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I tried the StarSkin ⭐️ Foaming Peeling puff!

I tried the StarSkin ⭐️ Foaming Peeling puff!

I received the STARSKIN - Glowstar Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff
in my Ipsy glam Plus bag a while ago and finally got around to try it! This was definitely a new form of peel for me!
First it comes in a pouch with a circular facial puff. The puff is super soft and cushy.
Second there is another little pouch inside filled with the peeling solution. You open this and pour into the larger packet, drop in the puff, add a little water, and squish until it’s all foamy.
Then for about 2-3 minutes you gently massage in circular motions, focusing on problem areas like nose and forehead. My chin is also an area of issues so I gave my chin some good attention.🤗
After That you rinse and pay dry. Follow with normal night routine.
Contains vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids to gently remove dulling dead skin cells and acne-causing debris.
Also, it says it can be used up to 2 more times! Just store it in the packet and seal it up so it doesn’t leak. Add water when ready to use again.
❤️I’m not sure if I love it or if it is just meh, that’s why it gets 3 ⭐️’s. Also it was kind of a messy experience, it dribbled all down my arm, which isn’t a huge issue but it was a mess. My skin felt a little tight and dry after which is not super surprising because it was a peel and you do need to moisturize after doing one. I did have some stinging after but it didn’t last and my skin did not get red and irritated. Did it give immediate glow results? I’m not sure 😂 not enough to notice! Would I buy it again? Um no. The Clarisma night mask does a better job. As does the Ordinary peeling solution.
Nov. 3, 2020
LindseyRRI would try it just to try it 😂
Nov. 3, 2020·1 like
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My Skin Has NEVER Felt Softer (Amazing Product)
HOLY CRAP. Ok...so you know when your skin is kind of rough and wish there was a magic quick fix? Well I just found one. Kinda. Basically, my skin was dry and rough and I use the STARSKIN Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff, and my skin immediately felt the softest it has ever felt. I’m obsessed. My skin looked/looks so smooth. The (slight) downside is that it is a little messy, and also I don’t really see how it is reusable like it says on the package. But those are really minor drawbacks for AMAZING, immediate results. STARSKIN - Glowstar Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff
September Ipsy Haul 🦋
Hey friends! Just showing off my ipsy products that I just received in the mail. I’m super happy with them all! I used to subscribe to ipsy years ago and they were just *ok*. I got back into them last month and have really been impressed with the improvements they’ve made. Yes, the prices are a couple dollars higher now, but it seems the selection process and quality of products has greatly increased, so I’m not mad at it. They’ve also added the “Plus” and “Ultimate” subscription options, so I signed up for the regular bag and the Plus for $37/mo. This is my first time getting the Plus bag and I am soooo happy with the products I got! I might sell a few of them on my Poshmark store, but otherwise I’ll be keeping the vast majority of them. In the past, I found myself selling everything most months, so it’s refreshing to receive a good amount of exciting products. Thanks for stopping by! Remember to hydrate and check your WiFi 😘 I’ll try to tag as many of these products as I can: it Cosmetics - it Cosmetics CC+ Cream SPF 50+ beautyblender - Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation REALHER - Confidence in My Glow Highlighter Maëlle - Clearly Brilliant Tinted Lips trèStiQue - Lip Glaze Limited Edition Set(closest I could find to the actual product) OFRA - OFRA Highlighter Shade: Covent Garden YENSA - SUPER 8 LIP OIL STARSKIN - Close-Up Coconut Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Firming Face Mask STARSKIN - Glowstar Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff

