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Vegan skincare that I love 🌱🐮💖 | Cherie

Vegan skincare that I love 🌱🐮💖

So, you want some vegan skincare but you don’t know where to start. Which products are vegan? Where can I buy vegan products? Here are a few tips, some of my favorite skincare brands and favorite products that are vegan and free of animal products 🐰🐶🐮. TIP: When I shop on Sephora online, I make sure to search for a product with the word “VEGAN” soooo: “vegan skincare” or “vegan moisturizer.” This way you can only view products that you want to buy if you are choosing to shop vegan. A few of my favorite products: SATURDAY SKIN - Cotton Cloud Probiotic Power Mask
LUSH - Let the Good Times Roll
FARMACY - Coconut Gel Sheet Masks
Glossier. - Milky Jelly Cleanser
Glossier. - Priming Moisturizer Rich Luxurious Face Cream
LANEIGE - Water Bank Hydro Essence
TIP: this tip is super obvious lol. If you aren’t online shopping, ask someone working in the store what is vegan. Or you can search for vegan products and brands on your own on your phone. My favorite brands that have some vegan products: Lush, MILK, The Ordinary, Sephora Collections, Herbivore, Glow Recipe, Laneige, Origins, Boscia, Glossier & First Aid Beauty. I hope you found some of this helpful and few free to share your favorite vegan skincare in the comments!! Bye xo 💖☮️🌿
May 31, 2020
emiskiier27I use sun bum sunscreen and it's my fave sunscreen ever. I have the face 50, SPF 70 spray, and SPF 70 lotion. Sun bum is definitely my favorite vegan brand, but then there's Glossier! I love Glossier so much omg
Jun. 26, 2020
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New SkinCare and Makeup Haul
Just unboxed some new purchases!!! This is always my favorite moment laying it all out and enjoying the pretty packing. Here are the repurchase items: OLE HENRIKSEN - Cold Plunge Pore Mask great for breakouts and pores! dermalogica - Invisible Physical Defense Sunscreen SPF 30 my fav sunscreen! Here are my newbies: SUNDAY RILEY - U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face OilIm hoping this will help calm some remaining inflammation and lingering breakouts from a recent breakout. Tea tree oil products seem to help me so I’m hopeful with this one. GOOD MOLECULES - Niacinamide Serumto replace my the ordinary one I’m hoping I like the texture better FARMACY - Coconut Gel Sheet MasksExcited to try these and treat myself to a spa day TATCHA - Violet-C Brightening Serum 20% Vitamin C + 10% AHAsample from Sephora to try out, I’m a bit nervous about the 10% of aha for sensitive skin but I’ll do a patch test first FENTY BEAUTY - Match Stix TrioGot this in the light shade option on sale for 23$, I’m pretty new to contouring, I’m excited to try out a sculpted makeup look and play around with these.
