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Perfect for Redness, Rosacea, Eczema

I’ve been using MG every day since I received it, after patch-testing on my neck and omitting some of my other anti-redness serums to see how it fared on its own. I experienced no irritation, no reaction, and already consider this a new staple in my routine as someone with eczema that is prone to easily-sensitized skin and red cheeks. When applied in the AM, I see a reduction of redness within a couple hours of application. I also find it very moisturizing, with a pleasant texture that easily mixes with other serums. I’m excited to use it with my usual serums to curb my sensitivity and give it a solid 5 out of 5 stars for doing what it claims to do, quickly and without potentially-irritating ingredients 🙌🏽 Now. Glucosides are glucose (a sugar) joined to a non-sugar to form a compound. They’re very common in nature and have antioxidant + antimicrobial properties. Modulating just means modifying/controlling, which fits since these glucosides control redness amazingly. Anyone struggling with redness, sensitivity, rosacea, or eczema is probably going to love this serum. NIOD - Modulating Glucosides
suspends a mixture of soothing glucosides, nourishing ceramides, and calming Tasmanian pepperberry in moisturizing squalane and water-retaining emollient isodecyl neopentanoate 🔬 INCI lists can have long, somewhat intimidating nomenclature in them. But it’s good to remember that all things are made of chemicals. Coconut oil is caprylic triglyceride. Just because something sounds “natural” doesn’t make it better. NIOD, however, gives nods to the more rural origins of skin care by melding cutting-edge technology with esoteric, plant-based science.
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Combo/Oily Morning Routine and Flash Review
Hi, everyone! I hope your weekend was well :) After doing a quick water cleanse, I went in with hyper - Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum which my skin has been loving! I haven’t had any irritation or breakout, plus I think this helps keep congestion at bay with the added kojic acid and enzymes. It’s super light and anyone with oilier skin will love! EDIBLE BEAUTY - Turmeric Beauty Latte Serum Clear and Brighten this is a new find that I just started using, so haven’t quite formed an opinion yet. It’s supposed to act as a non-active clarifying serum, which is exactly something I need, especially during the day. It’s has a light, watery texture, def smells a bit like turmeric, but so far it’s great! NIOD - Modulating Glucosides this is my new love! After going through a bout of sensitive and red skin once the weather started changing, once I included this into my routine (mostly apply to my cheeks and forehead), I’ve noticed my skin is significant calmer. It’s also great as a light moisturizer for oily skin in the morning! KEEP COOL - Soothe Bamboo Sun Essence SPF50+ another new LOVE! Might be my holy grail sunscreen, seriously. The only way to describe it is if Purito Comfy Water and Purito Centella had a baby, meaning it should work beautifully for both drier and oilier skin types. It leaves a satin finish, no greasiness throughout the day and is super pleasant to reapply!
The Ordinary and NIOD: Worth the hype?🤔
We all concern one problem when choosing skincare or cosmetic products: is this famous product really worthy to buy? Sometimes there are many advertising invested from beauty company so that we can see their products on TV, or newspaper or even YouTube. But for brands like The Ordinary and Neutrogena, we still know there are a lot of ‘soft’ ads on the Internet. Are they really worthy to buy?   The Ordinary - Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 This is definitely the most famous product it has created. Now every brand has its own hyaluronic acid serum and this is one of the cheapest and works for so many people. It contains hyaluronic acid to make skin smooth and supple and Vitamin B5 to boost skin renewal and healing. For a water-based serum, this one is light and thick and doesn’t have a strange smell at all. I have tried this for a week and, to be honest,  I abandoned it right after this torturing week. My face says no to it; it feels nice on hand but not on the face. It dries quickly on my face and my T-zone becomes more oily than ever. This is not my cup of tea and I have to say that it is really cheap without any fancy promotion, ask for a sample before purchasing it.    NIOD - Modulating Glucosides I went online and bought this emulsion from NIOD’s core regimen series. NIOD and The Ordinary are from the same company and this one is definitely more pricy than most products from The Ordinary. This is an emulsion that can soothe sensitive and flakier skin caused by retinol and calm down the skin with redness. It is said that it can boost the production of collagen and new blood vessels to make skin look younger and more even. It went viral for a while online and I have to say that it needs to be famous that much. My face is no itchier after using retinol and my acne scars got lighter. It was on discount when I bought it and 20 dollars is way too good for this amazing product. Really recommend this one. 👍
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Discovering Essences
Discovering Essences
