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Trust me- Best Summer Serum 🧊😍

🔥Best tip - If you have hollow eyes or deep circles around eyes, use it as eye serum at night and see the result! 🔥 Summer and this thick Cooling serum is an amazing cocktail! Swipe left ⬅️⬅️⬅️ I recently received this Superfood Cica Calm Hydration juice by Elemis ELEMIS - Superfood CICA Calm Hydration Juice
and I instantly fell in love! Read below to find out why?? What is it? This moisture-quenching, Prebiotic gel moisturizer is formulated with soothing Biotransformed Cica to drench the skin in juicy hydration, leaving your complexion feeling calm, cool and refreshed.. 🥝75% Organic Aloe Vera Juice and Organic Cucumber Extract deliver instant cooling hydration 🥝Antioxidant-rich Cica visibly calms and nourishes the skin 🥝Vegan-friendly, 100% silicone-free and paraben-free formula 🥝Kiwi and Green Mandarin Fruit Waters leave the skin looking bright and refreshed. The Prebiotic in this formula helps to protect the skin’s delicate microbiome for a healthy-looking complexion. My Thoughts and Experience: 1.The best best and best part - Feels cooling and super refreshing instantly after applying it. (This is important for my sensitive and inflamed skin type) 2. Texture is Silky and Thick, but absorbs in seconds and doesn't leave a sticky film. Also it provides amazing smooth, primed skin for Makeup application. Smells fresh like Cucumber smoothie and looks like one too! 3. Best part is you only need a pea size to cover your whole face, it spreads well and hydrates instantly. 4. Punches hydration in the skin immediately and your skin starts to look plump and soft. In this Summer time I don't even need a thick moisturizer after applying this serum. 5. Organic Cucumber, Aloe vera, Kiwi and Mandarin juices in one product, Imagine the amount of Hydration it provides!! Nothing could go wrong with this baby! Overall this is my favorite serum for Sensitive/dry/oily and Acne prone skin type. ❤️✨
Jun. 5, 2020
tamara.mNeeeeed this for summer! Loved!
Jun. 7, 2020·1 like
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Keep calm, cool & hydrated 💚
I’ve had this green beauty in my stash for sometime (via Boxycharm) and just recently broke into it. If your face is in need of a refreshing shot of hydration, ELEMIS - Superfood CICA Calm Hydration Juice might be for you! But, read on.... ABOUT: Loaded with vitamin-packed Superfoods, 75% Organic Aloe and a Prebiotic, this gel moisturiser delivers instant cooling hydration while helping to soothe and protect dehydrated or sensitive skin. It’s a great sensation coming from the fridge! ❄️ INGREDIENT CALLOUTS: Organic Aloe Vera Green Mandarin & Kiwi Fruit Waters Organic Cucumber Extract 👎Cica — listed as the last ingredient so definitely not note worthy as their website claims, nor it’s name! 🤔 👎Unfortunately it also does contain fragrances. HOW TO USE: Can be used every day, both am & pm. Apply pea-sized amount after cleansing and toning. It’s a gel consistency and spreads easily. Very light aloe scent with no residue at all (non-sticky). I like to use this whenever my face needs an extra shot of hydration or just a little TLC. I typically apply it after I’ve cleansed, toned and applied my treatment. So just before I’d moisturize. I’ve found it has helped balance my skin out and clear up some irritation I had on my chest. I’d really like this a lot more if it didn’t have so many ingredients that can be irritants especially for a product that claims to be calming for the skin. 🙁 This can be very misleading! A quick search will find that this has pretty high ratings as well. For me, it works but I’d be very hesitant to recommend it for anyone who is sensitive to fragrance. Pictured is the 50 ml size priced at $48. WOULD I REPURCHASE? Nope! Even though I am not sensitive to fragrance I do know that it can become problematic. I am really trying to be more conscious about the products I purchase and use so I do not cause unwanted damage to my skin. Fragrances: Fragrance, Limonene, Bergamot - those listed that I’m familiar with. ❤️🍒
💚Elemis is my favorite skincare brand. I was lucky enough to grab these beauties at a discounted price at Boxy charm. 💚The superfood Cica calm cleansing foam is my favorite foaming cleanser. This cleanser gently cleanses the skin removing excess oil and dirt, and leaves a calm feeling after you wash it off. The morning I applied it, my skin felt very calm, soft, and hydrated. It's star ingredient Cica has been used in traditional chinese medicine for centuries. It's main benefit is to soothe and repair irritated skin, and to help boost collagen production. It also helps to revive dull and dry skin. 💚The hydration juice also contains the star ingredient of Cica, is loaded with aloe vera and prebiotic which instantly leaves a cooling effect on the skin. My face felt cool and awaken as I applied it in the mornings and sometimes evenings. I tend to replace my hyaluronic acid serum with this cause I love the hydaration and plumping it gives me. 💚Both the face wash and hydration juice can be used morning and evenings, but I prefer to use them in the mornings to awaken me.
