out more as I was very satisfied by this repair cream. I definitely plan purchasing another once this first tube finishes.🥰 ___________________________________ *gifted/PR but opinion always my own
Resveratrol 345NA_Intensive Repair Cream
Dr.Althea-Resveratrol 345NA_Intensive Repair Cream
Anytime, Everywhere, Anywhere kinda Moisturizer!
Anytime, Everywhere, Anywhere kinda Moisturizer!
Since this brand launched in US I was super excited to try out their water cream. This baby has these key ingredients: 1) Water- Stay Technology that locks in moisture, quenches dry skin all when maintaining a fresh lightweight feel. 2) Artemisia Extract which strengthens the moisture barrier of the skin. 3) Coconut derived oil which soothes dryness. . . My experience - I used a generous scoop and applied it all over my face and neck at night. Generally when I wake up in the morning I instantly wash my face and apply a moisturizer however, the days I used this cream my skin did not feel dehydrated or dry in the morning and I could actually see my skin supple and plump in the morning. I would highly recommend this cream for winters as it is a bit on the thicker side. I will keep using it since I seriously love how nourishing it feels. Plus the packaging is recyclable as well which is always a plus ♻️♻️ . . Note it has coconut derived oils. My skin does not react to coconut but I know a lot of people are allergic to coconut in their skincare. Price: $40 for 50ml (1.6 oz)
Love the Earth Alpine Berry Water Oil-Free Gel
primera-Love the Earth Alpine Berry Water Oil-Free Gel
My normally oily/greasy skin w
My normally oily/greasy skin went super dry, particularly around the lower cheek area. In came a mini of the Merumaya youth preservation moisturiser which just went in and zapped away all the dry patches and plumped the skin up as it went. For dry and distressed skin I would firmly recommend this. I am a raver for their retinol resurfacing (I'm already on my 2nd) but will definitely look to purchase the full size of this. 🦊❤
Youth Preservation Moisturiser SPF20
MERUMAYA EFFECTIVE SKINCARE-Youth Preservation Moisturiser SPF20