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PHAT mask Review

I’m so impressed with the olehenriksen PHAT glow facial mask. I Massage it into my skin until the pink clay changes colour to white, leave it on for about 20 minutes and rinse it off. I’ve been using this mask twice a week for almost two months now and I already have anotOLE HENRIKSEN - PHAT Glow Facial Mask
her one in my sephoracanada cart ready to order. It makes my skin brighter and incredibly soft without any redness, irritation or dryness. The only downside for me is the fragrance/scent of the product, I prefer my skincare to have a lighter/less overwhelming fragrance in it. But since it’s not a leave on product but a mask that showed so much promise, I was able to look the other way.OLE HENRIKSEN - PHAT Glow Facial Mask
Oct. 23, 2020
phuoskinI'm curious about the price.
Oct. 23, 2020
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Ole Henreksen delight
This is my ultimate favorite mask by Ole Henreksen. This is the Baby Phat Facial . Your face literally glows after using it . All it takes is 15 minutes. IIt’s best when applied with a brush because it has a sticky consistency. You apply it , work it in with the brush . As you are doing so the product turns from pink to white . That is the what you want . It doesn’t sting . The only thing is the 50! Price tag . I was introduced to this product when it was featured in my Boxy Charm beauty box
The gift of good skin!
For Christmas, I made my sister a new skincare routine! She has combo acne prone skin with some sensitivity and redness, she also complained of some dark circles around her eyes. She currently uses terrible products and is pretty lazy when it comes to skincare so she doesn’t even wash her face everyday! I tried to design something simple, affordable, and easy to keep up with (e.g. mostly drug store products) but also an effective starting point for her skin needs! How did I do? AM: Cleanser: OLE HENRIKSEN - Truth Juice Daily Cleanser Eyes: THE inkey LIST - Brighten-i Eye Cream Moisturizer: Aveeno - Calm + Restore Oat Gel Moisturizer PM: Makeup remover/lazy day cleanser: LA ROCHE-POSAY - Micellar Cleansing Water Ultra and Makeup Remover Cleanser: LA ROCHE-POSAY - Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Face Cleanseror CeraVe - Renewing SA Cleanser For Normal Skindepending on what her skin is doing Eyes: THE inkey LIST - Brighten-i Eye Cream Moisturizer: CeraVe - PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion For dry days or dry patches: CeraVe - Skin Renewing Night Cream Spot Treatments: ORIGINS - Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gelor PEACE OUT - Acne Healing Dots Masks: OLE HENRIKSEN - PHAT Glow Facial Maskand YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask

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My favorite way to detox and a
My favorite way to detox and at the same time nourish my skin. With charcoal and honey, this mask removes impurities without being to harsh or drying. It instantly smoothes textured areas of my skin and boosts the radiance. I use this twice a week and leave it on until it is fully dry, usually about 10-15 min. The clear improvement mask has really helped with blackhead/texture/dullness. And just look at that texture, it’s creamy, thick and has specs of gold shimmer, it is absolutely stunning in its performance and its aesthetic. This product receives a 5/5 from me! ORIGINS - Clear Improvement Charcoal Honey Mask to Purify and Nourish
Clear Improvement Charcoal Honey Mask to Purify and Nourish
ORIGINS-Clear Improvement Charcoal Honey Mask to Purify and Nourish
KBeauty Sheet Masks 🖤
KBeauty Sheet Masks 🖤
Let’s be honest, we all love a good mask. Whether the mask peels off, exfoliates, or sits overnight on our skin the purpose is to enhance our skincare routines. Lately I’ve been using more sheet masks and recent additions to my collection include the Dr. Jart Ceramidin Mask (retail: $6), Peach & Lily Original Glow Mask (retail: $6), and Peach & Lily Shrink Pores mask (retail: $2.49). First, I love that these single use masks are inexpensive. Second, I thoroughly enjoyed the brightening, balancing, and hydrating effects that each mask provided. KBeauty truly sets the standard for skincare effectiveness and quality, and I would recommend you all add a little kbeauty to your routines✨
Ceramidin Facial Mask
Dr. Jart+-Ceramidin Facial Mask
MY Fav masks:
- youthtothepeop
MY Fav masks: - youthtothepeople superfood reset mask is a great, clean mask to help rejuvenate and refresh the skin. Their superberry dream mask is my HG sleeping mask that helps to hydrate, brighten, and plump the skin. - herbivore blue tansy mask is my go-to when my skin is breaking out and needs a good exfoliation. It helps to soothe any breakouts I have by the next day! Their brighten mask is my favorite instant “pick me up” mask to brighten and gently exfoliate! - sjoskin is my ultimate favorite mask for literally everything. Soothing, hydrating, clarifying, brightening, exfoliating. It does it all and the ingredients are so clean and simple I can’t go without this one! - berlin.skin I just recently talked about their matcha honey mask, it’s a quick exfoliating mask that I love when I’m in a hurry but want a quick pick me up! - msskincare.co Jaipur mask is a brightening enzyme mask containing pumpkin, turmeric, sandalwood, and a bunch of other amazing ingredients! It’s another quick 1-5 minute mask that gives an instant brightening and evening effect that I love! .
Superfood Skin Reset Antioxidant Mask
YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE-Superfood Skin Reset Antioxidant Mask
🌹💕 Stop and smell the roses.
🌹💕 Stop and smell the roses. Have you tried PTR's Rose Stem Cell Gel Mask yet? This cooling gel mask replicates the perfect rose stem cells for maximum anti-aging benefits and it helps to restore, hydrate, and brighten the skin's appearance. I love using it any time my skin is feeling dull and/or dehydrated.
Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask
PETER THOMAS ROTH-Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask
Sheet Mask: Egg Cream Mask
Sheet Mask: Egg Cream Mask
The Product: Provide hydration to the face, making it become more brighter, glowy, and radiant. Sheet Mask Review: I was a bit set off at first since eggs and coconut was kind of a iffy combination to me. But this face mask was wonderful! I wanted to try this because I’m new to face masks and I heard good reviews about this face mask so I decided to give it a go and did not regret it. This is my first time using this mask and my first impression was that it smells really nice. It was not heavily scented which was great and it came heavily moist in enriching extracts. The texture was smooth and easy to put on. After leaving it on for 10 minutes my skin felt amazing. My face was noticeably brighter and it felt really moisturized! It provided a very soothing and hydrating solution to my face! I really like this product and my skin has not become irritated by it. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft as well. My pores felt tighter. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and do think that it’s worth it, considering you get really nice results after one use (10 minutes). Great sheet mask!too cool for school - Egg Cream Mask Hydration
Egg Cream Mask Hydration
too cool for school-Egg Cream Mask Hydration
OLE HENRIKSEN - PHAT Glow Facial Mask Love this exfoliating mask!!! Unlike every other exfoliating mask I’ve used, it leaves my face feeling not only exfoliated but also plump and moisturized. It smells good and is a thick texture, but it spreads out a lot so a little goes a long way. Recommend this for anyone!!
PHAT Glow Facial Mask