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Let’s talk about this brand,
Let’s talk about this brand, DCL stands for Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories DCL is a 'cosmeceutical' line ( ie products with pharmaceutical ingredients that are sold as cosmetic skincare, without needing a prescription). I’ve tried several products from this brand with 2 becoming staples in my skin care routine, C-scape high potency night booster 30 and the multi action penta peel which contains Mandelic acid to peel away dead cells from the surface of the skin, Lactic acid to soften the skin. Phytic acid which helps to even out the skin tone, Hyaluronic acid to moisturises the skin and salicylic acid to help unclog pores. They advise you use these up to 3x per week, (I use them a lot more then directed, when I said my skin needs science what I ment was my skin needs Jesus 🙁) So, moving onto my most recent purchase, the profoundly effective A cream SPF30 This cream really suited my skin and it also has hyaluronic acid in it, and soothing B5, it’s not greasy and most importantly foundation sits well on top of this cream without pilling. I would 100% recommend these products and will continue to repurchase, they perform really well and if you haven’t tried DCL products before I’d recommend starting with these!!!
You can literally smell the natural ingredients
You can literally smell the natural ingredients
The first thing I noticed when using this peel is that you can smell the fresh ingredients. It’s always nice using a natural product especially when you can smell it. This isn’t something you’ll want to use a lot being that it is VERY STRONG. This product is normally sold in a larger size which I think might be overkill as you really don’t need to be using it that often. JUICE BEAUTY - Green Apple Peel Full Strength PROS: got the job done, natural product, good price CONS: product might go to waste if purchased it the larger sized packaging
Green Apple Peel Full Strength
JUICE BEAUTY-Green Apple Peel Full Strength
The other piece of the puzzle
The other piece of the puzzle in helping me ditch my foundation is this at home 3 piece Peel kit by ellen lange . So, I’m into my 4th week- 4 treatments at once weekly with this Retexturing Peel kit, which is a combo of glycolic acid, enzymes and natural microbeads. This is an at home, professional peel that delivers professional results.My skin is seriously the best it’s been in what feels like a long time since I’ve started with these. I get SO excited every Wed because that’s my peel night. I can never run out of this! They’re really simple & Ellen has included a cute booklet with very simple instructions on how to use the kit. Yes it tingles, not massively though. No pain whatsoever. You see & feel results straightaway, but I find the day after every time I see myself I get a “Wow my skin” feel! It’s been about 2 1/2 weeks since I ditched my foundation. The reason is because I ran out. I did my face as usual with concealer, bronzer & blush, but no foundation & have just been loving the feeling of not wearing foundation & I swear my skin is massively benefiting by not layering on foundation that is clogging my pores. It’s still a massive novelty for me & im really proud of the fact. My skin feels so much smoother, even-toned, glowing & pores have minimised greatly.
I like the Bee Sting Pads. I’v
I like the Bee Sting Pads. I’ve also been using the Glycolic Night Pads for a while too and like the gentle exfoliation they provide. 👏🏾 Just added the Dragon’s Blood Daily Cleansing Pads the other day because I need extra hydration as the weather begins to change. 🐉 Used these last night and was impressed. My skin was hydrated without any greasiness or stickiness. My other products layered well after the use of these pads. 🔥
Who else leaves EVERY single target trip with AT LEAST ONE BEAUTY ITEM? ....oh just me?? 🤦🏼‍♀️ Well on the last target adventure I came home with gem and I was presently surprised with its performance!! 😍 First off just look at how pretty it is!!!! Second the smell was SO NICE! (You know sometimes a mask like these can be a little 🤭) but this one smells like jasmine! Third do they sell it in a jar cause I would buy it! 💟 I applied on a clean face, let dry and IT CAME OFF IN ONE PIECE! I don’t remember the last peel off mask I did that came off and cleaned up so quickly! (btw it didn’t leave glitter or shimmer behind, small disappointment 😂) My skin felt soft and did NOT feel tight like some peel off masks make it feel! 🌸 Retails for $2.49 at Target! Music: Beach Musician: Jef que bella - Illuminating Holographic Peel off Mask #cheriecreator #hologram #peeloffmask
Illuminating Holographic Peel off Mask
que bella-Illuminating Holographic Peel off Mask
Worth it
Worth it
I like to swipe this before my night routine!! This pad has one side for exfoliation which is kind of harsh but with AHA goodness that makes me use it every single night worth a try if you like pads with scrubby side! Comes with a beautiful tweezer to pick up pads keeping it more hygienic ♥️ Clean and cruelty free!