Essences aren’t new in the skincare world, but it wasn’t until recently more brands added them to their repertoire. An essence is a concentrated formula that targets wrinkles, fine lines, and dull skin. Most essences contain an active ingredient that promotes cell turnover. Eventually, the daily use of essences in your routine will lead to smoother and brighter skin. However, don’t be fooled by the promises that essences are somehow anti-aging powerhouses. I think of them as your skin’s multivitamin. Who Should Use this Essence Here’s the good thing about this product, because it’s almost entirely snail mucin filtrate, everyone should use it. But, you know I don’t believe in that “best for all skin types” stuff brands like to promote. To me, this product is a classic staple on everyone’s skincare routine, but those who need it have: Sensitive skin Dry skin Acne-prone skin Why? Because snail mucin can help reduce redness, nourishes at a cellular level, and provides a glow that will help fade out acne scars. But, most importantly, the combination of naturally-found hyaluronic and glycolic acid make it a must-have if you have sensitive or dry skin. How to Use this Essence It’s relatively simple to use an essence. After you’re done with the toner, use one or two pumps of product, it spreads easily. Apply all over your face and neck. Start from the center and work your way our with pulling motions, almost like a massage. Wait for it to dry before you move to the next step. Read my full review here: https://edit.shopgera.com/care-for-your-skin-with-snail-mucin-essence/ COSRX - Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
COSRX-Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
Skincare Ingredients 101 ✅
Skincare Ingredients 101 ✅
I have sensitive combination skin that is acne-prone and these are ingredients that my skin LOVES! We see them a lot on labels but what do they do and how should we use them? 🍊 Vitamin C 🍊 Vitamin C is awesome for brightening skin and helping with acne scars. Vitamin C also is great for its ability to even out skin tone and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Research shows this ingredient can shield skin from visible impacts of environmental stressors, including free radical damage. 🔑 The key to using Vitamin C is making sure you use an SPF with it as the last step in your morning routine. Vitamin C can make your skin more prone to the sun’s rays so I’ve heard of people using it at night but for me because it fights free radicals, I love it for the daytime. Additionally, it’s important to note that some Vitamin C products have very short shelf lives. My favorite is currently the very stable Vitamin C found in the Leah Skin Rose + Glow Oil. It’s a clean and cruelty-free facial oil with a Vitamin C that lasts! Some expire as quickly as 3 months due to oxidation which makes the product less effective but the type in this product is good for a year! I also love Farmacy’s Vitamin C Serum. ❤️ Retinol ❤️ Retinol is a product that comes in many forms but is essentially great for skin cell turnover. This can help with fine lines because of this but is essentially a wonderful ingredient for acne because it speeds up that turnover process. For me, this means my breakouts heal faster and it prevents them too. 🔑 Retinol should be slowly incorporated into your skincare routine. I started with it once per week to start. It can initially cause purging, or seemingly more breakouts, which can last up to a few weeks depending on your skin and that’s ok. Stick with it as your skin cleans itself out because eventually it will be once of your favorites for preventing breakouts. You’ll gradually build up use with retinol. I personally like to pair with a heavier moisturizer like Healing Ointment by CeraVe and they’re an awesome pair. I recommend using retinol at night because the sun’s rays can make this less effective. I try to not mix too many actives on my face at once and Vitamin C and retinols do not always mix well and can irritate the skin. By having them applied at different times of day, you give your skin multiple perks over a long period of time. ✨Ceramides✨ Ceramides are fats found in high concentrations in the upper layers of skin. Aging and sun damage reduce the effectiveness of your skin’s natural ceramides which weakens your skin’s barrier. This can result in redness, irritation and dryness. Adding them helps your skin’s barrier and increases hydration which gives you plumper skin with less visible lines and fewer signs of sensitivity. 🔑 I love to have these in my moisturizers. After I cleanse, while my skin is still wet, I use a serum and then a moisturizer with Ceramides. It’s THE best. LEAH - ROSE+GLOW FACIAL OIL CeraVe - Healing Ointment
Healing Ointment
CeraVe-Healing Ointment
A few regulars in my rotation
A few regulars in my rotation lately. The missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Mist is the mist form of the classic essence. It's so incredibly gentle and dispenses such a fine mist. I find this so hydrating and calming when my eczema/perioral dermatitis are acting up. I've literally sprayed this straight into my eyes (I'm clumsy) and if anything it felt soothing. Bought this myself and will buy it again. The tula aqua infusion power liquid is a hydrating serum that includes hyaluronic acid as well as probiotics. I just love how well it hydrates and absorbs into my skin without feeling thick or sticky. I've been using the bioclarity clarifying masque frequently lately, but just the tiniest dollop on my chin instead of all over my face. The clay and tea tree oil in this super smooth detoxifying mask seem to calm inflammation and itchiness from the dermatitis on my chin whenever it chances to act up. Bumps look more flattened the day after using and it gets rid of redness. This is one of my favorite clay masks lately!
