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Check out- Matte moisturizer for Oily/ Acne skin

Check out this Matte moisturizer for Oily/ Acne prone skin 😍 Swipe left for result and texture close up!! 🥰 This shot is taken by me! I received this Matte balancing moisturizer from @grownalchemist in my Boxycharm box last month and I tried it!! GROWN ALCHEMIST - Matte-Balancing Moisturizer
Spoiler Alert - It's Amazing!!! As the name suggests it truly goes on matte on skin while making it super hydrated and moisturized at the same time! And yes, it doesn’t leave a white cast at all! Goes on clear but matte ❤️ ✨What is it?? - A lightweight moisturizer that hydrates facial skin while balancing the skin’s oil levels, leaving skin with a matte finish and increased clarity. ✨ Ingredients call out: 🌾Açaí berries - Rich in fatty acids 🌾Omega’s 3, 6, & 9, phytosterols and Vitamin C - Rich antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. 🌾 Poylphenols from sesame seed - Reduce the appearance of excess sebum reducing shine and restoring balance. 🌾 Tomato and Aloe vera - Abundantly rich in lycopene and polysaccharides give the skin a radiant and smooth appearance while also helping repair the appearance of skin damaged by uv induced oxidative stress. 🌾 Rice bran - Tocopherol antioxidant properties assist improving the skin appearance by reducing signs of aging and visibly removing blemishes. ✨ My experience: 🌾 It comes out as a thick, milky serum or lightweight moisturizer 🌾 Goes on skin, instantly hydrating while the occlusive Ingredients start to create a white color and emollient finish and after rubbing for few seconds it settles into completely matte, soft finish 🌾 Keeps skin moisturized for upto 12 hours, my skin is getting dry these days with this it stayed hydrated and smooth the entire day 🌾 Helps a little bit with active breakouts due to Rice bran's Tocopherol Anti-oxidant properties 🌾 Reduces redness and Check this Matte moisturizer for Oily/ Acne prone skin 😍 🌾 Works perfectly find under makeup 🌾 My T - zone area produces less oil when I apply this The only con or downside of this product is it's hefty price. It's 69$ for 2 fl.oz which is a little on pricey side for me but the way it performs on skin is what makes it worth that price! I haven't found any moisturizer that goes on completely matte for my oily, acne prone skin. Generally I prefer matte finishes as they tend not to highlight pimples and raised bumps or scars. This works perfect for that. Do I think it's worth 69$? Yes because of the finish and Ingredients. Would you like to try this??
Nov. 7, 2020
madihomewoodDoes this leave white cast at all?
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GROWN ALCHEMIST - Get Moisturized, Not Shiny ✨
As you may know by now, I have dry skin, so I wasn’t all that excited to get the GROWN ALCHEMIST - Matte-Balancing Moisturizer in my BoxyCharm a few months back. However, after a few weeks of use, I am pleasantly surprised. Claims: Mattefying, non-greasy moisture Reduces signs of aging Removes blemishes Restores balance in skin It’s made with polyphenols from sesame seed which reduces the appearance of excess sebum which, in turn, reduces shine and restores skin’s balance. It has a lot of great ingredients like tomato, açaí berries, and aloe vera, so it’s rich in antioxidant and antibacterial properties. With claims like these, I’m sure that those with oily or combination skin would adore this product, but it’s been amazing for my skin as well! My skin feels hydrated without greasiness or buildup of any kind. The texture also feels very luxurious without feeling heavy. This is my first foray into the GROWN ALCHEMIST line, but after this experience, I’ll definitely be looking into some of their other products that may be better suited to my skin’s particular needs.
Some faves from Grown Alchemist// ▪️Age-Repair Eye Cream ▪️Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser ▪️Hydra Repair Day Cream ▪️Polishing Facial Exfoliant ▪️Matte-Balancing Moisturizer ... This gorgeous brand focuses on creating botanical skincare that is clean, green and functional. All the products I have tried have a pleasant herbal smell. (No overpowering floral)... The Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser left my face feeling moisturized and fresh. However, it did not take off my mascara as promised. For me, it works better as a second cleanse... The eye-cream was definitely my favorite! Maybe I like it even better than Drunk Elephant’s ctango 😬they serve different purposes so thankfully I will continue to use both and create my own “eye cream smoothie”. Grown Alchemist’s eye cream is definitely worth a try!

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Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!
This moisturizer has helped my skin- which needs moisturizer but only a light amount- so much. At first I was using too little so my skin was dry, then too much so my acne became more prominent, then I found the perfect amount and it keeps my skin fresh and moisturized! The consistency is a little jelly like and it cools down my skin so much. 4/5 (just because you have to toy around with the amount you use for a little)
Cactus Water Moisturizer
boscia-Cactus Water Moisturizer
Amazing Skin Recovery
Amazing Skin Recovery
This moisturiser saved my skin! Over the past few months I had been going through a lot of stress (hasn’t everyone?!) and because of that my health and skin care took a backseat. I don’t suffer from acne but my face was having terrible break outs and was the driest I had ever experienced. Over 4 weeks of daily use this cream has calmed and soothed my stressed skin - It’s back to looking bright, moisturised and healthy. The product has a lovely thick and creamy texture that soaks right in without leaving me feeling overly greasy. While it is on the higher price range, I’ve found a little of this goes a long way.Kate Somerville - DeliKate Recovery Cream
DeliKate Recovery Cream
Kate Somerville-DeliKate Recovery Cream
BENTON - Goodbye Redness Cente
BENTON - Goodbye Redness Centella Spot Cream 4.5/5 Claims to instantly moisturize and soothe irritated red skin - Moisturize: Yes / Soothe irritates skin: Yes! Texture - Cream Scent - Slight scent of tea tree Parabens - No I have been trying this spot cream for a few weeks now, and it’s good! I really like the ingredient list, containing centella asiática, calamine, tea tree and peppermint to help actively soothe sensitive and irritated skin! Centella asiática is amazing for soothing and calamine powder cares for oil-water balance and excessive sebum secretion. It does not leave residue on the skin like other calamine products and instead easily absorbs into the skin which allows daily use. It’s not as harsh as other products I have tried as spot treatments. A lot of other products “dry” out the spots, and the skin around it, this seems to soothe them more so they naturally disappear and instead nourishes and moisturizes where it’s placed. It’s more gentle on the skin and can be used on the whole face. I only used it for spots, however. I included some overtime result pictures if you keep swiping. I think it’s a slower process than most spot creams but probably the right one to use if you want to get rid of them naturally but maybe not fast. Still, it really helped calm down some redness and pimples I had. I was really surprised at this product! The smell is also nice, it smells fresh with a hint of tea tree. And for what it’s worth, the cream is a pretty pastel pink which I really love! Other things worth mentioning is that it contains 42% centella asiática and it’s been dermatologically tested with an irritation value of 0.00, meaning non-irritating.
