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Essence = Essential?

I feel like essences are one of the more confusing skincare products out there...is this different than a toner? Should I be using one at all? What’s the deal here?! Essences are an important park of K-beauty routines, but over here in the US, it seems to me like we jumped on the bandwagon and now that the essence is in our medicine cabinets we’re figuring out why it’s there and how to use it. Incorporating an Essence into your routine is actually pretty easy. You can use it in place of a toner, in place of a mist, in place of a hydrating serum or add it into a routine with all of those depending on your goals! ✨ essences have a very watery texture so they should be on the front end of your routine ✨ their primary function is to hydrate the skin so they are great for dry skin especially when followed by a moisturizer ✨ many of them have actives that can penetrate deep into the skin since the texture is so lightweight ✨ essences help keep your skin damp and can enhance the effectiveness of the products you layer on top I picked up the Hanskin - Hyaluron Skin Essence
and have loved adding it to my skincare routine, though it’s definitely something I skip if I’m trying to be efficient. Hanskin describes this as “an essence dry skin will actually drink up ...resulting in insanely moisturized skin that looks plump, supple, and happier” Star ingredients: 💕 sodium hyaluronate - this is a form of hyaluronic acid that has a low molecular weight. It can penetrate deeper into the skin and hold 1000x it’s weight in water 💕 glycerin - another humectant that helps pull water from the surface of your skin inward 💕 collagen - helps skin stay soft and supple My take:
I pat this into my skin after or instead of a toner and it sinks in fast. You could also use a cotton pad and apply it more like a traditional toner
The texture is completely watery and it has no scent
I love how lightweight this feels. It definitely hydrates my skin and is so thin that I have no problem layering on top of it!
Sometimes when I’m fresh out of the shower and not wanting to launch into a whole routine I’ll just pat this on to counteract drying from the shower and it’s enough to keep my skin happy.
I’ll usually skip my HA serum (currently Glossier. - Super Bounce Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin B5 Serum
) on days when I use this OR if I’m just trying to lay it on thick with hydration I’ll use both and top with HA packed YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream
and call it a routine. Side note: do youguys layer the same ingredient throughout all parts of your routine ever? I go back and forth on this one!
This 10oz bottle is going to last me an eternity since you only need a few drops (several months in this is almost full still!). At $46 it’s a decent price for how much you get
In summary, you definitely don’t need an essence in your routine, but if you want to add one, I highly recommend the Hanskin Hyaluron 💕
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AndrprincessIt is good for dry skin,100 agree!
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Some of my faves to stay hydrated in the cold
*I have oilskin that isn’t particularly sensitive* Derma-E Skin De-Stress Calming CBD Serum A super hydrating serum that works great for sensitive skin and can be used day and night. It helps reduce redness and is chock full of Omegas. I use in the morning and night after applying the next product which is... Hanskin Skin Essence Safe for sensitive skin. a K-Beauty essence which is a product I’ve experienced with this year to replace or enhance the use of a toner. I’m oily and so this doesn’t work well as a toner but it’s great to apply after cleansing + toning to add moisture into your skin. It’s super light and you literally only need to drop the bottle in your palm one time and dab directly on your face. After applying this I follow up with a serum as mentioned, then an oil and moisturizer. Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cleansing oil This is also safe for sensitive skin and the first cleansing oil I’ve tried. I’ve had this for almost a year. After first I was mainly using it before applying a face mask but as the weather gets colder, I’ll be using this once a day before applying a standard cleanser (double cleansing as the kids say) Fresh Sugar Lip Polish I got this from Sephora when I was eyeing Fenty Beauty’s lip scrub but the sales girl redirected me (sorry Rih Rih!). Lip exfoliation is something I should’ve gotten into sooner. Especially with the amount of 🌬🌲 I do. I love this scrub though, it’s made with sugar and super moisturizing. You really don’t have to apply a lip mask after scrubbing on your lips and rinsing it off but I do which brings me to... Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Baybeeee when I tell you my lips have never felt butterier?!? This right here is something your lips will thank you for. Best used before bed or as a prep before applying lipstick (which I learned from the queen, Tracee Ellis Ross) Lastly, and certainly not least Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream This is one of the most slept on skin care gems. This ultra moisturizing cream is made of olive oil, beeswax, honey propolis and Royal jelly 🍯 🐝 and guess what? I bought it for less than $10 at Walmart! The ingredient properties include antioxidants so it’s great for acne prone skin. I use this as my post-face mask moisturizer or in between serum and moisturizer application in the morning to give my skin an extra layer of hydration to protect against the elements outside. There is a version of this cream made by Taui that is less thick that I prefer (this will make you look greasy at first, Taui does not) when I’m getting ready to go out but where am I going right now? No where! DERMA•E - Skin De-Stress Calming CBD Serum Hanskin - Hyaluron Skin Essence boscia - MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil fresh - Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator LANEIGE - LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask EGYPTIAN MAGIC - Healing cream
Pink ladies 💅🏼
Loving the packaging on these guys! Glossier. - Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color love this stuff, but not quite as much as expected. I got the puff color, and while I love the color, it’s too pigmented for me. I end up having to rub it all over my cheeks just to make the color a bit lighter, then half my face is pink, instead of just the spots I want. It may be user error though, so I’ll keep trying. It truly lasts throughout the day, and I love the texture—super smooth on my cheeks. KYLIE COSMETICS - Kylighter this is meh for me. Again, possibly too pigmented. It really just takes a single swipe of the brush and you are good to go with pretty intense highlight. fresh - Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 I was so excited to buy this stuff because the reviews are amazing! However, since I was getting it more for the chapstick/SPF purposes, I wish it wasn’t quite so dark on my lips. It really looks like lipstick, but the color doesn’t last like a lipstick. tarte - Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush For the life of me, I cannot get this stuff to stick on my makeup brush. No color comes off, so I’ve pretty much given up on making it work. Hanskin - Hyaluron Skin Essence I use this when my skin is feeling extra dry, usually paired with my moisturizer! I haven’t noticed a huge difference when I use it, however. KYLIE COSMETICS - Vitamin C Serum this is the first Vitamin C serum I have used, so I don’t have much to compare it to, and therefore don’t want to give it a super high or super low rating! I really like the consistency—it feels more like a moisturizer, but sinks into the skin quickly. It smells slightly odd, but that didn’t bother me. Overall, I think it was somewhat brightening for me, but I didn’t feel like I saw a major change. Glossier. - Wowder Weightless Finishing Powder love this stuff a lot on my skin, but the packaging is frustrating. It has sort of a net material on the inside, making it kind of difficult to get powder out. I do feel like it sits nicely on my face and lasts throughout the day, just wish I didn’t have such a hard time getting it out!
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3 Tips for glowing skin at 30
This is a raw photo blemishes and all. #1 Don’t hate on your aging skin Your skin can hear you complaining about it. 😉 The more you care for your skin, the more you’ll see a difference in your complexion. Give it the good stuff and it will glow back in return. I use a face oil mixed with a tinted moisturizer and it really helps hydrate the skin as well as protect my face with antioxidants for preventing sun damage (the #1 culprit for aging skin) #2 Spend more time cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, etc Sometimes we treat our face like brushing our teeth and we just get it done without really massaging the product into the skin. You should be cleansing for 5 minutes (!!!!) Yesss that seems like a long time but this is how the products actually work. Take more time massaging your moisturizer in at the end and stimulating the collagen in your face. Some people use jade rollers and other tools but if you don’t have those then use your fingers 🤗 #3 Use a hyaluronic serumGlossier. - Super Bounce Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin B5 Serum This is a game changer! This serum is affordable and a good place to start if you’re new to hyaluronic acid. It’s basically 1000% water and the most hydrating thing you can put on your face. I would say you visibly see a difference within 30 days and you just feel the hydration. It’s my favorite part of the day because it feels sooo good ☺️ What do you do to keep your skin glowing as you age? What’s your secret?
GLOSSIER SKINCARE: Reviewing It All! Part 1 ✨
Glossier is hot and happening in the beauty world. You have to been living under a rock if you are not familar with this online beauty brand. In this post, I will review part of their skincare to see if it’s worth it or not! ✨ Glossier. - Milky Jelly Cleanser One should begin every day with a clean face - hence this starting with the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. Like the name suggests, the consistency of this facial cleanser feels jelly, but once you mix it in with water, make-up, dirt - ew! - on your face, it actually turns into a milky consistency. It is a very soft cleanser, especially good for anyone that struggles with dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin, because it does not leave your face feeling squeaky clean. It also does not sting your eyes at all. Would I recommend this product? Yes, if you have dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin and want a cleanser that is soft and leaves your skin hydrated. 🤍 Glossier. - Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector & Glossier. - Cotton Rounds After cleansing, it's time for my favorite skincare step ever: chemical exfoliation. Unlike physical exfoliators that scrape off the surface of your skin, chemical exfoliators like the Glossier Solution gently sloughs dead cells away through chemical exfoliation using 10% of three different acids - Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), and Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) - dissolving the bonds gluing problematic dead cells to the healthy skin beneath. With daily use, expect cleared acne and blackheads, smaller pores, and reduced redness. Skin’s texture will be smoother and softer, and the fabled glow of balanced, healthy skin will be in full force. Glossier also sells these cotton rounds with a G on it. They're soft and they look pretty cute, but they're definitely nothing special. I would personally skip these, except if you are a cotton round connaisseur. Would I recommend this product? Yes, if you struggle with acne, blackheads, or an uneven skin texture. 👌🏻 Glossier. - The Super Duo : Glossier. - Super Bounce Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin B5 Serum & Glossier. - Super Pure Niacinamide + Zinc Serum & Glossier. - Super Glow Vitamin C + Magnesium Serum Even though chemical exfoliators are in my opinion the real work horse in any skincare routine, I do love to use a good serum as well. Whatever your skin needs, Glossier came out with The Super Pack - three different serums that can be used as additional supplements for your face whenever your skin needs it. See them as your little helpers whenever your skin has some special needs. They are lightweight, non-greasy, and perfect to use for any skintype. Would I recommend this product? Yes, if you have some extra coin to spend on fancy serums + cute packaging, or if you struggle finding serums that are not too heavy. 💕 #cheriecreator
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Superfood Whip Moisturizer
YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream So I’ve decided to try out one of the most popular products by Youth to the People, and seeing that it has such wonderful ingredients except for the fact it has fragrance. But decided to give it a try, even though I have sensitive skin because of fragrance issues. At first this moisturizer was acting great on my skin especially since it’s so lightweight and fast absorbing, it was a great product to use for the summer. But after a while of using the product I’ve experienced sensitivity towards the fragrance that the product contained, sadly I start to get small little bumps on my chin and forehead area. So I had to stop using it. I really want to like it but I started to get an allergy. I wouldn’t recommend this for people who have dry sensitive skin, even if you have slight sensitivity, there’s better moisturizers out there for you. This is not that great as I thought it would be, but had an okay experience. Now for the benefits of this product is that it contains wonderful ingredients such as kale hyaluronic acid spinach sunflower seed oil vitamin c aloe Vera vitamin e glycerin And more... all these being the most hydrating ingredients that it provides, while also keeping the skin looking youthful and glowy during the day! A lightweight superfood moisturizer with antioxidants not a rich cream formula vegan cruelty free ”all skin types” NOT FRAGRANCE FREE OR ESSENTIAL OIL FREE
Buy This, Not That
We are officially heading into cold season which is bad news for both our immune systems and skin. The cold air and indoor heating wreck havoc on on our faces and it is especially important for us to keep both hydrated and moisturized for the next few months. With that said, here are just a few of my recent goodies. ACURE - Ultra Hydrating Green Juice Cleanser Yes. Yes. This is what you need in your life if you are looking for the most gentle yet effective cleanser. It gently cleans your skin without stripping it or leaving any residue. Acure markets this for dry and dehydrated skin but I would recommend it for all skin types, especially if you're looking to avoid drying out your face over the winter. YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream Unless you stay oily all throughout the winter, I say stay away from this cream. Despite a fairly impressive list of ingredients (Kale, spinach, green tea, hyaluronic acid, vitamins B5, C and E) this cream fell completely flat for me. It left my skin feeling super tight and helped contribute to more dehydration. They claim it's for all skin types and I'm here to tell you this will only work for very oily skin. If you are dry or combination, this is not for you. Save your money!
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That’s proper texture innit?
That’s proper texture innit?