Mediocre first impressions... | 💔😔🎭
FARMACY - Coconut Gel Sheet Masks So far on Cherie, I've told you guys about a handful of products that I love and use on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Well, it's time to get into the nitty gritty and give y'all my take on a product I'm not already besties with. I picked up the Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Sheet Mask from Sephora for $8.00 and honestly, it sat in my cabinet for almost two months. I'm really not a huge sheet mask gal, but last night it was finally time to give this one a go. My first impressions: ✨ There's LOTS of product in this package - considering it's meant to be a one time use kinda situation, unless you're slathering it all over your neck/chest area, there's really too much in here for just the face. You could probably squeeze half of it into a little tub if you're looking to stretch your cash and use this as a hydrating treatment more than once. ✨ I 100% have combination skin, leaning more towards the oily side, with some dry patches depending on the week. While I usually dig hydrating treatments (like the Dr. Jart masks), I found this one to be particularly greasy. It's possible my hormones are starting a riot since I'm close to that time of the month, but if not, it's almost too hydrating for me. ✨ Farmacy is hyped up as being a clean, effective skincare brand. I think I need to dive into some products more similar to those I use everyday, and starting off with a type of mask I only reach for once in a while may have caused us to start off on the wrong foot. ✨ I DO love that they're cruelty and synthetic fragrance-free! From what I've read, Farmacy is a pretty natural company that tries their best to make great products for conscious buyers. I'm definitely willing to try some more from these folks, seeing as I'm constantly watching so many of you rave about them. Fingers crossed I can find something that works with my face, but I don't think I'll be dying to pick up one of these masks again. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Have you used anything from Farmacy? What are some great products you think I should pick up? 💸
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One of my all-time favorite sheet masks
My skin just loves probiotics so this SATURDAY SKIN - Cotton Cloud Probiotic Power Mask is a dream come true. This sheet mask is plush and is comfortable to wear, and every time I take it off (I’ve repurchased this multiple times) it leaves my skin glowing and happy. At $6 a pop it isn’t the cheapest, but I do give it bonus points for the holographic packaging and stickers that come inside of it. If you enjoy sheet masking, this is definitely one worth checking out
On Cloud 9
This Cotton Cloud Probiotic Mask by Saturday Skin is everything you image and more. First thing I want to touch on is the price.... for $6 not only do you get an amazing mask BUT the excess product on the mask gives you that extra little bit to apply on your neck and chest area as well. It’s so soothing and just super hydrating and cooling. The texture of the mask is not too jelly like just an extra moisturized mask which I love because once you apply it on the skin... you can truly FEEL the product on your skin and you can totally tell that it’s sinking into your skin and hydrating it. The overall smell of the product is so nice and just a gentle subtle smell. Nothing too strong.... the product is said to boost radiance and to enhance the healthy look of your skin. I feel like this product is simply the best. I didn’t break out after using this mask NOR did I have any bad reaction. It’s just a delightful mask.... and the cake topper has to be the super cute cloud stickers that come with the actual mask!!!! They are such a super cute accessory to this already amazing face mask SATURDAY SKIN - Cotton Cloud Probiotic Power Mask
Lessons learned: cleansing mistakes
I spent years playing around with products and techniques trying to treat my dry, acne-prone skin. One of my earliest skincare memories is my mom putting Sea Breeze on my face in middle school and it burning like hell 🥴 Trying new cleansing methods that ended up not working was essential to getting my skin to where it is now! Keep reading for a breakdown of some of my early cleansing mistakes (I made them so you don’t have to 🙃) and how I’ve corrected them in my routine today! When I was young I thought wipes and astringents were the way to go. I would use spot treatments over large areas AFTER popping acne. I thought I needed to strip my skin and dry it out so much that there wouldn’t be anything left to form acne. This was... not correct. In college, I started using hydrating cleansers from LUSH; I started with LUSH - Let the Good Times Roll which is a gentle scrub with glycerin and corn oil meant for drier skin to help exfoliate and moisturize. I saw decent results, but didn’t like how greasy it made my skin feel. Upon my next visit, I was recommended to try LUSH - Angels on Bare Skin which I liked a lot more and still occasionally use today when I want a really gentle cleanse. I like this one because it doesn’t strip my skin at all, smells super good, and is easy to wash off. I’ll probably incorporate this into my routine more once winter comes as a morning cleanser. My go-to daily cleansers now are TULA SKINCARE - The Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser in the morning and LUSH - Sleepy Face Naked Cleansing Balm at night. Check out my recent routine posts for more reasons I love these cleansers! *I am not saying that these products are not effective, just that the way I was using them was not good for my specific skin type! I still use a lot of these products or very similar products, just properly!* And that’s how I went from years of ruining my skin and not even understanding how to finding my perfect cleansing routine! Share your best mistakes in the comments!
Current skincare cabinet! Pt. 1
As an esty & a product junkie I basically like to try and test a little bit of everything! This is my current shelf situation and I’ve reached the point of having no room left, so I suppose it’s time for a no-buy until I use some of this up! Fountain of Youth- This is a professional brand that uses vegan, organic, and natural ingredients from the earth in their formulas. Super gentle, yet also effective! I have drier, acne-prone skin which seems a bit contradicting, but both of the cleansers they offer suite my skin fine. They are a gel formula that creates a sight lather but not in a stripping/drying way! The Dream Skin Toner from their line is suited for normal/dry skin and is actually a gel consistency that changes to a liquid when it comes in contact with the skin. It’s hydrating and leaves the skin feeling comfortable and balanced. As for the two serums I own, Dream Serum(Vit C) and Rewind Serum(Glycolic acid), these are both hits in my book as well. They don’t make my skin sensitive nor have I had any adverse reactions, very gentle and effective! The Rewind Eye Cream is a great consistency, not too thick but just right. I honestly don’t have much to say about eye creams because I’m not too picky! As long as it doesn’t cause clogged pores to form under my eyes it’s good in my book! The Blueberry Açaí Masque is basically a superfood exfoliating smoothie that’s great for acne prone skin. It’s a kaolin clay base that helps draw out the nasty’s in your pores with glycolic acid to exfoliate. This mask does make your skin tingle a bit, but not sting or burn! It helps clear active breakouts on my skin really effectively. Lastly, the Micropeel Facial Scrub is actually a top-selling item for this brand. It’s a micro sugar crystal based scrub that also has pumpkin and papaya enzymes in it to give a physical and chemical exfoliation. Personally, I feel like this scrub is a bit abrasive, the sugar does melt quickly but I find it still to be a bit too harsh and prefer others. My overall thoughts on the line are that the products are effective and gentle, fairly priced, and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive(I would skip the Micropeel if extremely sensitive though!). If you’re into more natural skincare definitely give this a go! This will continue in future posts by brand so this is kept a bit short! Let me know if you see something in particular you’d like a review on sooner. xoxo, estysidney https://fountainofyouthskincare.com
Shelfie 💕💕
I am a huge skincare lover and love to try out ingredients and brands. Check out my collection and my favourite brands and products. Favourite brands: Versed: this is a brand that I have tried many products and they have worked well for me. This is a drug store brand that is mid range. It is cruelty free and eco conscience, going so far as to state the percentage of usage of recycled material and having recycling instructions on their website. My holy grails are VERSED - PHOTOS, PLEASE BRIGHTENING TIGHTENING MASK and VERSED - Doctor's Visit The ordinary: this is a great brand as it is super affordable and it’s cruelty free. The way I like to benefit from this brand is to try out ingredients to see what works for my skin, their serums are my favourite. My holy grail is The Ordinary - "Buffet" + Copper Peptides 1% The Inkey lists: this brand is similar to the ordinary but I think some of their formulas are better. They focus on ingredients that allow me to find the best ingredients for my skin, they are also cruelty free. My holy grail isTHE inkey LIST - Q10 Antioxidant Serum Cosrx:this brand was my introduction to K-beauty and they are very accessible through Amazon ( also cruelty free). They focus on the primary ingredient that is either natural or chemical. My holy grails are COSRX - Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence and #Cosrx - Full Fit Propolis Light Ampoule[products]#[FiveStars] Brands with 1-2 favourite products: First aid beauty: this brand focuses on healing the skin with the incorporation of oats which are amazing. My holy grail isFIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration Glossier: this is a brand started by a beauty editor and are all very aesthetically pleasing and gentle on the skin (cruelty free). My holy grail is Glossier. - Milky Jelly Cleanser Paula’s Choice: this is a great brand that is science driven (cruelty free). My holy grail isPAULA'S CHOICE - Youth-extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50 Pyunkang Yul: this is a K-beauty brand that started in a medical clinic and focus on short ingredient lists. My holy grail isPyunkang Yul - Essence Toner Pixi: this is an English brand that has lots of products and lines to target different issues (cruelty free). My holy grail is pixi - Hydrating Milky Mist The body shop: the body shop is a very established brand that has tons of products (cruelty free), I love their masks in particular. My holy grail isTHE BODY SHOP - Tea Tree Face Mask Niod: this brand has the same parent company as the ordinary but it is the more expensive and technologically advanced. I love that they are pushing the bounds of skincare (cruelty free). My holy grail is NIOD - Modulating Glucosides
These saved my dry skin! ❄️
I usually have combination skin but for the past few weeks my skin has been extremely dry and tight. I’ve felt the most dryness on the lower parts of my cheeks and slowly my face has become more sensitive. These products have definitely helped improve the texture and hydration of my skin. I’m usually somewhat dry with my forehead/nose being really oily. My area has been having really cold dry winter days and nights. I start off with glossier milky jelly cleanser. It’s super conditioning. It doesn’t lather and helps soothe the redness. This has always worked for my combination skin and now works perfectly for my dehydrated dry skin. This doesn’t have a scent which I love. I have the full size and I already bought a back up of this. Full size is 6 oz $18 Mini size is 2 oz $9 Glossier. - Milky Jelly Cleanser I follow with my peach & Lilly glass skin refining serum. I’ve been using this since July and it’s really light but moisturizing. It doesn’t irritate my skin at all and I’ve definitely seen my skin be less textured. This texture is very thin close to watery. This also doesn’t have a scent to it. It’s kinda pricey but does last several months. It’s $39 for 1 oz PEACH & LILY - Glass Skin Refining Serum For moisturizer I’ve been using the GLAMGLOW moisture trip omega rich moisturizer. This is a lightweight moisturizer but feels very hydrating. It has helped with my redness a lot. It has hyaluronic acid so it will help with dryness. It’s a nice feeling knowing you’re putting on a good moisturizer to help with dryness without the thickness of it. It has a slight fresh/avocado scent to it. It’s pricey at $55 for 1.7 oz. GLAMGLOW - MOISTURETRIP Omega-Rich Face Moisturizer At night I love to follow with the origins drink up intensive overnight hydrating mask with avocado & Swiss glacier water. I absolutely love this overnight mask. I’ve been using it for years and it’s something I trust to get rid of the dryness and tightness in my skin. It feels really soft on the skin and it’s not thick. Its great for my sensitive skin too. It has a very slight avocado smell but it’s not too much. For the first week I used this every night. After that I now use this every other day. Besides that I tend to use this once or twice a week. Full 2.5 oz is $27 Mini 1 oz is $13 ORIGINS - Drink Up-Intensive Overnight Mask to Quench Skin's Thirst I never forget about the lips and I use my trusty glossier mint balm dot com. I love this so much that I’m almost done with it. Personally the mint, rose, coconut and Un scented one are the ones with the most hydration. It’s pricey but I’ve had this for about a year. It’s 0.5 oz for $12. Glossier. - Balm Dotcom
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Current night routine 🌙
I wanted to share my current night routine for my skin, starting with when I shower, because it's really been working for me: 1. In the shower, I use a half pump of YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser to tighten pores, get rid of any gunk on my face, and to brighten. 2. After I'm done showering, my blood pressure tends to go up because of circulation improving, so I get in my pajamas and apply Glossier. - Super Pure Niacinamide + Zinc Serum to calm any redness. Then I brush my teeth. 