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Au Revoir Blackheads. You’re not welcome here!
Au Revoir Blackheads. You’re not welcome here!
Let’s talk about one my biggest love affairs with skincare, The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask. Safe to say....a cult favorite. It is an all natural powder clay, made of 100% calcium bentonite; Which is a type of dry, absorbent clay that forms from old volcanic ash. Bentonite clay has been found to remove bodily toxins upon application by absorbing them. Its a vacuum cleaner for things like dirt and oil and hardens on your skin upon a few mins of application. It’s marketed as the worlds most powerful facial with the purpose of deep cleaning the dirtiest of pores and it does not fall short of that. This product has been in my skincare cabinet for a little over 3 years & I wish I had discovered it sooner. When a friend posted it on her IG and swore by it, I ran after work to get it from the Vitamin Shoppe but soon found out I wasn’t the only girl in Manhattan with hopes of flawless skin. Apparently this was when this product had blown up and was sold out everywhere, I ended up finding it at a beauty supply store in Harlem after hours of searching everywhere. Thankfully now, you can find this $9 mask just about anywhere in the city (Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Rite Aid, Vitamin Stores, local grocery stores, amazon, etc) Being the girl that’s always had troublesome skin this mask promised to help get rid of any impurities on my face, Blackheads and Acne being top of my list. You mix the powder with either water or apple cider vinegar 1:1 & get this cream like consistency which you then apply to the face and leave on for 10 minutes. You start feeling your face tingle & tighten w/in a few mins & before u know it u need a straw to take a sip of water. It’s unlike any mask I’ve ever tried. After washing your face is a bit red but followed with moisturizer and it’s like a new face. Any active pimples/redness diminish & blackheads are gone. I use this once a week subject to how much trouble my face is giving me and I have seen this mask change my skin. If you haven’t tried this, what are you waiting for?! 5/5
Indian Healing Clay
AZTEC SECRET-Indian Healing Clay