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COLOURPOP - Sailor Moon pretty guardian shadow palette... | Cherie

pretty guardian shadow palette

COLOURPOP - Sailor Moon pretty guardian shadow palette
I already reviewed the entire collection but spoiler alert; I’m in love! This palette is so pretty, and the bright shades are nice and pigmented.
Mar. 9
megnoaLov ur pic, look so cute!!!! Do you know where can i find this palette?
Mar. 10

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I have been enjoying the anast
I have been enjoying the anastasia beverly hills Riviera palette so much lately. I’m in love with every single shade in this palette. Seychelles, Inheritance and Bahamas are my favourite shades! ✨💙 | . .
Riviera Eyeshadow Palette
ANASTASIA Beverly Hills-Riviera Eyeshadow Palette
ABH Soft Glam Dupes!
Swipe lef
ABH Soft Glam Dupes! Swipe left for the names! Fyi there's a little guide with the brand names written out on the bottom corner of the 2nd photo. As always if you like this entire palette and you don't already own similar colors then by all means, get the palette! It would be more expensive and inconvenient to buy 14 single shadows. Dupes like these are beneficial for those who like a shade or two in a palette and can't justify spending $45 for a few colors. Also abh sells a bunch of these eyeshadows individually but they're $12.
Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette
ANASTASIA Beverly Hills-Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette
Coral Mood board🌷🦩🍉🐚
Coral Mood board🌷🦩🍉🐚
🦩What product & why this color atmosphere?! •I did my makeup using the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Eyeshadow Palette Vol. 1! I’ve had this palette forever now & I use it all the time for all kind of looks! It has so many diverse colors, you can make so many different looks with it! The light colors of the coral/orange eyeshadow gave me ocean & seashell vibes! When I found this picture it instantly matches with my mood & I think everything looks so aesthetically pleasing! 😍🐚 🦩What does it claim to do?! This product is a 35 pan palette capable of creating any on the go, or glam look, for any guy or girl! It’s jaclyn’s special formula, creamy, pigmented colors, ready for payoff. 🦩Texture/Consistency? Some shadows are great & buttery & others are slightly chalky! 🦩My overall Thoughts? I’ve bought this palette twice now, once when it first launched & again when they re packaged it. I have loved it for almost 3 years now, and I love this super cute coral look I did with it! It’s super easy to travel with, it’s light weight & the packing is slim. The colors are a nice range of neutrals, & tons of transitions! There’s also some pressed glitters & shimmers so it’s the best of both worlds. They apply nice, and they are pigmented & im really happy with how this applied on my skin! It was super smooth. Would defiantly repurchase again! 🦩Price Vs. Size? You get 35 pressed eyeshadows for $39! It’s a little more $1 a piece. Worth it! MORPHE - Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette
Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette
MORPHE-Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette
Blends Nicely
Blends Nicely
Got this Ace Beauté palette in my BoxyCharm subscription box and decided to try out the blue as it’s not something I usually wear. I stick to more neutral colours and have also been experimenting with oranges. I was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented the palette was. The colours blend nicely and the shimmer shadow didn’t have too much fall-out. I was really impressed. ACE BEAUTE - VINTAGE DAWN PALETTE
Morphe 3503
Morphe 3503
If I could only have one eyeshadow palette in my collection I know for a fact that I would choose a Morphe pallete. I say this because every single Morphe palette that I own has a beautiful range of colors, creamy wearable formula, long-lasting pigment, and an amazing affordable price for a wonderful product. If I could pick just one Morphy palette on I would pick this one which is the Morphe 3503 pallete. I absolutely love this pallet I received it for my birthday this last year and cannot stop using it. I would absolutely recommend this palette any other Morphy palette to anyone!! This pallet is absolutely worth it not only because it is a great affordable price but even after the craziness of days you will be left with a pigmented creaseless look. MORPHE - 35O3 Fierce By Nature Artistry Palette
35O3 Fierce By Nature Artistry Palette
MORPHE-35O3 Fierce By Nature Artistry Palette
Comparison of the Anastasia Be
Comparison of the Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Alyssa Edwards' and 'Riviera' Palettes . ▪️Headliner vs Sails- these are both matte whites. They look the same to me. ▪️Inspire vs Yacht- Inspire is a peachy gold. Yacht is taupe. ▪️Texas Made vs Bahamas- both are bright pink mattes. Texas Made pulls slightly more red. ▪️Back Rolls vs Palm- both are dark brown mattes. I think that Palm is slightly warmer. ▪️The Supreme vs Coastline- both are peach mattes. The Supreme is more orange and Coastline is more pink. ▪️H.O.E. vs Cabana- both are mid-toned matte browns. H.O.E. is more taupe. Cabana is more yellow . ▪️Beyond vs Palermo- Beyond is a bright fuchsia pink. Palermo is more cranberry in comparison . ▪️Believe vs Cannes- both are bright purple mattes. Believe is cooler. And there you have it! Alyssa Edwards is mostly matte and more warm toned overall. Riviera has more shimmers (than AE) and a mixture of warm and cool tones. There's a number of similar shades, although most of them aren't exact dupes. But as I was saying earlier, if you're in school, a young or single mom or just on a budget then you don't NEED both imo.
Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette
ANASTASIA Beverly Hills-Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette