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💦 HYPER Hydrating Face Mask

HADABISEI - Facial Mask 3D Aging Moisturizer
They say what you do to your skin in your 20s will show in your 30s. So, it’s never too early to start using moisturizer in your skincare. I was sent this product to try, and I’m happy to say it’s GREAT to achieve glowing skin. It aims to fight aging and moisturize skin. 🍋 MAIN INGREDIENTS 🍋
Collagen~ this is the main protein in the human body. As we get older, we lose collagen, which causes skin to sag or wrinkle. By putting collagen directly in your skin, you’re helping it retain its elasticity.
Citrus Limon (Lemon) Extract~ known to brighten your skin (in small amounts!) Lemon has a mixed reputation in beauty because straight lemon juice can irritate your skin and make it sensitive to the sun. But lemon extract mixed in small amounts into other products can work as a gentle astringent. This product website description says it helps soften skin keratin so the product can be absorbed better.
🍒 APPLICATION EXPERIENCE🍒 The box comes with 4 sheet face masks, each in its own pouch. I used two so far~ one on my face, and one where I rubbed the moisture on my hands. When I took the product out of the pouch, it felt heavy on my hand. It’s not just moist, but soaked in a gel-like moisturizer that’s clear and fragrance-free. It smells very clean, which is nice for those who are sensitive to fragrance! They recommend leaving it on for 15 minutes in general, but 20 minutes if you have dry skin. I put it on and laid back~ the mask felt like a cooling blanket on my face, and released the tension from my forehead and jaw. I also liked how it didn’t miss any part of my face, even getting a little but of my under eye area. After 10 minutes, I felt my face tingling. I looked it up, and found out fruit extract (like 🍋) tends to make your skin tingle. That’s a sign that it’s dissolving dead skin cells and exfoliating your skin. And it didn’t hurt my under eye region, so I think it was a gentle product. IN SUMMARY: It’s a tingling, relaxing, gel-like texture face mask. Fragrance free, smells clean. Happy with this product 💫 🍇 MY SKIN: BEFORE AND AFTER 🍇 I applied the mask after showering. I didn’t put on any moisturizer yet, so my skin was clean but not shiny or dewy. It was borderline matte. After the face mask, my skin was an ocean of moisture. I rubbed the leftover product into my skin to deepen its effect. I’m glad the mask is so generous with product~ I used some of it to moisturize my hands, and it made them look healthy! An hour later, my skin looked healthy and glowy. It has a humectant effect, so the moisture stayed for hours after until I reapplied moisturizer before bed. IN SUMMARY: It revitalizes dry/ freshly washed skin into an intense glow. Also a lot of bang for your buck 👍🏼 🍉 WHO IS IT BEST FOR ? 🍉 If you’re getting off a long flight or have very dry skin, I think this product will be great for you! Also if you have sensitive skin like me 🌟
Aug. 15, 2020
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☀️HG sheet mask for acne prone skin ☀️
This Kracie 3D sheet mask by Hadabisei HADABISEI - Facial Mask 3D Aging Moisturizer is a simple but reliable option if you need to add some moisture back into your skin. Not only does it have moisturizing properties that are great for dry skin, but it can also help minimize the signs of aging by quenching your skin’s thirst and making fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. My skin is typically very sensitive and acne-prone, so I have to be careful with the types of skincare products that I use. Although this mask is intended for dry skin, I think that people of all skin types can benefit from using it. When you first open the package, you’ll find a sheet mask covered with a thick, moisturizing substance that is almost sticky. Since this sheet mask is very saturated, it can take a few minutes to get it to sit comfortably on your face. In addition to holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth, this mask has wings at the base to bring its nourishing skincare properties down to the neck. Once the mask is on your face, you can let it sit for up to 15 minutes to moisturize your face.   When the mask was sitting on my face, it had a cooling effect that was very pleasant in the hot summer weather. After I took it off, I found that my face still felt somewhat sticky, as it was absorbing the ingredients from the mask. If you’re sensitive to this feeling, you might need to wash your face after letting the essence absorb. Although the mask is thick, it didn’t break me out - instead, I noticed that my skin felt smooth the next day, and I had a nice, healthy glow that shone through my makeup.
Best Fit & Instant Hydrating💋Must-have cooling mask for the summer!
