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Glow Is All You Seed Intro Kit

This set is perfect if you’ve been meaning to try Primera. It’s a nice introduction. My favorite from the set is the Alpine Berry Water Cream. Its so hydrating!
Feb. 5
Hedda_Newmanluv your pic! It's so beautiful
Feb. 6
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𝗔𝗹𝗽𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗕𝗲𝗿𝗿𝘆 𝗪𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗖𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗺🍓💦: I tend to go towards the dry side so any moisturizer that hydrates is it for me. This moisturizer literally mixes with anything and I started using it as a base for my skin care as my last step in the shower when my face is a bit moist (pro-tip: add moisturizer right after shower and let it sink in and continue your routine). I have sensitive skin and this formula did not break me out, turn red, had the ‘sticky’ feeling, or any negative side effects. The scent is not overpowering. It does contain fragrance so if that’s not your cup of tea, this isn’t for you. . 💥 . Clean Berry Lip Mask👄: This one was whatever to me. I’m not for lip masks in the first place and this one was pretty disappointing to me. For my lips, it was way too sticky and kind of felt a weird feeling when I put it on. I tried it until empty and just didn’t see any results that were like “oh my gosh!”. 😻. . ☀️ . Mild Facial Peeling Gel 🙌🏻: SO SO SO SO GOOD! I’ve tried a few peeling gels and this one takes the cake. It is super freaking gentle and as your ‘dead skin’ massages out, it does not clump or make your face sticky. When washing it all away, it takes merely seconds and my recommendation is cold water or at least leaning towards cold (in any skin care step). It did NOT give me any negative side effects and since the formulation is so mild, my sensitive skin was saying, “hell yes gurl”. There is fragrance so if it’s not your cup of tea, this isn’t for you. . ✌🏻 . Miracle Seed Essence☔️: This product is by far the best of the four. This is an essence, which comes AFTER toner. The kit does include cotton pads so you can saturate it with the essence and press on the face. I LOVE that it isn’t watery and I definitely noticed my face being more plump a minute after using it and more so as I used it throughout. My sensitive skin loved this. This product is NOT fragranced
Primera Review ✨
Hi friends! So today I just wanted to give a mini review about the Primera Grow is all you Seed Kit! Cost: $28 What it is: A Glow boosting sampler featuring TSA approved Primera favorites. What I like: I took these along with me last week traveling out of town, and it was so easy!! It was just enough to help me get through the week, and so light weight to travel with. Repurchase Status: 100% yes!! I really enjoyed these products and how easy they are to travel with.

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Such a fine mist Zelens Prebio
Such a fine mist Zelens Prebiotic & Probiotic Facial Mist is hydrating & soothing; with shiso leaf, plant humectants, a blend of probiotics and prebiotics 🌿 Prebiotics help to rebalance microflora Probiotics help enhance the skin renewal process I love how moisturising this mist is compared to other mists, and it seems to provide a skin barrier.
I'm starting this relationship
I'm starting this relationship with facial oils. It's getting pretty serious with how my collection is growing. I thought I would never cheat on serums and ampoules but...I guess I'm that person 🤷🏽‍♀️. Seriously thought facial oils are my thing but I've been a bit basic so to explore what Kbeauty has to offer in them I was so excited to try out the sandawha preiuim oil . 🌺the Extra Virgin Camellia Face Oil is some next level dry lightweight oil moisturizer. Consider a celebrity fave (one reason I had to get it) its 73% naturally unrefined, extra virgin Camellia japonica seed oil harvested and cold-pressed from the camellia flower. A flower grown from the rich mineral soil of volcanic 🗻 areas of Jeju Island. Camellia seed oil has more antioxidant power than even olive or grape seed oil, go figure. It nourishes skin with vitamins A, B, and E; and is rich in omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids. With it looking so light it's almost hard to believe it packs such a punch 🤜🏽. . 🌺I add 2-3 drops during my serum step unless I'm using a another light serum. It plays well with others and I can see a boost when its mixed with my GFE ampoule but I also enjoy it alone. I've also mixed it with a moisturizer for extra locking 🔐. For me any oil really creates a soft glow and soft feel for my skin. I never feel heavy nor does it take long to dry even mixed with moistiuris. I can even lay this and spray a mist over for a sexy dew look, bambi slaying.