OK I am obsessed with Love Island UK and this resurfacing mask from @cocokind. It’s a sleeping mask so you literally are getting your beauty rest with this pretty babe. Did someone say plant-derived retinol???? @cocokind said yes, ever heard of bakuchiol? First impression: loved, loved, loved. I actually did see a difference in my skin the next morning. I’ve really been noticing a dullness in my skin as of late, so this was a great pick me up! Can’t wait to try the Chlorophyll Mask next. Also for the high end plant derived ingredients, the masks aren’t ridiculously priced! You can also order online 🤗 **Update on the mask: I use it whenever I need a skin refresh, put it on at night (feels like whipped honey) and wake up to glowing, smooth skin. Does stick to sheets so, make sure not wear on newly washed sheets lol
Resurfacing Sleep Mask
cocokind-Resurfacing Sleep Mask

elemis Pro-
pmskincareroutine elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. ren Evercalm Gentle Cleansing gel - first use. This was a deluxe sample with my order that arrived today. Quite a thin gel that lathers nicely. Fresh, clean scent. Left skin soft - great first impression! commleaf Skin Relief Soothing Toner - this is perfect to use at the moment. skinesis Eye Recovery Cream - now empty! 😭I’ve loved this eye cream and would definitely purchase it again. ren Evercalm Anti-Redness serum - first use. Quite a thick creamy gel texture. I was expecting it to be milky and runny for some reason 🤷🏼‍♀️Anyway, it’s got a lovely fresh scent and absorbs beautifully. Leaves skin feeling hydrated. Again, a great first impression. indeedlabs Hydraluron Intense Moisture Lotion - such a great moisturiser, perfect now the weather is changing. It’s rich without being heavy. a.florenceskincare Skin Barrier Restoring serum- this oil is such a saviour!🙌🏻💗 Nothing nourishes my skin as well as this.
Just wanted to highlight a few
Just wanted to highlight a few products I’ve been loving recently! ✨ - 🍵krave beauty Great Barrier Relief I’m nearing the end of my first bottle of this and already have a replacement on order. I use it morning and night to nourish with GREAT ingredients like tamanu oil; safflower & rosehip seed oils; and NMF, ceramides, cholesterol & squalene to mimic a healthy skin barrier. It’s so soothing to irritated skin. 10/10 will forever repurchase. Kale-Lala-yAHA Quickly becoming one of my favorite chemical exfoliants in my morning routine. At 5.25% glycolic acid, it’s not too strong, but strong enough that I still feel a little tingle when I apply it. I‘ve definitely seen a difference in the clarity of my skin since I’ve started using this. It also boasts a lot of other lovely ingredients to nourish and hydrate while exfoliating, such as antioxidants from dark, leafy greens, allantoin & aloe to soothe, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin B5. It’s good stuff. ☔️truly organic Purple Rain Glow Serum Retinol + Glycolic Acid + Antioxidant Boost - I love this to maintain the once-a-week, heavy-hitting dose of retinol I get from A-Pash. Delivering those actives in such a nourishing oil [grapeseed, jojoba, marula, to name a few favorites in the formula] is great for reducing/eliminating the irritation that might come along with them. I always wake up with smooth, decongested skin, and I also like that it shortens my routine by giving me multiple benefits in one products. 💦first aid beauty Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream This was a total impulse buy last week, and I can’t put it down. The texture is unrea! Like an airy, fluffy cloud. It’s so cooling on the skin, too. Big, big fan. Only con: I feel like half the jar is gone already!
Great Barrier Relief
Krave-Great Barrier Relief
Lots of time at home means lots of time for self care and finally finishing up beauty products! Here are the ones I’ve finished in the last week or so and the ones I’d repurchase 💫 What I’ll Repurchase: 💖 YTTPs air whip moisturizer: my go to in the am year round so you know I already had a backup lined up when I got to the bottom of the jar! I will be repurchasing this for a looooong time. ♻️ As a bonus, the glass packaging is great to reuse or upcycle - I’m using this empty to hold q-tips so I don’t need the whole box in my med cabinet 💖 Kalos triple threat detox mask: the first exfoliating mask I fell in love with. It has glycolic acid as well as physical exfoliants but has enough nourishing ingredients that it leaves my skin soft, hydrated, and happy Won’t Repurchase: 💥 Mer Sea & co’s vanilla milk bath salts: a nice scent but not my favorite. My main issue was that the package is tiny 💥 Loccitane ultra rich lip balm: this was ok, but i wouldn’t repurchase it over Kiehls lip balm or my hero balm papaw 💥 Apicare manuka honey hand cream: I loved the faint honey scent of this product and it is very nourishing with the manuka honey, but it leaves my hands the tiniest bit sticky. It’s not my favorite hand cream ever so I won’t repurchase (loccitane is my current go to!) 💥 Sweet Chef superfood moisturizer: This is actually pretty hydrating and if you’re in the market for a reasonably priced moisturizer I recommend giving it a try! It went on a teeny bit greasy but sunk in fast and left my face hydrated with no heaviness the next morning, just doesn’t win out over my yttp ones
