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Eye Cream that’s Not BS
Eye Cream that’s Not BS
I have spent years trying every eye cream and serum at every price point, searching for one that would put a noticeable dent in my dark circles, emerging crows feet, and defined creases under my lash lines. Nothing seemed to work, not even kind of. When I asked my dermatologist if all eye creams were just bullshit she laughed and said yes, they’re mostly just over priced moisturizer... except for the one she personally uses: A.G.E. Eye Complex by SkinCeuticals. Naturally I picked some up to try, excited to claim that yet another eye cream was a disappointment. Y’all. On the first day of use, I noticed my dark circles had diminished slightly. By two weeks, they had faded to a point where I no longer needed concealer to cover them up, just a little matte powder. My second problem area, wrinkles, also seemed to have leveled out a bit. While not totally gone, they seem to be almost airbrushed out at the edges and my defined crease has lost a little length at the ends. Can’t wait to see how this continues to progress. As a side benefit, wherever this spread down onto my cheeks the pores seem to have tightened up a bit. Also, my eyelids which are just starting to get a bit crepe-y seemed to tighten up a bit as well! True to SkinCeuticals form, this luxy textured, noticeably effective cream is not for the faint of wallet. But if you’re looking for something that actually does what it says it does, it’s worth a try! It made a believer out of me! Official verdict: not bullshit!
A.G.E. Eye Complex for Dark Circles
SKINCEUTICALS-A.G.E. Eye Complex for Dark Circles