3. Next, I spray a little bit of Avène - Thermal Spring Water Spray all over and roll my face using my SEPHORA COLLECTION - Rose Quartz Facial Roller 4. I roll my face using the wide end, starting with my left cheekbone and go to the jawline while going in lines/diagonals on my cheeks. Then I do my forehead by going horizontally - the top first and moving down, focusing on my brow bones (bc of sinuses, same with cheekbones and undereyes), next is the right cheek same as the left, then chin, sides of nose & undereyes w/ small end, and I finish by going in lines like a fern - but the branches/stems, not the little leaves. starting in one spot, going out, and coming back but going to different spots each time until I get that area covered - I make 5 lines on both cheeks and forehead using this method. It's difficult to describe tbh - center between my eyes / middle of brow, for cheeks its by my ear opening) 5. After my face is all cooled off, I put on a dime-sized amount of either Kiehl's - Ultra Facial Cream or Glossier. - Priming Moisturizer Rich Luxurious Face Cream and lather it all over onto my face and neck. 6. Don't forget your lips! I use either my birthday, coconut, or my recent fave - the fig Glossier. - Balm Dotcom 7. The last step is to spray some more of my Avène - Thermal Spring Water Spray but I also have two other sprays - YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Adaptogen Soothe + Hydrate Activated Mist with Reishi + Ashwagandhaand TATCHA - Luminous Dewy Skin Mist Thx for reading ! 😊
Full Glossier Look
I proclaim myself a Glossier ambassador because it’s the only brand I use for makeup looks other than my new Kat Von D lip liner and my trusty L’Oreal Paris Infallible Eyeliner. I made this a Reel on my Instagram if you want to check it out, but these are the products I used✨ (I have acne and none of these products have exacerbated it, thank goodness. I don’t use their foundation anymore because my skin doesn’t agree with anything foundation lol). Glossier. - Glossier. Lip Gloss It’s not my favorite lipgloss because it’s too thick and sticky, but I like the shine it gives especially when I want a glow. Glossier. - Futuredew Oil Serum Hybrid I bought this serum a couple months ago and I’m not mad at it. It gives a subtle glow unlike my Becca Cosmetics compact, but it does the job. I apply it with my hands and in a few minutes I’m all set...to sit at home and work from my bed lol. Glossier. - Cloud Paint Duo I used the shade “Storm” and I like that it’s a deeper tone. It shows up on my skin tone and gives me a slight flushed look which is what a good blush should do, in my opinion. I’ve used it a little on my lips too just for a pop of color and right now this is my favorite product from Glossier Glossier. - Priming Moisturizer Rich Luxurious Face Cream I’ll always give this moisturizer love. It gets rid of my dry flaky skin and because it’s thick it keeps my skin hydrated for quite some time.
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Luscious Serum Heaven
I was able to get my hands on the Laneige Hydro Essence Water Bank Serum (gifted ) and these little goblin hands are not letting go 👀 This is such a lovely, light, plumping serum which works beautifully with my crazy oily skin. Not to mention it smells DE-LIGHT-FUL. I’ve been enjoying this as a substitute for moisturizer in the mornings and layer it over moisturizer in the evening for some extra hydration. You can find it at Sephora and on the Laneige website. Questions? Leave them down below!
Hydrating creamy essence
I remember trying a sample of the LANEIGE - Water Bank Hydro Essence last year and instantly feel in love with how hydrating and nourishing it was on my skin. This is essentially a serum like essence that’s been formulated with green mineral water which has been infused with vitamin-rich kale, watercress, and beet to help boost skin hydration and prevent water loss. This has a runny fluid like milky texture that’s similar to a lightweight emulsion which quickly turns into a watery consistency as you’re applying it onto the skin. It absorbs fairly quick leaving you with a smooth natural skin finish without any tackiness. I love how plump and vibrant this makes my skin look. With only a few pumps, this hydrates and moisturizes my skin so well that I can use it alone in my morning routine and I’m set before applying sunscreen. The only downside to this is that it does contain fragrance which gives it a fresh clean scent that can be bit strong in my opinion. It does dissipate after a couple minutes which isn’t bad but I still wish there was a fragrance-free version. I can’t recommend this to everyone due to the added fragrance though. Overall, I’m glad this performed the same way as the sample I tried last year. My skin really enjoyed this essence and I would definitely recommend this to those with oily/combination skin types that aren’t sensitive to fragrance. It’ll leave your skin feeling hydrated all day!