I used to be more into Korean beauty products, and this is the first time I dipped my toes into Japanese skincare. The 3D cutting really attracted me, and they were affordable, $12 on Amazon, so I decided to give it a go lol. I've got combination skin, and my T zone tends to be quite oily during the summer, so I'm picky about my face masks. So far, I'm fine with this sheet mask without any breakouts or irritation. ☀️Key ingredients: Laminaria japonica extract: Prevent skin from aging. Castor oil: Soothe fungal acne. Citric acid: Soften keratin and gently exfoliate your skin and effectively remove the dead skin cells, allowing your skin to absorb the hydrating nutrients better. Glycerin: Deeply hydrate your skin. Hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate: Moisturize and brighten the skin. ☀️How to use: After my nighttime cleansing routine, I spread the mask and apply it on my mouth area first, then slowly stretch it out to my whole face. As I have dry skin on my cheeks, so I prefer to leave the mask for 20mins, but normally people only leave it for about 15mins. ☀️My thoughts: This mask is rich in hydrating essence, and I find it really suitable to be used as an after-sun care product. After being exposed under the sun for a long time, my sensitive skin often feels kind of itchy, especially my dehydrated skin on my cheeks. This mask gives me a cool-down feeling and instant moisturizing my skin without leaving my T zone oily. As this mask contains acids, I feel my skin is gently exfoliated and has a natural glow. Also, my sensitive skin has never got inflammation or comedones so far.  As for its innovative cutting, the 3D shape fits perfectly on my facial curves and is big enough to cover part of my neck. Unlike normal sheet masks, this mask keeps steady on my face, and I can do my housework while applying it! Highly recommend for people who want to have a naturally glowing skin!  What's your favorite mask? Hope to hear your recommendations!
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This mask NEVER disappoints! On my 2nd bottle
This mask NEVER disappoints! On my 2nd bottle
Did you know Kiehl’s works with local farmers in Hoa Binh, Vietnam to source ginger leaves? Product: Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask is an overnight mask that helps firm and smooth skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Suitable for all skin types. My Thoughts: This is one of my most liked and used masks! It has a rich velvety texture that glides so smoothly onto skin and I instantly feel the smoothing and forming effect. I leave in on overnight and in the morning my skin visibly looks and feels smoother. I didn’t notice the firmness until I finished an entire bottle (I’m on my second one now) but now I do notice the difference in my skins firmness. I usually don’t use overnight masks because I have sensitive skin and usually react badly to overnight masks but I had no issues with this one. The formula is very velvety and doesn’t clog my pores. I highly recommend this mask! Side Note: This product is free of sulfates SLS and SLES, and parabens. It also comes in ♻️ packaging!
Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask
Kiehl's-Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask
And the blues continue...
And the blues continue... Came home after a long, not so great night, to a package at my doorstep. I was so excited to open the package and find the new olehenriksen cold plunge mask inside! In my honest opinion...I think I’ll be adding this to my skincare routine! It felt so refreshing on my face. When I washed it away my skin was so soft, felt so clean, and all my puffiness and redness from the night was gone. I don’t necessarily have large pores, but overall my skin looks even and bright, A++. Can’t wait to keep using this mask💚💙
Cold Plunge Pore Mask
OLE HENRIKSEN-Cold Plunge Pore Mask
SUMMER FRIDAYS - Jet Lag Mask Ah I’m in love with this rich smooth hydrating face mask💦 I use it as a sleeping mask when I have dry patches & after I exfoliated my face but I avoid my forehead since it has some ingredients that can trigger fungal acne. I have combination acne prone skin with redness. It seems to help with some redness too💖 Fortunately my forehead is usually more oily than rest of my face so I use regular moisturizer. A little goes the long way. I love this mask’s smooth texture so much. It absorbs into skin flawlessly👏🏻 Also the tube packaging is so convenient. It’s sanitary & easy to use. It contains niacinamide & Ceramide. Niacinamide is known to help with uneven skin tone, fine lines & enlarged pores. Ceramide Is known to barrier your face from pollutants & retain moisture. #CherieCreator
Jet Lag Mask
Illuminating Seaweed Clay Mask
Illuminating Seaweed Clay Mask
