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Ultimate 2-in-1 Product 💜🧜🏾‍♀️

This is the perfect under eye treatment for any skin type. Not only does this treatment brighten upon immediate application, but has ingredients that help to illuminate the under eye over time. I would largely contribute that the niacinamide which is known to visibly brighten and firm after only a few weeks of use. Not only is this formula non-comedogenic, non-irritating, and cruelty-free but it also contains no mineral oils or synthetic fragrances. I find many “clean” products at Sephora still contain mineral oils or other products that I’m still not a fan of, but this one gets the all clear 👍🏻 My main critique is the lack of colour options. Since this product was released over 3 years ago they have not launched any new colours. I personally find that the shade range is limiting, and is almost too dark for my own skin during the winter months. Will I be repurchasing - For sure! I recommend this product to everyone I know, especially any of my friend’s mom’s since it works wonders on their under eye while providing coverage!
Nov. 21, 2020
ClurrOooooo I’ve never heard of this
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I should be studying, but Tatcha mail!📦📚
So I’m totally supposed to be studying right now, but I got a Tatcha package & I’m so distracted! They recently had a 20% off sale so I picked up some old favorites & new things to check out. Among them, this beautiful book written by the creator & founder of Tatcha, Victoria Tsai. I figured I why not add to my growing skincare book collection📚 #Tatcha - Pure Skin book[products]#[FiveStars] $18 -published in 2018 (available for $6 - bookoutlet.com) Took a break from studying to peek inside this beauty... The delicate, mainly watercolor illustrations by Samantha Hahn, are simply gorgeous. Only a little over 125 pages, it’s a quick read, but it’s so beautiful & full of helpful tips. Victoria Tsai breaks down the heritage, importance, ingredients & effects of each step in ‘The Geisha Ritual’ The book also discusses other elements of Japanese self care & health practices. TATCHA - Camellia Gold Spun Lip Balm $30/.21 oz One of my all time favorite lip balms. The first ingredient is Squalane (derived of Olive, not Shark liver) so it’s super moisturizing. It contains beneficial Rice extracts, including both germ & bran oil. It has other nourishing ingredients like Camellia seed oil, Licorice extract, Green Tea leaf extract & Algae! Oh yes, & 23-karat gold is the last ingredient, kinda just for fun. Gold does have anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties, & even antibacterial properties at a nano particle level, but because gold isn’t soluble, flakes this large likely produce no anti-aging effects, but are also completely safe. TATCHA - Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers $12/40 sheets Another Tatcha favorite of mine. My absolute holy grail blotting papers. I noticed the package is different than last time, & I know changes may have been made by Unilever, but I’ll address all those things in my upcoming full reviews of all these products. Here’s the new things I’m going to try! I’ve tried many of the Rice Polishes, but not this one yet. I’m hoping this Pearl eye treatment can do a lil sumthin sumthin for my dark circles... TATCHA - The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment TATCHA - Calming Foaming Enzyme Powder 🍚 Have you tried these? I’d love to know your experience! Later babes💜 back to studying lol 😝
Hope you take some time to pamper yourselves today. Here is my morning routine. Tonight I’m going to kick back and take a nice warm bath with OUAI - Chill Pills and work on my self-tan. ————————- Products used in the following order: Milk MAKEUP - Vegan Milk Cleanser INDIE LEE - CoQ-10 Toner 3 sprays Medik8 - HYDR8 B5 Liquid Rehydration Serum 4 drops PUREGEN - E.G.F Invivo Repair Serum 4-5 drops YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superfood Firm and Brighten Vitamin C Serum 2 squirts CAUDALIE - Vinoperfect Radiance Serum The Brightening Solution 4 drops TATCHA - The Dewy Skin Cream Medik8 - Eye-lift Peptides TATCHA - The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment so far I am not liking this. It seems oily and hard to blend into my eye area. Using a very small dot. FIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair Oat & Hemp Seed Dry Oil 5-6 drops ISLE OF PARADISE - Own Your Glow Kit 5-6 drops mixed in with my moisturizer TRULY - Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Polish Jo Malone - Seaside Crush Duo And my Degree Deodorant —————- See my page for reviews on several of the products. I will be sharing reviews soon on the ones not done. Also, no sunscreen today as I am still staying inside a dark room due to an ongoing migraine. Otherwise I would put my sunscreen on last and probably mix my sun drops into them. I will be sure to share a am/pm MINIMAL routine soon as well. Much love 🍒 #CherieCreator

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Vitamin E oil and it’s effect on skincare!!
Vitamin E oil and it’s effect on skincare!!
NATURE'S BOUNTY - Vitamin E-Oil, 30,000 IU Vitamin E is a nutrient your body needs to support your immune system and help your cells to regenerate. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Things that vitamin E oil can help with: -hyperpigmentation: if you are trying to treat hyperpigmentation ( which is dark patches that are cause by too much pigment also known as melanin) it is said that if you want to cure hyperpigmentation pair the e oil with vitamin c as well. - prevents aging and wrinkles: because it is known to have a high antioxidant it affects the blood circulation ( in a good way of course) and gives you that firmness to your face - for smooth and soft lips: some people struggle with dry lips and it is common. Vitamin E oil is know to help it. It helps by bringing new cells to the surface faster and because it is thick in consistency it can prevent irritation Overall, this has good benefits but when trying new products make sure you do more research and monitor your skin because if something works for someone else doesn’t me it will 100% work for you. If you do decide to try this out I recommend using a roller with it to help penetrate deeper into the skin. If you have any questions feel free to ask 😊
 Vitamin E-Oil, 30,000 IU
NATURE'S BOUNTY- Vitamin E-Oil, 30,000 IU
I am not a bar soap person. I
I am not a bar soap person. I have never used one for my face, as I had an impression the bar soaps will be drying on the skin. . .So, I was a bit skeptical trying the clarify and cleanse bar. But this bar surprised me. It didn’t strip my skin and was quite gentle. It contains hydrogenated vegetable oil, kaolin, cocoa fruit powder, grape seed oil, rosehip oil, tea tree oil, salicylic acid.. . .Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel patches- It left my eyes look bright, hydrated and less puffy. These caffeine-infused hydrogel masks are what my tired eyes need. It has Niacinamide, 1% caffeine, Licorice extract, peptides, and aloe vera to brighten dark circles and plump up fine lines, Hydrogel technology to deliver moisturizing and firming ingredients. They are a bit slippery but I like that they are loaded with serum. .Both the products are vegan and cruelty-free.
Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches
GOOD MOLECULES-Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches
A couple of first impressions
A couple of first impressions tonight! 💫 I’m currently posting this while testing out my first day using the Apa Beauty whitening duo. Their whitening pen is no different, just as beautiful. As for the application process, it’s definitely one where I had to make sure I was following each step properly. Each little packet contains a single strip (so you’d use two packets a day). It was fairly easy for me to apply the top strip as it sticks immediately once you apply the gel, which is done prior to putting the strips on. The bottom teeth were such a challenge. Between the build up of saliva, my small mouth 🙄 and the sticky strip, I was a mess. I somehow managed to make it work though. Now I just have to sit through an hour and a half with these on my teeth! I actually don’t mind them at all they’re far more comfortable than any whitening strips I’ve ever tried. We’ll see how it all turns out in 5 days! 🤗 I also used one of the Ouiglo collagen sheet masks this morning which left me glowing and my skin soft. I was actually so surprised at how soft it was when I was applying the rest of my routine afterwards. I enjoyed this mask, although it didn’t fit my face all that well 🤷🏻‍♀️ that’s never a problem for me though because I’m a sheet mask fanatic lol -Dax
The Patchology Restoring Night
The Patchology Restoring Night Eye Gels 💙 These eye gels claim to restore a brighter, youthful appearance to overworked, under-rested eyes. These eye gels target dark circles. The texture of the eye gels feel slimey & smooth once I put it under my eyes. I really like these eye gels, especially when I put it in the fridge before using it because it gives a cool sensation once I put it under my eyes. Once I put it under my eyes, I feel very relaxed & it feels like my dark under eyes are healing! Once I take it off, it really helped with my dark circles & makes my under eyes look brighter. I decided to try this product because I was sent this from Patchology as a giveaway prize. I would recommend this product to others, especially for people who have dark circles or under-rested eyes. This product retails for $60 for 30 pairs of eye gels, which is not really bad since you are getting a lot of eye gels. patchology - FlashPatch Restoring Night Eye Gels
FlashPatch Restoring Night Eye Gels
patchology-FlashPatch Restoring Night Eye Gels
🌸This brand StackedSkincare that is a derma-tool that is a skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and hair from your face.”waoooo” does it really work??🌸 🌼Well i use this baby the first day it arrived and i never have done this before only seen it on Youtube , but always curious and scared at the same time. ☘️I call this routine "shaving your face," because this treatment involves gently pulling a blade along your skin. But! Dermaplaning, unlike traditional shaving, uses a smaller blade to slough off dead skin cells in addition to removing wispy facial hair, so skin is more even in tone and texture. Experience?? 🌝 I cleansed and exfoliate my face and use this tool after my face was completely dry. It dosen’t hurt but just be careful, it took me a good 25 minutes to do it at my entire face !! WAOOO!! I was surprised how much dead skinned i hade in my face!!! Results !!! 🙈 Literally i felt like the most beautiful,smooth and soft skin ever!!! Like i put a moisturizer after OMG! Super smooth and soft like I can’t get my hands off touching my face “literally “ Price : 75$ in Amazon and also at Sephora the same. I feel is worth the price if you can pay that extra 75$ WARNING ⚠️ The knife is good but the plastic part of it is kinda cheap so it can broke easily, mine broke after the 3rd use , but the replacement are 25$ so is something to think about it. How Often?? ❤️I feel is recommended every three to four weeks. Each time you get dermaplaned, you're removing about two to three weeks' worth of dead skin cells. stackedskincare - Dermaplaning Tool stackedskincare - Dermaplaning Tool Refill Trio
Dermaplaning Tool
stackedskincare-Dermaplaning Tool
Dark and puffy under eyes? Try this product!
Dark and puffy under eyes? Try this product!
I have a thing for under eye patches. But they're not all made the same. I've tried so many different kinds, from low to high end, and these by far are one of my favorite! The moment you put them on, they feel so cool and refreshing. It really makes you feel like you're doing something good for your skin! If you've had a late night, had a glass or two of wine, or are just enjoying a self-care moment at home, you need to try these. I'm truly a fan of the whole PTR 24k gold, especially the mask and these eye patches. The patches claim to help "lift and firm the appearance of the delicate eye area in just 10 minutes." I'm not sure how much they firm, but I do think they give a slight lift and "awake" look as they help de-puff and really brighten your under eyes. 30 pairs of patches currently run for about $75 at both Sephora and Ulta. The patches have a gel like feeling and stay put the whole time. I try to use them about 1-2x a week or whenever I feel like my eyes just need a little pick-me-up. They also come in a travel pack that I take with me when I travel because I love them that much. They're great to use post jet lag or even on the plane ride. Because they're so easy to use and are mess-free I would definitely purchase them again. Worth the price tag! PETER THOMAS ROTH - 24K Gold Pure Hydra Eye Patch
24K Gold Pure Hydra Eye Patch
PETER THOMAS ROTH-24K Gold Pure Hydra Eye Patch