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Caudalie S.O.S Hydration Inten
Caudalie S.O.S Hydration Intense moisturizer & it is my first Caudalie product! I usually stick with what works, but I wanted to see what the hype was about and this one sounded really good since it’s a dry skin savior. I used it in my nightly routine for the last 3 days & here are my thoughts!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ What makes her so special? She’s packed with antioxidant rich grapes, squalane, borage oil, & patented grape seed polyphenols. Their website states “plant based fragrance” which comes from manderin, bergamot, lemon tree leaves, mint & cucumber. I don’t get much of a scent from it at all though. It’s very subtle. ⁣⁣ ⁣ -for normal to dry ⁣⁣ -hydrates, soothes, calms redness, helps uneven texture & dullness ⁣ -formulated without phenyloxyethenal, phthalates, parabens, mineral oil. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ▫️My skin: very dry ⁣⁣ ⁣▪️Retails at $42 / 50ml ⁣⁣ ⁣ -Results: First, I’d like to preface this that I am genetically dry plus using tretinoin. I am at my driest mid-afternoon which is when I break out a hydrating mist. I’ve tried this on top of my toner (alone) and as a final step in my routine. Last night, I laid it over Framboos. It’s very plumping & hydrating! It sinks in pretty quick too. There’s nothing I hate more than a moisturizer that just sits on top of your face, you know what I mean? This one actually soaks up and gets into your skin. It feels very soothing & I wake up with a more even toned complexion & softness. There’s no leftover grease in the morning either. I didn’t get any pilling at all & the ingredients are amazing! ⁣I really love using this as a final step to seal in, moisturize, & hydrate! And she comes in a beautiful glass jar that I love!
Vinosource SOS Intense Moisturizing Cream
CAUDALIE-Vinosource SOS Intense Moisturizing Cream
Coal is Better Than Kypris’s Antioxidant Dew
Coal is Better Than Kypris’s Antioxidant Dew
- I’d rather get coal than Kypris’s Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Facial Serum. The Antioxidant Dew is designed to help the skin develop a hydrated glow through a punch of antioxidants. Though it didn’t work for me, the texture was a very nice thin milky serum. - I received this in my BoxyCharm subscription and was so excited about this product. I’m not familiar with Kypris, but a quick Google search showed the brand to be sold at high end department stores. I tried this for a few nights and it broke my skin out with pimples. I would imagine this works for some people, even my sister loves using it. Though it’s not for me, the product is really easy to integrate into a routine by applying a few drops before moisturizer. The product retails for $90, but I received it in my BoxyCharm so $25 paid for this and four additional makeup/skincare items. I would not recommend this product for people with combination or oily skin, since it broke me out in my oilier areas. I could see this being a great option for people with skin on the dry side. KYPRIS - ANTIOXIDANT DEW
Great face cream
Great face cream
EVE LOM - EVELOM Moisture Cream Moisture Cream $150/50ml⁣ ⁣ This multitasking cream claims to provide antiaging, antioxidant, antipollution and hydrating benefits. Targeted concerns include dryness, dullness/uneven texture, fine lines/wrinkles. It has a thick creamy consistency that absorbs well into skin leaving skin soft and smooth (with a hint of glow). It has gorgeous packaging and I’m a sucker for packaging lol! That’s why I ought to try it! This cream is very soft and creamy and the scent reminds me of sum37 products and caudalie products mixed together. I can definitely see how hydrating and plump it made my skin! It just melts into my skin but I think I’d prefer this cream for cooler months since it’s on the thicker side. Doesn’t feel oily or made me break out. ⁣it’s $150 for 50ml and it is a luxurious brand. I really like it and I’d recommend it if you are curious about it. It wouldn’t be the first product I’d recommend if someone asks for a moisturizing cream recommendation since there are cheaper options. But it does leave my skin feeling plumper than not using it. For the product it’s totally worth 5 stars. But the price is a huge drawback. If you got the money to splurge, I’d say go for it!
