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💔Girls, you are getting thin, cracked or even broken nails for these reasons... | Cherie

💔Girls, you are getting thin, cracked or even broken nails for these reasons...

You know one of the most annoying things is having brittle nails, making your natural nails unsatisfied and your gel manicure only last few days. If you've ever been in such a situation, you'd better check these most common reasons for unhealthy nails below;
Frequent gel manicure
Okay, I know gel nails look gorgeous, and they generally last longer, but they're not so good for the health of your nails. Seriously, they can lead to brittleness, peeling, and cracking as the gel polishes have to be removed with gel polish removers containing acetone, which is also even more weakening. 
Picking off nail polishes
Peeling off polish (whether gel or traditional) when your manicure starts to chip isn't just getting rid of a pretty coat of polish. You're also removing part of the top layer of your nails, leading to thinning. Hey, we're all guilty of doing this from time to time, but we're just here to warn you: your nails will suffer. It can take months for your nails to grow back healthy. No thanks!
Doing housework without gloves
Cleaning your house is a necessary chore, but if you expose your hands barely to cleaners with irritating chemicals as well as soap and water for a long time. Your nails are likely prone to brittle and splitting.
Lack of vitamin B7
Your nails can be an important sign of your overall health. Sometimes, breaking nails relates to a lack of vitamin B7, which is also called biotin. This nutrient is essential for the health of your nails. If you want to peel the onion, it is scientifically proven that biotin helps our body to transform the food we eat into glucose for energy production, create the building blocks of protein, and activate the metabolism in the cells of our nails.
Using nails as tools
Come on, be gentle to your baby nails plz! If you like to use your nails to scrape, peel, or pry things off, you actually leave yourself open to nail breakage!  Steer clear of the stuff I've mentioned below. I'm sure you'll have strong and healthy nails in no time! 
Not using a nail treatment
A good nail treatment like a nail strengthener can apply a protecting layer of your nails to thicken and harden them. Although you are satisfied with your natural nails, nail strengthening treatments are also essential and shouldn't be skipped. Always exposing your bare nails to UVs without any protectant will lead to soft and peeling nails. Have you ever had brittle nails before? Share your expertise plz!
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$4! My thought on the nail masks is...
$4! My thought on the nail masks is...
Any girl who wears nail polish for a lengthy time—without letting her nails breathe between manis—will know that nails are weakened, splitting, peeling nails. I try my best to prevent it with a regular regimen of hand lotion and cuticle oil, but even that might not be enough. That's where a product like KOCOSTAR - Nail Therapycomes in. How to use: Apply it to parched nails in the form of individual finger mitts, leaving it on for  30-60 minutes. The mitts are sized from large to small for thumb to pinky, respectively, so don't mix them up and try to jam your thumb into the pinky-sized one Ingredients: A mixture of botanicals, vitamins, ceramide, milk protein, shea butter, and aloe vera (among other ingredients) promises to moisturize and strengthen nails. Result: I removed the mitts and massaged in any extra serum. My nails were noticeably healthier-looking and the dry-ish white striations were gone. But, I'd like to make it clear that Kocostar Nail Therapy is NO substitute for hand lotion and cuticle oil. It won't reverse splitting and peeling that's already happening. But it is a nice supplementary treatment at a very wallet-friendly price, and I think it'd definitely yield benefits over time.
Nail Therapy
KOCOSTAR-Nail Therapy
Have you experienced broken nails? I have hacks to fix it! Only 5 min!
Have you experienced broken nails? I have hacks to fix it! Only 5 min!
I believe that most of us have experienced unfortunate accident result in the breaking, tearing or splitting of a nail. Broken nails can be both painful and unattractive, and while you may think your only option is to cut the nail back to the quick, there's actually a nifty little beauty hack you can try, which takes less than 5 minutes to put your nail back together.  What you will need: A teabag, emptied of tea leaves Clear nail polish Scissors A nail file Step #1  Using the scissors, cut out a small rectangle of fabric from the tea bag that is long enough to cover almost the whole length of your nail, and wide enough to reach both sides of the nail.  Step #2 Push the broken part of your nail back into place as much as is possible, then coat the whole nail in one layer of clear nail polish. While the polish is still wet, lay the rectangle of teabag fabric over your nail, smoothing it out against the polish to enhance it adheres to both the broken part of the nail, and the the rest of your nail.  Step #3 Apply another coat of clear nail polish over the whole nail and the teabag fabric. Wait for it to dry.  Step #4 Us the nail file to file away the excess fabric from the tip of your nail. Step #5 The next step is the regular manicure process and apply your favorite nail polish. In order to avoid broken nails, I'd like to recommend a curticle oil to you guys which is my recent favorite! It's L'OCCITANE - Shea Nail And Cuticle Oil.It's about $20. THIS IS AMAZING. So worth the price, the shea butter infusion in the product is so refreshing to your nails and cuticles. It goes on greasy, but drys to a hand-cream like type of moisturized finish. I wear a lot of press-on nails when I get in drag, and this cuticle oil keeps my nails healthy and refreshed after the constant wear and tear.
Shea Nail And Cuticle Oil
L'OCCITANE-Shea Nail And Cuticle Oil
Surprisingly good nail oil 👀
Surprisingly good nail oil 👀
Earlier this year I had ruined my nails due to a bad gel polish removal 😒 I needed something ASAP to help my nails heal and repair so I headed to my nearest beauty supply and found this Sally Hansen - Color Therapy Nail & Cuticle Oil It was affordable and easily accesible so I decided to give it a try and I’m so happy I did! It’s a pretty good oil I must say, like I said it’s pretty cheap and easily found at Target. It has a sweet smell, and you only need the tiniest bit. I only ever push my cuticles back, NEVER cut them and apply this oil after painting my nails and it keeps my cuticles clean and moisturized. Definitely a pleasant surprise! #CheriePartner
Color Therapy Nail & Cuticle Oil
Sally Hansen-Color Therapy Nail & Cuticle Oil
All About The Cuticles BABY 💅🏽 Go-To Product!
All About The Cuticles BABY 💅🏽 Go-To Product!
CUTICLES! Everyone has them, and NOT everyone takes care of them! Recently I got a beauty basket as a birthday gift and included inside was this cuticle oil. I’m being real honest and saying i’ve never been into “nail health” they get taken care of when i go to the salon every two weeks and then whatever for the rest. QUARANTINE & this whole pandemic has really made me pay attention to things i’ve never had much interest in or never had to the time to fully ingulf myself with. My nails have been a main focus for me, i’ve had to be the one to up keep the maintenance on my fingers so i’ve been able to pay attention and see what they need to make sure they look clean and healthy. I got my nails done professionally the other day for my birthday and i seen my cuticles just look so dry and so not cute, luckily i got the BLOSSOM - Cuticle Oil- Spring Bouquet in my birthday basket and it had been SAVING my cuticles and IT SMELLS GOODT! I use it every couple days and i have been seeing a difference! i’m interested in trying other scents from this brand as well. Are you guys into cuticle care and nail care? Let me know what you use and have been loving!! 💅🏽
Cuticle Oil- Spring Bouquet
BLOSSOM-Cuticle Oil- Spring Bouquet
Essie - Honest Nail Polish Review 🦋
Essie - Honest Nail Polish Review 🦋
Hello lovies! I am back with another nail polish review because I want to share with y’all my honest feedback on this essie - Enamel Nail Polish ! Let’s begin with the fact that the first time I came across this specific shade was YEARS ago! I have a spot in my town with a massive Essie collection and this color spoke to me. I ended up moving two years ago and misplaced tons of my nail polish collection 😕. Then, last year I had my grad school graduation where my department color was teal! So I bought Bikini So Teeny (review done as well) and it was fantastic, which then lead me to buy another Essie color... Mint Candy Apple! It’s been a year since I’ve had this baby in my collection and it’s still going strong! This Essie product retails for $8.99. Its a light pea minty green shade that would look fantastic on all skin tones 👏🏼! The texture of the color is light but very easy to build up to get a full coverage nail. I usually do 2-3 coats of nail polish before applying a top coat. I’ve never had a problem with an Essie brand nail polish brush and that makes for a nice smooth application 💅🏼. The amazing thing about Essie is that they have such a vast collection of various shades. You’ll find the shade you want - I can guarantee that for sure! I think it’s super easy to apply because the nail polish consistency isn’t too watery and it gives you the perfect consistency from bottle to nail. I’ve come across nail polished that are so watery they fall off the brush before I make it to my nail. It’s definitely not a sheer color and the color pay off is 100% amazing. It also has a shiny glossy finish to it where you could leave it just like that or use a top coat for extra shine. The brush is perfect in that additionally it does not leave streaks on the nail. When I apply a top coat on all 10 fingers, I go back and apply a second coat. I wait 10 mins and apply a third coat for extra coverage! And then 15 mins after that I apply a clear shiny top coat! I’m usually not in a hurry so I take my time to let them dry and haven’t done those neat ice cold water tricks! When I do my nails I watch an hour long show on my iPad and by the time the show is done so are my nails 👏🏼. Essie claims that this is a chip resistant formula and for the most part like 90% I agree with that statement. I usually find one or two nails with chips on them but it’s also the fingers I use for opening mail, picking off stickers, etc so I don’t blame the nail polish - it’s me hahaha! When I apply the nail polish I say it can last from 7-10 days before I see it looking off and no longer perfect! Since I am home now all the time I find myself constantly changing my nail color after 10 days and this shade is among my top three nail polish colors! This is a top notch nail polish color and I 100% recommend it to all of my friends and family! 👍🏼
Enamel Nail Polish
essie-Enamel Nail Polish
this week’s at-home mani 💅🏾 with OPI
this week’s at-home mani 💅🏾 with OPI
OPI - OPI Nail Lacquer in ‘put it in neutral’ is one of my favorite neutral nail polishes. it’s the easiest polish to use because you don’t have to be perfect with it - it’s very forgiving. it is described as a pinkish beige, and it just looks like your nail color but better. i also like the texture - it’s kind of gel-like. this is a great color to start learning how to do your nails at home!! it has been one of my consistent quarantine colors. i purchased this for $11 on amazon.
OPI Nail Lacquer
OPI-OPI Nail Lacquer