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Don’t think it needs
Emptiesss Don’t think it needs introduction: ✅Repurchase ✴️Not Sure ⛔️Definitely a no for me . ⛔️ pyunkangyul Foam Cleanser, really wanted to love this but it aggravated my skin a lot. PH7. ✅ pyunkangyul Essence Toner, love it, hydrating, really calms my skin and gives me a healthy glow. ✅ avene uki Antirougeurs, its really lovely in texture, does not irritate or strip my skin, but its a bit boring (I know having sensitive skin and I don’t really have much choice do I) ✅ sanctuaryspa One 1 minute Daily Glow Mask, love it used it for a week, and my skin was so dewy and glory. When tried to purchase it in Boots couldn’t find the stock, ohh well ✅ caudalie Vinopure Blemish Control Infusion Serum, its really lovely and really worked well for my skin ✅ a.florenceskincare Hydrating Gel Clenser Love of my life, will purchase when I run out of my La Roche POsay one ✅ a.florenceskincare Balm Cleanser & Make Up remover Yes Yes Yes gonna get in the same time as gel one ✴️ a.florenceskincare Skin Rehab Light not sure a bout this one, as it felt a bit sort of tight for my skin. ✅ elanskincarelondon Dream Hyaluronic Acid Booster Yess I fell in love with it ✴️ davines , Masque Cappillaire, not sure as it didn’t do much difference to be honest, but I want to try their other things ✴️ miniso Bear Sheet Mask, really cute, really hydrating, so maybe ✅ deciem The Ordinary Cold Pressed Borage Oil
1 Minute Daily Glow Face Mask
SANCTUARY SPA-1 Minute Daily Glow Face Mask
helhem is a French eco-luxe or
helhem is a French eco-luxe organic brand made with luxurious ingredients in great formulas and wonderful textures. . 💗 HERCULE - sandalwood cleansing balm made with cocoa, murumuru, mango butters, hazel, adansonia, olive seed oils and EO. This water resistable balm smells amazing, makes a really great job in dissolving makeup and sunscreen (👉🏻swipe to see consistency). I made a massage and left it for 10 minutes as a mask. . 💗 CLEOPATRE - milky foaming powder is full of fruit extracts (banana, pineapple, papaya), passiflora, arrow root extracts, milk and conciolin flower. I used it as a second cleanser. I am in love with its delicious smell of fruits. And it cleanses really well. Face was clean and fresh. 💗 MAYA - smoothing repairing mask made of 66% honey along with pumpkin seed and hazel oils, lactic acid and EO. Its texture is definitely raw honey, sticky and viscous. I warmed it in my hands a bit before applying. Do I need to say how my skin felt afterwards? 💗 NEFERTITI - anti-aging brightening oil with macadamia, prickly pear, pomegranate, passiflora seed oil and essential wood oils. I sprayed a bit of jordansamuel mist allover face, then mixed pestleandmortar HA with 5 drops of this oil, inhaled the divine scent before applying and massaged this mix into my skin (the oil is on thicker side, so I need few drops less next time). Then misted again and finished with 💗 OLYMPE - night retinol balm (cocoa, murumuru, jojoba, hemp seed, calendula, pumpkin seed oils, rose and carnauba waxes etc). In the morning my skin was very happy, it was plumped, hydrated, brightened, even-toned and pores were tightened. Needless to say it was such a home spa ritual ♥️
My Deep Cleanse Routine
My Deep Cleanse Routine
I wanted a deep cleanse tonight: Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser - This is deep pore cleansing and glow revealing with an added 5% glycolic acid. Pixi Glow Mud Mask- To purify and draw out impurities. This can also be used as a spot treatment. Mario Badescu Orange blossom and Aloe facial spray- Spritz of this to prep my face for application of serum. This smells so lovely and is so refreshing in this heat... I've been using it all day to cool me down. The Ordinary -Buffet- A multi peptide complex serum with Hyaluronic acid for hydration and anti-ageing benefits. This serums helps to improve the look of static wrinkles in the skin and increase skin firmness. Weleda Skin food- I only dab this on areas that tend to get dry and where i have wrinkles forming. Herbivo Rebotanicals Phoenix facial oil- finishing off with this super nourishing and hydrating oil, it contains co enzyme Q-10 which is fab for increasing collagen production and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I just wished it smelt better as I really don't like the smell of it 🤦🏼‍♀️but I suppose there's no added fragrance so I can't complain too much.
