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Review: Glossier’s Super Pure 💙

Glossier. - Super Pure Niacinamide + Zinc Serum
- a watery serum formulated with niacinamide (B3) and zinc. Glossier describes it as the product you need “to help blemish-prone skin chill out.” Honestly, I’d just describe it as the product you need to help skin chill out.
Niacinamide is great for so many reasons. It calms skin, reduces redness, decreases blemishes and congestion, and with long-term use can help with hyperpigmentation and fine lines.
Zinc also works to fight blemishes, control sebum production, heal damaged skin, and support collagen production.
💙 RESULTS: Used together, these ingredients work to prevent future breakouts, fight current flare-ups, and keep pored decongested. The result? Calmer, happier skin! If I have a breakout even in a small area of my face, super pure is the first thing I reach for. I also love using it if my skin is irritated from over-exfoliation, diet, or just having a bag day! I also use it several times a week even when nothing’s wrong to help keep redness at bay and prevent future flare-ups. 💙 SUPER PURE IN YOUR ROUTINE: Super pure has a watery texture, no smell, and sinks in very quickly. It plays well with some of my favorite ingredients so can easily be layered with other treatments, but it can cause sensitivity and generally decrease effectiveness if used to close together with acids and vitamin c. If you want to use both, leave 10-20 minutes between treatments or use one in the morning and one at night! 💙 OVERALL: I love this product. As you can see, I’m almost through the bottle and will probably be repurchasing! I highly recommend this if you’re looking to add a soothing serum to your weekly routine
Jun. 29, 2020
skinbeautyaddictI've been curious about this one, thanks for the review
Aug. 3, 2020·2 likes
GlowKNo problem! It’s a good one
Aug. 4, 2020
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Current morning & night routine ☀️🌙
Hey beauties! I wanted to share my current skin routine for morning & night, since I've updated it with some new products that I'm enjoying and it's been working for me. Hope it works for you too! :) ☀️Morning: 1. I typically don't wash my face since all I did was sleep and I do this routine pretty soon after I wake up. So the first step is really to use almost a whole pump of OLE HENRIKSEN - Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum on my whole face 2. Then I use about a dime sized amount of myKiehl's - Ultra Facial Cream 3. Glossier. - Balm Dotcom goes on my lips - I prefer either fig, birthday, berry or coconut 4. Volia! That's easy :) 🌙Evening: 1. Cleanse my face in the shower using a half pump of YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser 2. After my shower, I sometimes use my facial roller (it's SEPHORA COLLECTION - Rose Quartz Facial Rollerand Idk what to rate it as since it's the only one I have) 3. Next is the serum - depending on what's the issue; if it's acne:Glossier. - Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector, redness and/or irritation: Glossier. - Super Pure Niacinamide + Zinc Serum, or just feels ok / needs a little something to smooth out or be more hydrated: TATCHA - The Dewy Serum Resurfacing and Plumping Treatment 4. If I want to use an eye cream, I go with the Ole Henriksen banana bright eye creme from this set: OLE HENRIKSEN - Let's Get Luminous Brightening Essentials Set it's a half size one and the set is only $40 5. Glossier. - Balm Dotcom again because it's hydrating enough for me (yes my lips do get dry since they're a little chapped when I wake up, but I don't think I necessarily need a lip mask) 6. Of course, the last step is a facial spray, and it's always my Avène - Thermal Spring Water Spraybc I can't live without it. In case you're curious, the total price for my routine is $363!! (that includes all the products I mentioned) 🤯
Current night routine 🌙
I wanted to share my current night routine for my skin, starting with when I shower, because it's really been working for me: 1. In the shower, I use a half pump of YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser to tighten pores, get rid of any gunk on my face, and to brighten. 2. After I'm done showering, my blood pressure tends to go up because of circulation improving, so I get in my pajamas and apply Glossier. - Super Pure Niacinamide + Zinc Serum to calm any redness. Then I brush my teeth. 3. Next, I spray a little bit of Avène - Thermal Spring Water Spray all over and roll my face using my SEPHORA COLLECTION - Rose Quartz Facial Roller 4. I roll my face using the wide end, starting with my left cheekbone and go to the jawline while going in lines/diagonals on my cheeks. Then I do my forehead by going horizontally - the top first and moving down, focusing on my brow bones (bc of sinuses, same with cheekbones and undereyes), next is the right cheek same as the left, then chin, sides of nose & undereyes w/ small end, and I finish by going in lines like a fern - but the branches/stems, not the little leaves. starting in one spot, going out, and coming back but going to different spots each time until I get that area covered - I make 5 lines on both cheeks and forehead using this method. It's difficult to describe tbh - center between my eyes / middle of brow, for cheeks its by my ear opening) 5. After my face is all cooled off, I put on a dime-sized amount of either Kiehl's - Ultra Facial Cream or Glossier. - Priming Moisturizer Rich Luxurious Face Cream and lather it all over onto my face and neck. 6. Don't forget your lips! I use either my birthday, coconut, or my recent fave - the fig Glossier. - Balm Dotcom 7. The last step is to spray some more of my Avène - Thermal Spring Water Spray but I also have two other sprays - YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Adaptogen Soothe + Hydrate Activated Mist with Reishi + Ashwagandhaand TATCHA - Luminous Dewy Skin Mist Thx for reading ! 😊