I’ve been trying to find Canadian skincare brands to support and I came across this brand, Bl’eau. They operate out of British Columbia. I highly suggest checking out their website and reading up on them as it’s really interesting! I purchased their illuminating seaweed clay mask as it’s rich in vitamin C and is meant to brighten and even your complexion. This clay mask contains Canadian glacial oceanic clay (sea silt), which: - detoxifies for a brighter complexion - rehydrates for smooth and supple skin - reduces sebum and removes dead skin cells - tightens pores to minimize their appearance - promotes blood circulation and regeneration of damaged skin This mask also contains açai extract which is rich in antioxidants that helps support healthy, radiant skin. It also contains vitamin C to brighten and lighten hyperpigmentation. And of course, as the name suggests, it contains seaweed extract. Seaweed extract is rich in vitamin A which stimulates cell regeneration and microcirculation. It also helps smooth and balance your complexion. My thoughts: BL'EAU - Illuminating Seaweed Clay Mask I really enjoy this mask. The bottle I have is only 40g which is small, but you don’t need much to cover your face. You can also purchase a larger size of 80g. I enjoyed the mask because a thin layer goes a long way. It also dried quite quickly compared to other masks I’ve tried in the past and for whatever reason, I enjoy it more when they dry quicker lol. When removing this mask, I didn’t find my skin felt tight or dry. It felt smooth and hydrated to be honest. This mask has no scent either which is great! I left this mask on for 10 minutes. Instructions suggests 5-10. It’s also suitable for all skin types and can be used 2x/week. It also removes really easily with warm water and, maybe I’m only seeing what I want to see, but I really do believe it help tighten my pores a bit :) 🤞🏻 The 40g size cost $19 CAD while the 80g costs $39 CAD. I definitely recommend this clay mask :).
Illuminating Seaweed Clay Mask
BL'EAU-Illuminating Seaweed Clay Mask
If you want to keep your face remain moisturizing and glowing, try this…
If you want to keep your face remain moisturizing and glowing, try this…
Facial mask becomes a kind of essential skin care products for women, but also one of the most simple skin care methods. Not only can supplement moisture for your face, for some functional masks, but also can help remove acne, drive away freckle anti-wrinkle.   Since I am not that aged, my daily skin care routine is water moisture, to improve my dry skin condition. Facial masks can be my truly indispensable products.   Once, my friend traveled to Japan and brought kinds of popular facial masks to me, of which I was impressed with a brand called HADABISEI - Facial Mask 3D Aging Moisturizer, as the figure shows. I only tried one piece and then felt the result.   This mask is not flat, there is a hard central line cross from forehead to chin area, which is its so-called “3D design”. It can give your face a full cover, with the nose area and even part of your neck, fitting your face perfectly!   I usually let it stay for 20 minutes, then I will remove. I could definitely feel my face hydrated. It has a lot of serum for sure and does provide your skin enough moisture. It should be owing to its effectively moisturizing formula.   The key ingredients in the moisturising face mask include vitamin C, collagen, lemon extract and amino acids, which is safe and resultful. I have sensitive skin and no breakout so far.   The essence is super docile and abundant, about 30ml, and the quality of the mask paper is also very good. Well, it does leave a sticky feeling because plenty essence left on my face, too much to massage all them into my face. Then I wash the remaining off. But my skin look brighter obviously.   There are 4 counts on the box. The masks are individually sealed in foil packaging. Every week I would use 2-3 times mask. One time cleansing mask and 1-2 times hydrating mask.   This mask could be used as a normal hydrating mask. If you use them regularly, your skin will look very fresh.
Facial Mask 3D Aging Moisturizer
HADABISEI-Facial Mask 3D Aging Moisturizer
Loving my feed’s fresh new loo
Loving my feed’s fresh new look (pun intended 😘) PRODUCT: freshbeauty Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask STATUS: HOLY GRAIL 💖 PRICE: $43 CAD / $35 USD SIZE: 30 mL (mini size) WHERE: Sephora fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask has quickly achieved HG status in my life. I’d usually be skeptical of any product claiming instant results but this mask delivers! It requires only 10 minutes to smooth and brighten my skin. It immediately takes away any splotches or redness and leaves my face glowing! The one sticking point for me is the packaging. I generally dislike jars (especially for products claiming antioxidant benefit) so I gravitate towards smaller jars that can be used up more quickly. For this reason, when I re-purchase it will be the mini (again)! This is the only mask I take the time to use in my AM routine and, lately, I have followed it with caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, YouthToThePeople Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream and tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. With this combo my skin is hydrated and glowy all day long!