Aqua Infusion Power Liquid
TULA SKINCARE-Aqua Infusion Power Liquid
The Best Face Serum for Acne!
The Best Face Serum for Acne!
Kiehl's - Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate I’ve used this product daily for years! It’s an absolute wonder product! This product is powered by Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil to improve skin barrier, reduce redness, and smooth the skin. It also contains green oregano oil to relieve skin problems. By improving the skin barrier over time this serum will reduce the occurrence of blemishes. So many acne related products dry the skin out, while maybe shrinking a zit they leave the rest of your face dry. This serum takes a different approach, nourishing the skin instead of drying it out. This green serum is very thin and quickly sinks into the skin, instantly hydrating the skin. This product does have a very strong smell which some people don’t like, the smell is a mix of oregano. I’d recommend this product to anyone looking to reduce the occurrence of blemishes in their life! This product has been a favorite of mine for so long and it’s definitely worth every penny!
Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate
Kiehl's-Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate
Cosrx galactomyces tone balancing essence!
Cosrx galactomyces tone balancing essence!
Cosrx “whitening” Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing essence has been a staple in my skincare routines for about 2 years now (and I’ve only gone through TWO bottles)! This essence is very unique, in my opinion, with its ability to brighten and even the skin tone while banishing redness. This product claims to brighten and even out the tone of dull, tired, skin with 95% galactomyces ferment filtrate. It also has hyaluronic acid and pantheons to boost moisture levels and plump the skin. The key ingredients in this gem are galactomyces ferment filtrate, niacinamide, and adenosine which are what is featured in the insta-famous SK-II essence. This is a perfect lightweight jelly texture that absorbs into the skin quickly. It does not tingle, feel irritating, or anything like that, maybe slightly cooling. My skin definitely drinks it up in the morning, and it banishes all redness right away leaving my skin bouncy. I do feel like this significantly helps even the tone but also lighten any acne scarring or PIH I may be struggling with. I think this essence would be great for any skin type that is in need of extra hydration and an even skin tone. I think this works well even with sensitive skin to banish redness. Cosrx suggests that you apply after cleansing and toning with about 2-3 pumps for your entire face. I like to smooth it in and then pat in to finish. I find it helps the following products in my routine to absorb better, as well. This product is free of any fragrance, alcohol, or any other irriatants. I typically purchase this product from Amazon for $19.50 per 100ml/3.38 fl oz. I find the price incredibly reasonable for how long this product will last, and the great results it delivers. I highly recommend this product.COSRX - Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence
Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence
COSRX-Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence
Krave Great Barrier Relief

Krave Great Barrier Relief This is a thicker serum so if you have oily skin I think you could probably wear it alone as a moisturizer, I have combination skin but I am always battling dehydration so I layer this after other serums before my moisturizer. This serum works wonders for me. When I started testing this out I was having one of the worst breakouts I have had in months. I simplified my routine and added this in. My breakouts started healing quicker than usual, my skin felt less irritated and my redness reduced immensely. I also noticed that the marks left behind by those blemishes were less red and seemed to fade upon continued use. I am blown away by this serum and at $28 this is something I always want to have on hand.
Great Barrier Relief
Krave-Great Barrier Relief