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LEFT PHOTO: 2017 RIGHT PHOTO: 2020 So in 2017, my junior year, I developed a crazy breakout on my forehead. This breakout was pretty unusual to me. They were a bunch of very small, closed, white condones. There weren’t inflamed or tender, just raised. And me being me, I picked at them. They were so small I honestly didnt realize the damage they did to my skin until maybe a month after . And by then, these bumps spread from my forehead down to my chin. This is when I discovered kojic acid and papaya enzymes. And still to this day KojieSan soap is my mf go-to. So lets talk KojieSan. This soap is actually categorized as a skin lightening soap because of its active ingredient, kojic acid. Kojic acid’s primary use is to inhibit (prevent) melanin production. Because of this affect, it easily reduces visable age spots or scarring. Exhibiting anti-aging effects as well. Kojic acid also houses antimicrobial properties that can help treat acne by reducing the bacteria on your skin. Lol I understand how the phrase “skin lightener” can scare ppl. But please take into consideration that this would be my recommendation for anyone who is suffering from photodamge, melasma, or post hyperpigmentation. CAUTION: 1- Please be aware of this product. If not used properly, you can face some adverse side affects. STAY OUT OF THE SUN. If you plan on using this product do not come in contact with direct sunlight. The UV radiation will stimulate melanin production and cause VISIBLE PHOTODAMAGE. Always apply sunscreen regardless if you are going out in the sun or not! Highest SPF PLEASE 2- Be mindful to use this product in intervals for maximum results. 2 months at a time would be my recommendation. It gives your skin a chance to grow and breath. Also an opportunity to observe your skin 3- Do not use on sensitive or dry skin. Ex. Atopic dermatitis/eczema. This product can be very drying. Be mindful to hydrate and moisturize your skin after use. TIPS: When using this product remember to do a patch test before you apply a large amount on yourself. This can prevent an allergic reaction if you are allergic to any of the ingredients . I would recommend starting off using this product at night ONLY once a week. Then working your way up once every few nights. Then once every 2 nights. But listen to your skin. If you experience any (during or post) redness/ stinging/ sensitivity/ irritation, STOP using this product immediately. Once my skin became accustomed and conditioned to this product, I would leave it on for about 2 minutes then rinse. I would do this method every other night for 2 months at a time. This method really helped the post hyperpigmentation on my face and for my strawberry legs, as well as brightening my underarms, elbows and knees. Btw, I love this app so much. I was scrolling on my homepage and found an entry of this girl that was asking about this breakout she had . And her symptoms were practically identical to mine. FUNGAL ACNE. #darkspots