EVELOM Moisture Cream
EVE LOM-EVELOM Moisture Cream
In Love With The Coco
In Love With The Coco
(Full disclosure I had to use the Matcha Face Milk tag because the Coconut one wasn’t appearing!) Let’s talk face milks! I know you’ve seen these lil guys all over Instagram lately. For under $10, the coconut face milk is a great extra source of hydration. It has a thicker consistency, so I typically apply after serum and before moisturizer. And yes, it does smell like coconut! I think this product is super hydrating and didn’t break me out, despite having coconut-based ingredients in it. I docked a star simply because I think that the product quality matches the price point. It’s hydrating but not **amazingly** hydrating. It does the trick! I’ve been using this for about two months and so far so good. I think if this has been a product that has caught your eye, go for it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Fourth Ray - Matcha Face Milk
Matcha Face Milk
Fourth Ray-Matcha Face Milk
OlehenSheer Transformation™ Pe
OlehenSheer Transformation™ Perfecting Moisturizer It is an Antioxidant moisturizer I have been using it as a last step of skincare routine at night! Texture: Lightweight moisturizer. It looks creamy but when you massage it into the skin. It doesnt give me heavy feeling! It is absorb pretty quickly. Benefit: It is hydrates enough for my normal to combo skin it is smoothes skin texture and I can tell it is helps improve a little bit of dark spots from my acne hormone. Main ingredients: Mutil fruit acids such as lemon, orange etc/ chamomile extract I would recommend to use only PM to start for someone who new to AHA, even though I have a sensitive skin type, This stuff didnt bother my skin for the last couple week! Love it good for someone who wanna add AHA to skincare routine I would give this goodie ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 stars

As you pro
✨ PRODUCT REVIEW ✨ As you probably know from my previous posts I love Honey Drop with a true love, it is my favourite AM moistruizer 💛 Sometimes I use it at night as well but it is very lightweight so I usually prefer more creamier moistruizers in PM routine 😉 So, let's get started! 🍯 star ingredients: Echinacea GreenEnvy honey, royal jelly, triple hyaluronic acid complex, cupuacu butter. 🍯 does NOT contain: parabens, mineral oil, oxybenzone, formaldehydes and other potentially harmful ingredients. 🍯 consistency and texture: pudding-like with tiny cupuacu butter beads, melts on the skin into watery consistency, very lightweight and well absorbing (not to matte finish, it leaves a slight glow which I personally adore), I really need a small amount to cover all the face, that's why I'm sure I'll be able to use it for a long time. 🍯 performance: suitable for sensitive skin - does not irritate or cause breakouts, also good for combo and oily skin, might be too light for very dry skin types, after applying the skin is very soft, nourished and moistruized but without feeling greasy or overwhelmed, thanks to lightweight texture works perfectly under make up making your skin look smooth and healthy, regular use helps to achieve more glowing and brighter skin. Overall I rate this product 5/5 and I'm sure I will repurchase in the future! ✨ I know this sounds like an advertisement, but really - this is one of those products that just don't have disadvantages for me - oh, well, maybe the price only 😆
Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer
FARMACY-Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer