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Nothing compares to my Subculture palette

ANASTASIA Beverly Hills - Subculture Eyeshadow Palette
Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Subculture palette got a lot of controversy when it first came out. People were hitting pan on it quickly, and the blended weirdly together. Later, the brand re-released the palette to be pressed a little more evenly. This new version is the one I got. Even though the palette got mixed reviews, I would never give it up. With it, you can make yourself look like you came from the 1960s or 80s. I haven’t found any other palette with a unique color combination like this. And its range of dark and light, shimmer and matte, have helped me make both bright and grungy looks. The mattes take a little work to blend, but then again so do most mattes. The shimmer shades like Electric and Adorn go on your skin like butter. These colors are really vibrant, and contrast well with the moodier shades. In this picture, I used Dawn as a base over my primer. Then I blended New Wave all over the lid and crease. I lined my lower lid with Roxy, highlighted my brow bone with Cube, and spread Electric all over my inner corner and lid for a pop. I connected Lid with Electric to create a gradient effect. Cube is especially beautiful. It’s a white with purple reflects, so it goes perfectly with almost any color in the palette. Subculture may get mixed reviews, but it definitely has its place in the makeup world. Every time I want to feel celestial, or do my makeup like Twiggy, I reach for this baby.
Apr. 3

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N O R V I N A & D R E A M 💜
N O R V I N A & D R E A M 💜 A match made in heaven 🙌🏼 Can’t wait to use both of these! Anastasia beverly hills norvina Nails: nailed up by wendy 💅🏼
Dream Glow Kit
ANASTASIA Beverly Hills-Dream Glow Kit
I have been enjoying the anast
I have been enjoying the anastasia beverly hills Riviera palette so much lately. I’m in love with every single shade in this palette. Seychelles, Inheritance and Bahamas are my favourite shades! ✨💙 | . .
Riviera Eyeshadow Palette
ANASTASIA Beverly Hills-Riviera Eyeshadow Palette
Comparison of the Anastasia Be
Comparison of the Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Alyssa Edwards' and 'Riviera' Palettes . ▪️Headliner vs Sails- these are both matte whites. They look the same to me. ▪️Inspire vs Yacht- Inspire is a peachy gold. Yacht is taupe. ▪️Texas Made vs Bahamas- both are bright pink mattes. Texas Made pulls slightly more red. ▪️Back Rolls vs Palm- both are dark brown mattes. I think that Palm is slightly warmer. ▪️The Supreme vs Coastline- both are peach mattes. The Supreme is more orange and Coastline is more pink. ▪️H.O.E. vs Cabana- both are mid-toned matte browns. H.O.E. is more taupe. Cabana is more yellow . ▪️Beyond vs Palermo- Beyond is a bright fuchsia pink. Palermo is more cranberry in comparison . ▪️Believe vs Cannes- both are bright purple mattes. Believe is cooler. And there you have it! Alyssa Edwards is mostly matte and more warm toned overall. Riviera has more shimmers (than AE) and a mixture of warm and cool tones. There's a number of similar shades, although most of them aren't exact dupes. But as I was saying earlier, if you're in school, a young or single mom or just on a budget then you don't NEED both imo.
Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette
ANASTASIA Beverly Hills-Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay Naked Heat palette
Urban Decay Naked Heat palette
So... I don’t wear eyeshadow often. To be completely honest, this is the one palette I own 😂 But because of that, it’s a good one! I feel like every single one of my friends had a Naked palette back in high school. It was THE eyeshadow to have, and there’s a reason—the shadows are pigmented and east to blend, and they go together well. Honestly it’s hard to make mistakes with this palette, at least in my experience—and remember that eyeshadow is not my thing. I love that there are shimmer, metallic, and matte shades, and they go from light enough to do a very subtle look all the way to dark enough for a more glam look. I’ve even used some of the dark ones for eyeliner before, and I love getting multiple used out of one product. The overall effect of the palette always reminds me of a sunset! This palette is $54, and with how many shades you get—and how quality they are—I think it’s a steal. Honestly, this could probably last me until the end of the world since I barely use it, but I think you could use it every day and it would still last years. If you’re looking for a palette with a mix of finishes and shades, this is a great deal.
Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette
URBAN DECAY-Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette
ABH Modern Renaissance Dupes!
ABH Modern Renaissance Dupes! Swipe left for the names and different lighting! It appears that I'm going to dupe all of my abh palettes... Modern Renaissance! There's a bunch of palettes similar to this one that are super affordable. I know there's one from Wet & Wild. I think Makeup Revolution has something similar. I'm sure that bad habit made a dupe palette. So if you want a palette just like this but don't want to spend a bunch of money then one of those are probably your best bet. Dupes like this are beneficial for someone who just wants a few shades, not the entire palette. Also before I do swatches, I need to find a better dupe for Venetian Red. ColourPop Stay Golden was damn near perfect but they discontinued it for some reason. Grrrrrr! CP Get Out is similar but not perfect so I'm still on the hunt for another alternative. Swatches are coming... eventually. Swatches are a lot more time consuming for me than product pics but they're on my to do list once I'm caught up on my other projects!
Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette
ANASTASIA Beverly Hills-Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette
My Eye Shadow Awards! AHA, Ct & Nars
My Eye Shadow Awards! AHA, Ct & Nars
Today I would like to introduce my beauty awards for eye shadow. The top three of all my eye shadow are ANASTASIA--MODERN RENAISSANCE, CT--THE DOLCE VITA and NARS--WANTED MINI.   ANASTASIA--MODERN RENAISSANCE—most colorful ANASTASIA Beverly Hills - Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette As we can see, ANASTASIA has a great collection of different color schemes. It has a set of brown color together with pink, orange and red. It is particularly suitable for girls who are addictive to different colors and this palette of eye shadow can offer a lot of styles which can suit many occasions. Therefore, if you would like to buy one eye shadow compact, then this colorful one is the first choice.   CT-- THE DOLCE VITA—most all-match Charlotte Tilbury - Luxury Eyeshadow Palette CT has many outstanding and amazing palettes of eye shadow. Whenever I cannot decide which eye shadow to suit the overall style of the day, I would pick up this one. The reason is that the four color in this palette is soooooooooooo all-match. If you would like to look professional, then choose this one. If you aspire to show your big eyes, then this one will help you. Please believe me, buy it now!!!   NARS--WANTED MINI—most portable & cost-effective NARS - Wanted Eyeshadow Palette Mini It is obvious that it looks portable since it is in a mini size. What I would like to emphasize is that it is the most cost-effective eye shadow I have ever bought. It has six colors which are enough for daily makeup. Due to the fact that we would not use up eye shadow, so buy mini one is the most cost-effective choice.
Luxury Eyeshadow Palette
Charlotte Tilbury-Luxury Eyeshadow Palette