A bit late to the party but I’
A bit late to the party but I’m back with a new review feat. rooki! They make skincare so easy, even a rookie could use it—hence the name. From their Basics line the Honey Matcha Cleansing Drops and Superfood Saviour Creme, and from their Perfectors line the Green Pulp Paste Masque. Starting with the cleanser, it’s filled with honey + chia seeds and Uji Matcha straight from Japan that is rich in antioxidants. Also formulated with Ascorbyl Glucoside - a vitamin C derivative that activates on contact with water to help brighten the skin. You only need the tiniest amount as it lathers so much, which got me wondering since this is sulfate free. This is a tad bit drying for my skin so I don’t use it everyday but I feel like people with oily skin types will enjoy this! Nothing too major but since this has a pump packaging and knowing that it isn’t fully covered, whenever I use this a part of the product is a bit clumpy. The moisturizer on the other hand is infused with kale, lingonberries, squalane, and hyaluronic acid. All these ingredients mixed together reverses the damage on your skin caused by free radicals. This seeps right into the skin without feeling sticky which makes it perfect for both day and night! Lastly, my favorite product out of the three which is the hydrating gel mask that turns into a sort of white paste (like Farmacy’s Honey Potion if you’ve tried it minus the heat sensation). Made with the brandms signature Green Pull Paste that has a blend of lycopene, beta-carotene, polyphenol, and vitamin E. This leaves my skin soft and glowing in just one application. Overall they’re a brand worth checking out, the price point may be a bit high but the quality that you get is definitely worth it and they also offer free shipping worldwide. Excited for what’s more to come from Rooki!
Another kind of ritual is my
. Another kind of ritual is my skincare. It's done in a certain order and helps clear my mind from the day. Using high quality ingredients is part of making my nightly ritual complete. . june jacobs spa creates spa quality skincare with gentle ingredients. The Creamy Cranberry Cleanser leaves my skin hydrated and not feeling tight or stripped. It smells like fresh cranberries. It's a really effective cleanser too! I last used it to take a full face of makeup off, and it did the trick! . The Green Tea and Cucumber Toner is a fresh splash of cucumber, and goldenseal (which is a new ingredient to me). It has valerian root and chamomile extracts to soothe skin (and smells amazing!) . The Elastin Collagen Serum has marine derived collagen, Co-Q10 (which is a great cell repair ingredient) and other skin repairing ingredients. The serum is lightweight and absorbs quickly, with no tacky residue or irritation. I really enjoy this serum! . Finally, the Age-Defying Overnight Copper Marine Mask is the perfect capstone to a nightly skincare ritual. It has copper, zinc and magnesium along with elastin and lavender to really help boost cell regeneration overnight. You put this on after all your serum has dried and absorbed, and leave it on overnight. My skin just drank this mask up, and I woke up with soft, fresh skin. You guys know how great a sleeping mask is, and this one is quite nice!
I want to share with you one m
I want to share with you one more my discovery - US based brand Saian® which creates the most advanced natural hypoallergenic skincare products containing no artificial color, no artificial fragrance, and no parabens for use on the most skin. Brand believes all women are beautiful, this is why they specialize in ethnic skin, which is often overlooked by the mainstream cosmetic industry. Saian encourages us to love and honor our complexion by using finely-tuned products that the skin and prevent premature aging. Pure and clean American skincare, instant and cumulative results, support and education. This is Saian’s mission, so let's all be esty-besties. Strawberry cleanser, herbal toner, tri-active collagen serum, amino-lift mask (overnight) and replenishing cream. I have tried everything except cream. Let me say, I am absolutely in love with serum and mask. They both include fantastic ingredients in quite simple formulas (swipe to see ings). Serum has almost watery texture, like very thin gel, but it hydrates and plums so good. Mask replenishes my skin overnight and makes it supple and glowing. Cleansing gel is non-ing and I love to use it in the morning for gentle cleansing. Toner has some great ingredients too. It does contain alcohol denat, but its concentration is under 1% as it goes after sodium hylauronat. I try to avoid alcohol in skincare products but I personally find this concentration too low to worry about. This is my favorite in skincare products - clean formulas + science proven ingredients, they always work great on me.