Goodbye Redness Centella Spot Cream
Benton-Goodbye Redness Centella Spot Cream
AM moisturiser: Allies Of Skin
AM moisturiser: Allies Of Skin Molecular Multi-Nutrient Day Cream. For most of the year, I don’t tend to wear a moisturiser in the AM. A serum and SPF is usually suffice for my oily skin, unless I’m particularly dehydrated, or in need of some extra nourishment. In Autumn/Winter, as the temperatures start to drop, allies of skin Molecular Multi-Nutrient Day Cream slots in perfectly between a serum and SPF for a light layer of extra hydration. It’s also the perfect ‘day cream’ with the benefits it offers: Probiotics, Phospholipids and Ceramides restore/maintain skin barrier function + a healthy microbiome, Superoxide Dismutase + Green Tea and Licorice Extract offer antioxidant protection against free radicals. Black Tea and Persian Silk protect against glycation (which I need because I consume way too much sugar) and Niacinamide, Honey and Glucosides soothe the skin and reduce redness. It’s one of the most well-rounded formulas I’ve seen - and tried! The texture is a very light serum/gel/cream that is hard to describe - it’s lighter than the now discontinued All Day Mask. It sinks in almost immediately without contributing to oil production (as such, it’s probably more suited to normal-oily VS drier skins) and layers wonderfully with most products (I tend to avoid using silicone heavy SPFs on top to avoid pilling). The results? As with all AoS products, I love to use this on a particularly bad skin day with breakouts, which always feel significantly less angry after use.This product really excels in reducing redness + Inflammation, and although it’s anti-oxidant activity isn’t something I can activity evaluate, I trust it’s doing it’s job. A fab option for oily/acne-prone skins that appreciate light moisturisers. It works well at night too. 😉
Molecular Multi-Nutrient Day Cream
Allies of Skin-Molecular Multi-Nutrient Day Cream
Get your greens!!!
Get your greens!!!
Starting this beautiful Monday off with all my favorite greens. A green detox juice from my local juicery, Farmacy’s Daily Greens moisturizer, and YTTP’s superfood cleanser. I just started using FARMACY - Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer with Moringa and Papaya as it was one of the minis in the current Sephora favorites kit (you get to try 5 things for $10 a steal!). I have combination and acne prone skin so I only use heavy creams at night, and switch to gel moisturizers in the morning. I wanted to try a new gel moisturizer and had seen so many people talking about this one. It is amazing! The perfect texture and my skin drinks it up in the morning. The smell was a little different from what I expected, but overall I really like it. Many people said this is perfect for summer, which I do agree with, but I will likely use it year round. I already have a post about YTTP superfood cleanser but just want to say again how much I love it. Antioxidants for the win!
Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer with Moringa and Papaya
FARMACY-Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer with Moringa and Papaya
An empty & a newbie, repurchased edition 🌸
An empty & a newbie, repurchased edition 🌸
Today I want to tell you about my current favorite daily “it does what it’s supposed to do” moisturizer. It’s kind of no-nonsense, overpriced k-beauty that’s not cruelty free—but let’s get into why I repurchased it. Product: belif - The True Cream-Moisturizing Bomb I have really sensitive skin that is prone to acne rosacea, sebaceous filaments, and cystic/hormonal acne. My daily AM moisturizer needs to be something no-frills that won’t upset my skin and will support other steps in my routine, not disrupt them! I had emptied one of these minis last year during the summertime and luckily had 2 more minis but even before I emptied those I purchased this backup. This moisturizer is just a great fallback for me when I’m not sure I want to go with a super heavy cream or a lighter gel moisturizer that day if you know I mean! Sometimes I need something right in the middle and this fits that bill. The texture of this really reminds me of a light hand cream! It soaks in in a few minutes and you feel your skin BREATHE. They have another version of this that comes in a gel form with a minty fragrance and denatured alcohol that works great for me in the summer, but in my opinion this one is super basic which is sometimes what we need! I usually use this after my morning serum and before my morning facial oil if I choose to use one that day. I have never experienced any pilling or tightness while using this! If you’re at Sephora and looking for a basic cream, don’t mind cruelty free status, and into k-beauty I recommend this! However, since it is so basic (yet expensive—$22 for .84oz), and it’s not cruelty free, I must give it 4 stars.
The True Cream-Moisturizing Bomb
belif-The True Cream-Moisturizing Bomb