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DR. BRONNER’S sugar soap 🧼  | Cherie

DR. BRONNER’S sugar soap 🧼

#DR. BRONNER’S - 4-in-1 tea tree organic sugar soap[products]# WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT 💙
super short ingredient list ✅
can be used all over the body
helps acne and softens the skin - not stripping or drying
leaves zero soap residue on the body or shower/tub 🚫
my skin seems to really love this and has had less acne & redness 🥳
it’s surprisingly affordable because you get a lot for the price and it can be used for just about anything (if your only using one product on your whole body think about how much you save compared to using multiple products in the shower 🚿!)
safe for sensitive skin
It’s a sugar soap that cleanses the skin without stripping. Doesn’t need to be diluted unlike Castile soap
can be used on hands, body, face and hair 🤲🏻
caramel color and runny consistency- doesn’t get build up in the pump which is nice
got it in my eyes and it burned 🔥but then I got it in my mouth and it tasted like sugar ! LOL
ingredients: (all organic) sucrose, white grape juice, 🍇coconut oil, 🥥palm kernel oil, potassium hydroxide, olive oil, tea tree oil, Shikakai powder, hemp oil, jojoba oil, Citric acid🍋, tocopherol.
so I started with only using it for my face - I was afraid it was gonna have the same effect as Castile soap (maybe I use Castile soap wrong but I always hated the overly clean feeling like it just strips the skin too much) but I’ve had the opposite effect with this sugar soap. After cleansing it feels hydrated and clean. Noticed a difference in my dark spots and acne thanks to the tea tree in it. Always moisturize after washing!
I also use this for hair! I know, I know, it sounds scary to only use soap and no other products on the hair but I’ve been really happy with the results. It doesn’t strip my hair or cause a squeaky clean feel which I hate. I don’t follow up with conditioner 😱 but I don’t need to! For reference I have straight, somewhat fine - medium, flat hair past my shoulders.
I rarely experience bad tangles or hair fall after using this. The next day my hair feels healthy so I usually shampoo every other day. Most drugstore shampoos leave my scalp oily but my ends dry the next day. This stuff is actually pretty good 👍🏻 maybe if you have curly hair or super thick hair be cautious, can’t say it works the same because that’s not my hair type.
doesn’t have a perfume or artificial smell - as someone with migraines this does not trigger them. It’s a light tea tree smell. They also come in a few other scents
absolutely yes! This stuff has done nothing but good for my skin and hair. I’m actually planning on buying the lemongrass scent after I finish this bottle but I think it’ll be a while.
Dec. 12, 2020
therainyoneOhhh I love Dr Bronners! Have you seen other scents?
Dec. 14, 2020
Jenna_11Yes I have! I think it comes in unscented, peppermint , lavender , and lemongrass +lime. The last one smells like lemon lime though and I plan on buying it once I’m completely done with this one
Dec. 14, 2020·1 like
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Give me ALL the lavender smelling stuff!💜💜
Give me ALL the lavender smelling stuff!💜💜
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Amazing for pain relief
Amazing for pain relief
Love this product. Soft feeling and smelling. Helps relieve minor pain.
I’ve been loving theAURELIA PROBIOTIC SKINCARE - Botanical Cream Deodorant , which is surprising given I have a major sweating problem..... It’s cooling, refreshing and overall I sweat less when wearing as opposed to when wearing traditional deodorant. I just have to make sure I reapply halfway throughout the day but other than that it is very effective. Since I started using ive also noticed I feel less self-conscious about lifting my arms up when wearing sleeveless shirts/tank tops. My old deodorant used to make my underarms dry, white and sometimes even flaky but this stuff is completely invisible ✨
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