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I don't need to worry about hair loss any more!
I don't need to worry about hair loss any more!
AVEDA - Invati Advanced System The three step Invati regime is made up from an Exfoliating Shampoo (£19.50), a Thickening Conditioner (£21.50) and a Scalp Revitalizer (£43). I've always suffered with hair breakage and I definitely didn't inherit the 'thick hair gene' from my mother. Instead, I have to put up with lifeless, lank locks, that don't seem to grow, ever. For one month I traded in my normal shampoo and conditioner, for the Invati three step system, and I must say, the results were quite impressive. The exfoliating shampoo is used to clean the scalp by removing the build-up of product residue and sebum. The thickening conditioner is massaged into the scalp rather than the roots, which scared me at first, because conditioner normally leaves my hair greasy if applied anywhere but the ends but it has been clinically proven to thicken hair by penetrating the root and strengthening it with natural amino acids and after blow-drying my hair I was pleasantly surprised with the healthy looking shine and weightlessness. The third step, the scalp revitalizer, is the strongest of the three products and uses turmeric and ginseng to revitalize the scalp around the hair follicles. The shampoo has been great to use, it's gentle yet hydrating and I find that it gives my hair and scalp a good clean without feeling like it's stripped of oils. The consistency is great, not too runny and yet not thick. It doesn't lather as well as other products but if you put enough product and mix with water you can get some mild lather which does make your hair feel clean. What I have noticed after 3 months is that my hair hasn't been shedding as much as it used to. Granted I still get shedding but it's not the same amount as before. I feel like I've seen some improvement with my hair with regards to volume. It looks thicker and when I'm styling my hair it has that light, bouncy feel so it doesn't fall flat. I love that the product is plant based and it helps remove any buildup from your scalp which keeps your scalp and your hair feeling clean. The product needs to be applied twice daily, which, for me, proved to be slightly difficult. It has a very strong, distinct smell, and with my busy schedule, I found it hard to make time to apply it on a morning and leave time for it to dry in, but always managed to apply it before bed. I found the best way to apply the spray was to section my hair evenly and cover each side of my head with eight squirts that covered the whole scalp, before massaging it in. I noticed that after using it, once it dried in (after about 30mins), my hair looked immediately thicker and had more volume because it had a slight lift at the roots, probably created from the massaging and to my disbelief, didn't look greasy, at all. After two weeks, I noticed a significant reduction in the amount of hair I used to lose when brushing alone. I no longer needed to remove the handful of hair from my Tangle Teezer that came with every brushing session. When the month was over, I felt like my hair had life back in it and definitely looked healthier. I know the products are a tad on the expensive side but I would really recommend the regime to anyone that worries about hair thinning and loss. Feel free to leave a comment!
Invati Advanced System
AVEDA-Invati Advanced System