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The three acids in my current
The three acids in my current rotation (and I love all of them for different reasons)! Drunkelephant TLC Framboos has been a staple in my routine for almost a year now! Can’t live without this one. It’s a glycolic night serum with a 12% AHA/BHA blend. It gave me immediate results from first use with evening out my skin tone and lightening some scars and dark spots. Farmacybeauty honeymoon glow has been in my routine for a few months, and I like to use this 1-2 times a week at night in place of the TLC framboos when I need a little extra exfoliation. This one is a 14% AHA/BHA blend with flower acids. It also contains their trademark GreenEnvy honey so this serum leaves your skin so moisturized I’ve sometimes used it and gone to bed without following up with a moisturizer and my skin still feels great when I wake up!  Sundayriley good genes has recently been brought into my routine. I’ve had samples before but never used it long term so I’m excited to see the results! Good Genes is a lactic acid based serum. Some people don’t like the smell, but I don’t mind it at all. I like this one in my morning routine as it’s been proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles after three minutes so it gives a nice smoothing effect. Of course, you always ALWAYS needs to follow up with SPF, especially when using in the morning. Using acids in my routine for regular exfoliation has been one step since getting into skincare that has really made a huge difference for me!
Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment
SUNDAY RILEY-Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment