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CND - Vinylux Weekly Polish
I’ve been obsessed with this color (field fox). I just repainted my nails and topped it with Vinylux’s clear topcoat and had to take a photo! Iove how this polish wears and how it lasts. It’s like having the look of gel nails with having the ease of regular polish to remove. I’ve already purchased a second back-up. But thinking of adding a new color to my arsenal...any suggestions?
Jun. 18, 2020
TherLouisein summer i love bright yellow 💅
Jun. 18, 2020
BeautyRoamsYellow! I’ve never tried that, great idea 🤗
Jun. 18, 2020
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Weekly Polish? Last for 7 days ? Would not purchase again!💔😡
CND - Vinylux Weekly PolishVinylux seemed to be a wonderful creation, but sadly, it did not work for me.   Last for 7 days? NO! The claim of 7 days manicure was misleading and not true! This is the first time I’ve tried polishing my nails with CND Vinylux Weekly Polish and I am really not impressed. I bought 2 colors plus the top coat due to the promise of lasting 7 days. However It lasts 2 days tops and the it chips as any other nail polish will do. DO NOT wash dishes (only about once a week), I have a sedentary job, I do not wash my hands more than the average person. It is beyond frustrating to spend so much time on my nails only to have it ruined many hours later, when most other polishes would have dried and been fine.Weekly nail polish that chips within 48 hours. Maybe it should be called 'weekend polish' instead?   Smooth? NO! Also, it was thick and streaky. Just a horrid, gloopy mess! Shades with 'frost' tend to be gloppy, those without tend to be uneven and steaky.   Bright color? NO! About the colors, I have noticed that while the finish is very shiny on day #1, by one day later it has dulled significantly. The awesome color doesn't matter when it looks like crap.   Good for nail health? NO! Worst of all, it can eat away at my nails, making them very porous and fragile. After using it for a couple of weeks my nails became very brittle, broke off and peeled back. It really damaged my nails. My nails are strong, they grow fast (for reference), and after a few USES, they've bent, broken, and look very dry. I wouldn't recommend this vinyl nail polish to anyone. I'm not wasting my money on this brand again!

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Not a usual skincare, but I ju
Not a usual skincare, but I just wanted to share my love for the nail polish This is the Tokyo collection from OPI. Their Start to Finish allowed me to do my nails in the evening, which is really rare as no ordinary nail polish allows it to dry so quickly and to not chip for a week. The colours are just😍😍😍 How beautiful is that Rice Rice Baby shade, or this dreamy magical All your dreams in Vending Machines, and last but not least my personal fave How Does Your Zen Garden Grow? I felt like not only this collection emphasis the fast passed living of a city but also also you to look back into nature around you. 💜💜💜
Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops
OPI-Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops
Gorgeous shade love the Colorstay gel by revlon
Gorgeous shade love the Colorstay gel by revlon
Self care Saturday painting my nails with Colorstay Gel Envy @revlon in shade 500 Ace of Spades ♠️ Love this nail polish it’s great stay long for about 5 days doesn’t lose its shine!! Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Polish, with Built-in Base Coat & Glossy Shine Finish, in Black/Grey, 500 Ace of Spades! Outrageous shine and rich, long lasting color, that won't fade in one at home formula Delivers high impact, salon-quality color for up to 7 days Formulated with shea butter and oils to condition strong nails Wide angle brush creates smooth, bubble free coats Pair with our Revlon Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat for brilliant gel-like shine $6.28
ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Polish
REVLON-ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Polish
Swatch Sundays: Sally Hansen I
Swatch Sundays: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Petal Pusher. I'm re-swatching an old favorite, but mattified!
Insta-Dri X Jelly Belly Nail Polish
Sally Hansen-Insta-Dri X Jelly Belly Nail Polish
Cutest colors!
Cutest colors!
You cannot deny that every time you see Olive & June on Instagram that you fall in love with all their colors. This is in color HZ. I wish I could purchase them all because of how cute they are but unfortunately my wallet does not allow that. Compared to other nail polishes, Olive & June delivers mediocre results. Unlike others where 1-2 brushes are enough for your first coat, this needs at least 3. I don’t know if it’s the brush bristles or just the color of the polish but it’s horrible. It does require two coats, like many other polishes. Oh, and another down side is that these chip rather quickly; I would say in ~1 week. By week 2, half the polish is on my nails and the other half is gone. By week 2.5, everything is gone.
Absolutely loving these new na
Absolutely loving these new nails courtesy of @oliveandjune⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ The round chunky top of this polish makes it so simple to paint your nails!! The polish goes on so smooth and easy. This is the shade ‘RP’ and I applied the top coat as well. I think they look amazing 😍⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ @oliveandjune polish is ‘7 free’ so that means it doesn’t contain 7 of the bad ingredients other polishes sometimes have. They’re also vegan and cruelty free! 🖤 ⁣⁣⁣
🍂Terracotta dreams 🍂
🍂Terracotta dreams 🍂 . This is my idea of a neutral nail colour. You’ll never catch me in a nude or pink. I’m always drawn to earthy shades or something bright and sparkly ✨ . Nails by Katya at buffed nail bar with smith and cult polish in Tang Bang. I love this burnt orange shade and how it pops against black or olive green.
OPI Gel Nail Polish
OPI-OPI Gel Nail Polish