Shea Butter Ultra Rich Lip Balm
L'OCCITANE-Shea Butter Ultra Rich Lip Balm
💛 hadalabotokyo Gokujyun Prem
💛 hadalabotokyo Gokujyun Premium Hyaluronic Acid Lotion. This is everything promised and more! A bit confusing at first, luckily a lot of people here helped me out! Wet your face, I like to spray with my Herbivore rose Spray take a small amount and rub all over. Then pat the product in all over your face. It feels weird at first but it’s kinda fun to slap yourself! The next morning my skin is so bouncy and hydrated that I skip most of my morning routine. 🧡 herbivorebotanicals Phoenix Oil. This might unseat Juno as my favorite oil. Which is saying something cause I’ve tried A LOT of oils and nothing was better than Juno. Until now. Deeply nourishing and great for repairing irritated skin. And it’s so light! Juno is a very heavy oil, so I can’t always use it. Phoenix can be used anytime with almost anything! 💚 farmacy Green Clean. Hands down my favorite purchase from the sale. Gentle cleansing balm that effectively removes makeup. Skin is so soft after. I’ve even used this as a regular cleanser on non makeup days. It’s a fun shade of green with a Spicy citrus smell(kinda smells like my Indian grandmother’s house.) 🖤 jordansamuelskin Hydrating facial serum. My go to morning serum when I’m not using my DE C-Firma. It’s an aloe gel base, and contains Hyaluronic acid and a vitamin c derivative. So basically my three favorite things. 😂 I really want to try other things from his line now.
Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm
FARMACY-Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm
HOW TO: wake up looking like a glazed donut ✨
HOW TO: wake up looking like a glazed donut ✨
GOOD MOLECULES - Overnight Exfoliating Treatment Contains 10% (Glycolic Acid) AHA+ BHA. This is the second product I’m testing from Good Molecules and I’m loving it already. This is my first experience with a leave-on “sleep mask” version of glycolic acid (the smallest form of AHA). And seriously people, I WOKE UP GLOWING IN A GOOD WAY. I wanted to chuck all my glossier products out the window and triumphantly announce that I solved the glowy but not oily skin look that no makeup has ever done for me. I have a few layering tweaks I wanted to share for those looking to add this step into your routine! TLDR; pore-shrunken glazed 🍩 look for $6. scroll down for layering steps. 😅 Conceptually, incorporating a GA solution into my night routine 2-3x per week is the best way to use GA without drastically changing my current ritual. While glycolic acid toners work have worked great as well, I notice my skin is way more sensitized throughout the day and susceptible to sun damage. I just don’t want to run the risk of forgetting to reapply sunscreen ☀️ every few hours, you know? Especially if you have dry/combo skin, the following layering technique may be of use to you. Starting with dry or freshly cleansed skin I add: (1) Any hydrating toner. I used the niacinamide toner from Good Molecules but if you have sensitive skin I’d opt for one without vitamin C or other actives. GOOD MOLECULES - Niacinamide Brightening Toner I'm from - Rice Toner dear, klairs - Supple Preparation Facial Toner (2) Any mild peptide serum or essence. But no crazy actives like retinol or the true form of vitamin C ascorbic acid (I used one with the SAP derivative which was ok). If you normally add oils to this step, I would skip until the end. An oil ester like jojoba oil may be okay. Bottom line is to use something your skin finds familiar but comforting. The Ordinary - ''Buffet'' The Ordinary - Marine Hyaluronics GOOD MOLECULES - Niacinamide Serum (3) THE Glycolic Acid/AHA-containing treatment. Feels like thick serum. I used one droppers’ worth, going heavier on my t-zone. This one from Good Molecules contains Glycerin, HA, and Butylene Glycol, gold standard humectants that need more moisture to lock in its hydrating benefits!! Especially if you just used another hylauronic acid-containing serum in the previous step, the treatment as a final step can leave you feeling dry. GOOD MOLECULES - Overnight Exfoliating Treatment (4) Wait 3-5 min to add a gel moisturizer or hydrating spray-on mist. Feed those humectants! Really anything works here. I used MUJI’s all-in-one essence. I just wouldn’t go too creamy or heavy. VERSED - DEW POINT Moisturizing Gel-Cream dear, klairs - Fundamental Ampule Mist The Ordinary - Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Lmk if you try this! Cheers to looking like a glazed donut 🥂
The Ordinary-''Buffet''