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Hair and Mud Mask

OLAPLEX - No. 3 Hair Perfector
What can I say about this product that hasn’t already been said? I usually use it overnight because then I can take my morning shower. It only needs 10-45 minutes but I’m a busy mom of two boys so overnight just works best for me. I have BLUE hair. Yes BLUE. It’s bleached to hell underneath and dyed blue. This miracle in a jar helps keep my hair incredibly strong and healthy. Without this mask my hair will surely be falling out. JOSIE MARAN - Whipped Mud Mask Argan Hydrating and Detoxifying Treatment-Cucumber Aloe
I really love mud masks. I feel instant results everytime. This one has a wonderful texture that exfoliates EVER so gently while you apply it. It doesn’t have a wonderful scent but it’s truly not that noticeable or bothersome. I’m not a fan of mud masks that dry so tight it hurts your face to move and thank goodness this mask is NOT like that. It left my skin feeling firm and looking bright and clean. I am a big fan of this product and can’t wait for my next mud mask.
Mar. 26
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Battle of the amika masks
I have bleached hair and I recently got really serious about fixing the state of it (because 2020 has become the year of self care). I’ve tried everything from Briogeo - Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask to OLAPLEX - No. 3 Hair Perfector and nothing really got along well with my dry, brittle ends. Soulfood was next to try on my list and when I mention it to my hair stylist she produced these and told me to give The Kure a try too since I was looking for something restoring. Let me just say- I am obsessed! I was hoping to try the smaller bottles and favour one over the other but to my surprise I want the jumbo tubs of both. I’ve seen a lot of talk around amika: - Soulfood Nourishing Mask so I’m not surprised that it was a godsend. It’s thick and buttery and leaves my hair super soft. It can be left on and used as a mask or it can be rinsed quickly as a daily conditioner. The only downside I found was that after using it as a mask it felt like a little bit oily (which is why I knocked a star off), but overall my hair was silky soft and my ends were less frayed. This almost makes your hair like a sheet of silk which might be weighing down if you have fine hair. amika: - The Kure Intense Repair Mask surprised me more than soulfood, I will say. I’ve seen it bouncing around here and it was always good but not the best. I thought this was a game changer for my hair personally. Unlike soulfood, this one is reco’d straight as a mask for weekly use. It’s suggested to leave it on for 10 mins or so but I like to do an hour or two (I’m working from home and I’m masking a LOT more simply because I can). This one rinses out so nicely and doesn’t leave any oily slick feeling. My hair is so soft and bouncy! It feels and looks so healthy and due to its repairing abilities I know my hair not only looks healthier but is actually healthier. I can go days with a blowout that still moves freely and isn’t frizzy, dry or weighed down. I’ve already ordered a larger size of the Kure and I’ll be doing the same with soulfood after the mini I got in my amika: - Brooklyn Hustle Haircare Bestsellers Starter Set is gone (I’m going to do a review for amika: - Perk Up Talc-Free Dry Shampoo as well) !
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My Clay Masks Awards
Caudalie instant detox mask CAUDALIE - Instant Detox Mask The cream is pink and dries quickly on the face. When I washed it off after using it for 5-10 minutes, my pores didn't feel unclogged and my skin didn't seem any more delicate. 😐 Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask JOSIE MARAN - Whipped Mud Mask Argan Hydrating and Detoxifying Treatment-Cucumber Aloe This mask contains tiny matte particles. It was mild on the skin, but the advertised moisturizing, firming, smoothing, and skin improvement effects were non-existent. 👎 Peter Thomas Roth maskPETER THOMAS ROTH - Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral-Rich Atomic Heat Mask The thick consistency makes it difficult to spread on the face. After washing it off, I could see my skin glowing. But as for moisturizing, anti-aging, and filling fine lines, I didn't feel any such effects. 😐 Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask Charlotte Tilbury - Goddess Skin Clay Mask This CT mask feels great on my face, is easy to apply, and doesn't dry out completely. It can really give the skin a smoother appearance and unclog pores. After washing it off, my face felt delicate and smooth. 😍 L’Oreal Multi-Masking Play Kit L'ORÉAL - Pure Clay Multi-Masking Face Mask Play Kit I've used all three of the masks but they did nothing for me besides having a strong earthy smell and they were even difficult to wash off.👎
Here’s what I’ve been think about the three that I’ve tried so far. Keep in mind that I haven’t been using these for long so it’s really more of my first impressions. 🌟Skin Dope with Argan Oil + 100mg CBD: I’ve said it before, not a huge oil person. But this oil is one that I find incredibly hydrating with only two tiny drops being enough to use. I’ve also used it on other areas of my body to soothe any random itches (I get these a lot for some reason). 🌟Argan Exfoliating Cleansing Powder: exfoliating powders and detox masks are my recipe to get rid of congested skin. This is really gentle on your skin and not too abrasive of a scrub. It’s gentle enough to use everyday, which I prefer to do at night. 🌟Whipped Mud Mask: I use this mask a couple times a week after exfoliating. It really helps clear up any congestion I have around my nose, forehead and chin. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry although it is a clay mask. And when it starts to harden on your face it doesn’t feel like it’s sucking out all the moisture, leaving you unable to make facial expressions 😂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I chose these products based on the fact that there are no ingredients in it that I know my skin has problems with. I used Skincarisma to help decode the ingredients list before making my selection! If you ever need help reading an ingredient list I highly suggest Skincarisma, it’s like a better CosDNA in my opinion 😊

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some faves 

I adore both the
some faves  I adore both the soldejaneiro creams (bum bum & coco cabana) they leave my skin so moisturized & absorb quickly & they remind me of the beach 🌊 the cocoandeve hair mask leaves my hair soft and smooth and I think it’s a great value! the glowrecipe watermelon sleeping mask smells like a jolly rancher and leaves my face SO SOFT 🍉
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
SOL de Janeiro-Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
⭐️Olaplex Hair Perfector
I put
⭐️Olaplex Hair Perfector I put this on once a week before bed and over time it has made my hair healthier looking ⭐️DrBrandt Recovery Sleeping Mask This is my favorite overnight mask right now. It is so hydrating and I love how my skin feels in the morning. ⭐️lush Sleepy Body Lotion This has the most amazing lavender scent and I swear it helps me sleep better 😴😴😴. Even if it’s the placebo effect it doesn’t matter because it makes my skin super soft and smells so good!! 
Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask
dr. brandt-Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask
It’s time to talk about uberli
It’s time to talk about uberliss ✨ Uberliss products are designed to give you an amazing shine, softness, and silkiness and contain exotic natural ingredients found throughout the world. 🌎 Their mission is to create the world’s most advanced formulas while using the best methods available in science. They test their products on a regular basis to ensure quality but NEVER on animals! 🐰 ✨ What I will be using 👇🏼 Hydrating Conditioner (one of their best sellers), with royal jelly, sugarcane, green tea, lemon peel, and keratin. This conditioner is great for those looking to maintain frizzy or dehydrated hair! I really think my fiancé’ is going to love this one. He has unmanageable curls and I am excited to introduce this to him! 🍏 ✨ Nutritive Mask with apple, sugarcane, green tea, and lemon. This mask will repair any damages areas of your hair and increase the strength of hair fibers leaving it with a shiny and natural look. I’ve been seeing so many raving reviews about this mask so I am thrilled to have it in my possession now! 🍋 ✨ Frizz Elixir with marula, moringa, and vitamin e oil. This elixir dually protects against humidity and thermal damage which are both two huge aggressors when it comes to keeping frizz under control. I feel like this is going to be good for static this winter! I always have an issue with that when the air is dry! ❄️ ✨ Bond Sustainer, which regenerates broken hair bonds via nano- emulsion technology. It keeps hair healthy and strong while strengthening fiber elasticity. This is perfect for anyone who colors their hair or has problems with breakage and dullness. It also smells absolutely amazing! ✨
Frizz Elixir
Überliss-Frizz Elixir
Let’s talk about brands that s
Let’s talk about brands that support good causes! First of all, I want to give a HUGE thank you to remiliahair for creating these gorgeous hair capsules. I’m sure you’ve seen them around on the gram. The first thing I do when I get out of the shower is apply one of these to the length of my wet hair! I usually let my hair air dry, but occasionally I will blow dry. Ether way, these leave my hair looking soft and silky. I’m so in love with the packaging since the bottle is reusable and the capsules are convenient for traveling. A few more things I’d like to mention - $1 of each bottle sold will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the capsules are ECO FRIENDLY which means they are plant based, as well as biodegradable! Next, my want to talk about freskincare’s DETOX ME Post - Sweat Clearing Mask with Argania Active Complex. ▫️ It’s formulated to prevent post-sweat breakouts and acne. It was designed for women with an active lifestyle. Enriched with FRÉ’s unique blend of organic Argan oil and Argan leaf extract, Detox Me has a 100% natural smell & color and it purifies your skin by liberating it from the everyday impurities. I’m in love with the exfoliating texture which is super gentle on my skin and the fact that they are vegan and cruelty free. Not only that but for every skincare set sold, an Argan tree is planted in Morocco to protect the environment!
Detox Me
FRÉ-Detox Me
I’m cooking Korean food for so
I’m cooking Korean food for some friends and definitely double masking. Briogeo’s Deep Conditioning Mask wins Allure’s 2018 awards for a reason. Last weekend, I showered then left this mask on for 15 minutes while I masked with the palermobody Detox Mask. This hair mask works to restore hydration to dry and lackluster hair (mine! 🙋🏻‍♀️) and after taking it off, I couldn’t believe how soft and healthy my hair felt the next day! Seriously in awe. The Detox Mask is also divine – I’ve been itching to get a spirulina mask and this came at the perfect time. It turns into a slight clay mask (as you can see in my slightly camo pic here) but so incredibly to wash off after. jylocklear recently featured their vitamin C pink clay mask – now I definitely need to get my hands on that mask!!
Major Hair & Skincare Masking
Major Hair & Skincare Masking . I used am greens Hair mask , it just makes my hair smoother and silkier. On Face I used mondsub under eye mask and lip mask, which provided enough collagen to my eyes and lips. And on face I used Anti Stress Mask by freeman beauty which I got from states. Then hydrated my skin using its skin 10 VE Effector serum and its skin Hyaluronic Acid Emulsion.