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I have been using couple of @d
I have been using couple of @deciem products for quite few months and couple of them I just started using.These are some of the products which have worked for me. Two of my favorite products from them is the Niacinamide 10%+ Zinc 1% serum which I have been using from months and I went through so many bottles. I love anything Niacinamide and this one works so good. I notice a huge difference in my pores and texture of my skin. Also it keeps my acne at bay. The lactic acid 5%+ HA is such a gentle exfoliate. The consistency is runny so I use more like a toner than a serum. Honestly this gives such a beautiful glow and makes my skin look super clean. It's a great product to start of you're sensitive to acids and the price point you can't beat. The hyaluronic acid 2%+B5 is a product which i use for extra hydration. Just this serum on it own doesn't give me the hydration I need but I love to use as an additional serum in my routine to add the extra boost of Hydrating effects. The Buffet serum is like an all rounder with so many amazing peptides, amino acids,HA and some complex of matrixyl which is great for anti aging. The AHA 30%+BHA 2% peeling solution is highly concentrated at home chemical peel. I have just used twice so far but my skin feels super smooth, soft and glowy for days. The price point is unbeatable. All these are cruelty free, fragrance free and the ingredients in each are very simple and straightforward. Their products can also be a hit or miss for few and for me these things have worked well. Have you tried anything from @deciem? Which is your favorite product from them?