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N e w b i e

theinkeylist Reti
N e w b i e theinkeylist Retinol Serum Retinol seems to be the only thing that can keep my acne at bay. Skin has been wild lately without it and I've just introduced this serum into my routine. This particular serum is 1% stable retinol and 0.5% granactive retinoid with Squalane for hydration and nourishment. My thoughts on the serum, it's a lightweight formula that absorbs quickly, doesn't leave any stickiness, oiliness and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. I get no irritation from using this and it's really helped speed up the process of bringing my cystic/nodule pimples to a head. For those who aren't sure what retinol/retinoids do, here's a brief summary 👇🏻 Retinoids and Retinol are derivatives of vitamin A and have been proven to boost collagen production thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles, speeds up cell turnover helping battle hyperpigmentation, soothing inflammation, rosacea and keeps acne at bay.
Retinol Anti-Aging Serum
THE inkey LIST-Retinol Anti-Aging Serum
Today’s favourite is The Ordin
Today’s favourite is The Ordinary‘s Retinol 1% in Squalane. The ingredients are pretty straightforward: Squalane, a few other oils, 1% retinol, tomato fruit extract, a preservative. Retinol is a form of vitamin A and one of the very few actives that has scientifically proven anti aging potential. There are other retinoids, some of which like adapalen or isotretinoin are considered pharmaceuticals. They are generally used as an acne treatment, isotretinoin is probably also the most effective anti aging topical there is (prescription only though, and for good reasons!) Retinol also helps with acne, thickens your skin and can even help with scars. Too good to be true? As with everything, there has to be a downside: Your skin has to get used to it and while it does you will either get very dry skin or your skin will purge and you’ll get extra pimply. It’s very important to start retinol slowly and with a low percentage. As I have used prescription retinoids for acne in the past, I decided to skip the lowest percentage The Ordinary offers (0.2%) and start with 0.5%. The first one and a half months were bad, so many new pimples. After the initial purging my skin got better fast. When I ran out of my 0.5 bottle I decided to try out 1%. It went smoothly and I‘m on my second bottle now. I use it two to three times a week and it works nicely. I rarely get spots and I like to think that my skin looks more even in general. Like all The Ordinary products, this one is really cheap, I personally also like the squalane base as it‘s pretty moisturising. Definitely a good retinol product for beginners. A few words of warning though: if you have very sensitive skin or skin issues like rosacea, retinol might not be for you. If you’re in your 20s you can wait, unless you have issues with acne and/or scarring (like me). And: Sunscreen is even more important while using Retinol!!
Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane
The Ordinary-Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane
HOW TO: Vitamin C. All Tips and tricks!
HOW TO: Vitamin C. All Tips and tricks!
Skin need a little pick me up? Some brightening? You definitely need to add Vitamin C to your routine! Our skin naturally produces vitamin c, but as we age the amount we have naturally becomes less and less. Sun exposure and pollution accelerate the loss of natural VC. Why Vitamin C? It’s a powerhouse ingredient! it evens out skin tone reduces fine lines and wrinkles protects skin from environmental stressors And radical damage “Problems” with Vitamin C it’s extremely sensitive to air and light. It’s oxidizes and breaks down. It loses it potency. packaging needs to be opaque and let as little light in. It also needs to be able to be closed and keep air out. YOU NEED TO WEAR SPF when using vitamin c. Your skin becomes more sensitive to the sun. *from my own personal experince, I felt burning and breakouts from taking any dog for a walk after applying my VC and no sunscreen.* How to use it in your routine? apply morning and night. Always use SPF in the day time with it. apply in the typical order of your routine. If it’s a serum, apply from thinnest to thickest serums. Vitamin C works just fine with other ingredients, so feel free to use it with Niacinamide and even retinol. Just be wary of what your skin can handle MY FAVORITE VITAMIN C PRODUCT: VERSED - FOUND THE LIGHT Powder With VC + powder form has a longer shelf life. + add to/mix into your favorite serum or moisturizer. + a lot more effective that I thought it would be! + noticed visible brightening and faded dark spots within the first 3 days of use. + fine powder that mixes in perfectly with other products. + made with tapioca starch. No talc. $19 0.3 oz/10g available at target or on Versed website. I bought this on clearance for $10!
Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Serum: must or bust?
Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Serum: must or bust?
I started looking for an intense Vitamin C serum when I noticed my acne scarring wasn’t disappearing as fast as it used to. After days of searching and contemplating, I finally decided on this OLE HENRIKSEN - Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum . My initial worry was: what if I waste all this money on something that does nothing for my skin? After a month of using it once a day, I can safely say: I am BLOWN AWAY! This serum smells like fresh oranges and even shimmers a bit in the light. I was wary of this, thinking maybe it would break me out—worry not. I have never broken out from this product. In fact, this significantly reduces the redness of my breakouts during and after they occur. They just heal faster! It usually takes my acne about a month to heal and look like a lil baby freckle (you know what I mean). With this, it took FOUR DAYS to look like that! After a month, acne spots are completely gone as if they never happened. And older, deep scarring—that I had given up on—now has the freckle look. This stuff is crazy! A change I didn’t expect, my face is SO even now. I didn’t even know it was uneven to begin with, lol! But now I look fresh everyday, like I’ve been getting weekly, hydrating facials for the past year. If your concerns are acne scarring, dullness, dryness, and uneven skin, I really recommend this. It is pricey, but it lasts a long time and is worth every penny. My skin has never looked so healthy. Do you guys use this serum? What are your thoughts on it? Do you have any other recommendations for healing acne spots/scarring? Thanks for reading! 🤍
Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum
OLE HENRIKSEN-Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum
Bye blemishes! Restore Serum - Valjean Labs
Bye blemishes! Restore Serum - Valjean Labs
VALJEAN LABS - Valjean Labs Facial Serum What it does? Restorative niacinamide will purify and calming zinc soothes stressed, blemish-prone skin Promises: • Improve skin texture and smoothness, while calming any breakouts and reducing excess oils. Ingredients: • Niacinamide AKA Vitamin B3 - reduces the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion. • Zinc is an anti-inflammatory. Encourages collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Texture: It’s lightweight textures permit delivery of potent anti-aging, brightening, tightening or radiance boosting actives. Cons: it can get stinky, hence why I use it over night. I like it because it does what I promised. I can see my skin brighten and glow almost immidiately. My blemish disappear faster and my acne and redness is soothed. I add my Skin Inc Tri-light for extra activation. I would definitely recommend because for an affordable price ($15 at Urban Outfitter) you get a serum that truly works wonders in your skin. (And you can also find the at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s most of the time for half the price 🤫) Although, if you are anti sticky serums this might not be for you. I use it before going to sleep so it doesn’t bother me. Rating*: 4.5/5 *I can’t find the product in the list in order to rate through the app.
Valjean Labs Facial Serum
VALJEAN LABS-Valjean Labs Facial Serum
Skinceuticals C E Ferulic
Skinceuticals C E Ferulic
Skinceutical’s C E Ferulic is a vitamin C serum that provides environmental protection, lightens lines, firms skin and brightens your complexion. The serum has a cult following and over 2,000 5 star ratings on dermstore. Dermatologists have voted it the best overall vitamin C serum. The star ingredient - vitamin C. This antioxidant is one of the few ingredients experts recommend for its protective and brightening properties. When formulated to penetrate within the deeper layers of your skin, vitamin C combats free radicals from UV light and environmental aggressors. It also helps stimulate collagen and even skin tone. Dermatologists tend to prefer L-ascorbic acid (a pure form of vitamin C) because it's more likely to reach the skin depth where it's most effective. The acid works best at a concentration between 10% and 20%, and Skinceuticals serum is 15% concentration of L-ascorbic acid. The collagen-boosting, brightening properties work together to fade dark spots from breakouts and gives skin a glow. A little goes a long way and this product should last you about 4 months. I use this in the morning after my toner and before my moisturizer and sunscreen
C E Ferulic With 15% L-Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C Serum
SKINCEUTICALS-C E Ferulic With 15% L-Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C Serum