BABE BALM from bybi is one of
BABE BALM from bybi is one of my favourite products right now.... don’t be fooled into thinking it’s simply a lip balm... This is a multi-purpose balm! This is what bybi has to say about why it’s so amazing.... Emollient ingredients such as shea butter and fruit wax seal in moisture which helps to keep skin feeling softer. Coenzyme Q1, which is high in antioxidants and hibiscus oil, which is high in Vitamin C, are both there to repair damaged skin. Calendula oil is a great anti-inflammatory which soothes and nourishes. And that peachy colour? It comes from carrot extract, which is also high in beta-carotene and fantastic at repairing and replenishing skin. 💦 this is just perfect for protecting my skin during the day, stopping it from drying out due to the cold weather and indoor heating...
Babe Balm Natural Beauty Balm / Multipurpose Beauty Balm
BYBI-Babe Balm Natural Beauty Balm / Multipurpose Beauty Balm
Baby Balm, a Magical Balm for Everyone!
Baby Balm, a Magical Balm for Everyone!
Texture: thick-balmy consistency but melts down to a thick emollient when you rub it between your fingers. In the wintertime, my skin is a mess, breaking out every other day and I think its due to not hydrating my skin properly. So after doing alot of research I realized I should layer my skincare properly and I came across this product from E•ra•organics, its called the Super Balm. Its actually used for babies. If its safe for babies, its safe for us. & They’re cruelty free & its a clean product!! I use this at night and day time as my last product and to seal in all the other good skin products I use to hydrate my skin. I cannot live without this product as it is saving my skin during the dry, winter months!! Its under $20!! So I highly recommend this product! e·raorganics - USDA ORGANIC BABY BALM FOR DAMAGED SKIN I would give it more stars if I could because you get so much and its multi-functional! I use it as a lip balm, cuticle cream, split ends sealer & more!!!
amazing night oil by absolutej
amazing night oil by absolutejoi 🌟 ✨a captivating rich gold of over 4 natural oil and 4 enriched vitamins is what makes up the Skin Refining Night Oil with Retinol and Vitamins C and E. Fulled with antioxidants that support cellular turn over, deliver beneficial nourishment and calms my skin all overnight🌟 ✨like many of my faved night oils skin refining provide round the clock hydration and pentrates deep into my dry clean skin. Its expertly combined with the retinol to still moisturize an not cause flaking, common when using a retinol regularly🌟 ✨about 5 drops goes a long way for my face and neck and I can use it with my _sandawha or sundayriley y with no complications or irritations. A great feet since I love using oils at night. It is also super light so it I'm not packing on too much at one time. I love to drip in fatty acids to repair and noursh my skin what can I say🌟 ✨to be clear ALL facial oil are gonna be in slick, oil and at time greasy, but something magnificent happens when I use them. My skin is soft, glowing and always saturated in a good way. As a WOC, oils are just right for our skin type. They last longer than most moisture and even extend their wear when applied together. This night oil fits well with either a cream or a serum regardless of the brand. In the morning I can see a bright, healthy complexion that is ready for the day🌟
👀🍊🍋 New Product Alert!
👀🍊🍋 New Product Alert!
I'm here to introduce you to bybi beauty's C-Caf Cream! This is the brand's 1st ☝️ ever moisturizer and they've kindly sent me a package to test and review for you all! As you may already know, Bybi is a brand who formulates clean and efficacious products that is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. So, it's no surprise that they've packed this Day Cream with some amazinggg ingredients such as vitamin C, caffeine, matcha, pomegranate extract, and orange blossom floral water! 🤤 These ingredients are meant to help your skin look refreshed, rejuvanated, brighter, and just overall, give you that glowy and healthy look. However, one thing to note is that it does contain some naturally derived ingredients that adds a slight scent to the product. I mean, I would've preferred zero scent but, that's just me and my nose! Regardless, I think it's still a great day cream and I'll continue to use it. And I just started testing this so, I can't attest to the long term aspects yet buttt (!), here's some first impressions: It definitely helps to keep my skin feeling fresh, hydrated, and soft. I also love how the texture is light, creamy, and silky. Plus, an added bonus: Mix this with with a drop or 2 of their Blueberry booster and it makes the perfect combination. 😍👌