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Glossier skin tint ❌ worst- tried skin tint!!  | Cherie

Glossier skin tint ❌ worst- tried skin tint!!

I decided to give Glossier a try after seeing it’s ad almost every where , over all my social media accounts!! I got a skin tint from them - not impressed at all. Since , they are available only through their online platform there is no way to buy your skin match tint. So, keeping this point aside the skin tint itself is very liquidy, and makes the skin look very sticky and oily. The coverage is nude- and really doesn’t make a difference after application. The product has a very chemical smell, and is very unpleasant. I contacted the website as soon as I received the product because it wasn’t my exact skin match but they refused a return. So, right now it’s just lying around in my drawer with my other rejects❌❌Glossier. - Perfecting Skin Tint
May 11, 2020
Mindalynn_14I think you got a bad batch, this is one of my favorite skin tints and it’s definitely not supposed to smell like that
May 12, 2020·1 like
AiswaryaHey probably! But are they even supposed to sent out a bad batch!! It was so awful, the skin tint wasn’t even my shade and I couldn’t get it replaced with a tint that would suit my shade! Bummer!! I also tried their sheer matte lip stick and fell in love , but the skin tint was a huge disappointment ☹️
May 12, 2020·1 like
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My current favorite tinted moisturizers 🌞
I’ve been obsessing with tinted moisturizers for a while, it’s all I wear. If you love sheer to light coverage you’ll love these! I love the ones that I can easily blend with my fingers or a brush. I’ve tried lots of tinted moisturizers and some were ok and some weren’t great at all. These 3 tinted moisturizers have been my favorite for about a year. 2/3 of these have some slight spf but always put on spf before this, no matter how cloudy it may seem. There’s still uva/uvb rays going through clouds. All 3 of these are really nice at layering. I usually like to layer cream/gel products on top of these. Glossier perfecting skin tint in G11: this tinted moisturizer is the sheerest of the 3 I own. It blends really nice with my fingers. Since it’s pretty sheer I don’t use a brush with this one, you’ll just end up using too much of the product. It makes my skin feel really nice and soft. It gives me a slight brightening effect. Plus it has a vegan formula. This leaves your skin dewy. My forehead is very oily and right before I apply a matte primer to prevent a shiny oily forehead. It’s $26 for 1 oz Glossier. - Perfecting Skin Tint Tarte Amazonian clay BB tinted moisturizer in ivory: this is light coverage and the texture is slightly thicker than glossier’s. This has spf 20 which is a plus. I like using this with both my fingers and a brush. It blends really nice and gives me a slight brightening effect as well. This has a lot of product, 1.7 oz so it’ll last you a while! The shade I have has some slight yellowness in it, I’m cool toned so I wish they made more undertones. Also they’re lacking in shade ranges too. This is vegan. Gives you dewy skin, less than glossier’s. $39 for 1.7 oz. tarte - Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Laura mercier tinted moisturizer in 1C0 cameo: it’s also light coverage. Personally this feels slightly thicker than the tarte BB cream. This has a really nice moisturizing feeling on my face. I use this with both fingers and a brush. This has spf 30. And this also has 1.7 oz so it’ll last a while as well. This has some dark shades but still needs more range. This is the most expensive tinted moisturizer I have. $47 for 1.7 oz laura mercier - Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF30
My Updated “No Makeup” Makeup Routine ✨
Hey Cherie Fam! 🍒 I’ve been trying to find the perfect no makeup makeup look lately and I think I finally found the right combination for complexion products to use. I’ve been on a hunt lately and have been trying to find the perfect tinted moisturizer, sheer foundation and a setting powder. I used Glossier Perfecting Tint in G7 all over my face and the Stretch Concealer in G8 for under the eyes. For cheeks, I used Glossier’s Cloud Paint and mixed Puff and Haze then set my fave with Becca Light Shifter finishing veil in Star Hugger. The result is a natural dewy finish. My skin looks like skin, but luminous. You can still see my imperfections such as acne scars, but my complexion is evened out. I am also glowing ✨ I think going for the cloud paint made me look even more “effortless” rather than using a powder blush. When I apply powder blush, you can see it sitting on top of my skin which is a huge sign that I’m wearing makeup. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you don’t want that when you’re going for the “I woke up like this” look. Glossier. - Perfecting Skin Tint Glossier. - Stretch Concealer Glossier. - Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color BECCA - Light Shifter Finishing Veil Setting Powder For my eyes, I used 3 eyeshadow shades. I used my Natasha Denona Mini Nude Palette. I used Quoin all over my crease, Lumino on my lids and Soil as an eyeliner. On some days I leave my lids bare. I still do like to go heavy on the mascara. NATASHA DENONA - Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette For the lips, I like to keep it bare. I have extremely dry lips and I try not to put anything on them as much as possible. I just use Kosas - Kosasport Lipfueland a nude hydrating gloss. COLOURPOP - So Juicy Plumping Gloss I never knew that looking “naturally pretty” and “effortless” is actually so much work! It still took me a good 15 minutes to get this whole thing done What does your “no makeup” makeup routine look like? Xoxo, Francesca 💋
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Yes yes!  Cream blush!
Yes yes! Cream blush!
I am obsessed with this Ilia Beauty Multi-Use pigment! This can be used for both a blush and a lip color. It is creamy, super easy to apply, easy to blend, can be build up for a high intensity color, or lightly applied for a sheer natural look. I just love that this product can be used for different things, (lips and cheeks). It doesn’t make my skin look dry or overly greasy either, just very dewy. This also lasts all day on the cheeks. Absolutely gorgeous product! I definitely recommend this, and it is 100% worth the time/effort and price! ILIA - Color Haze Multi-Matte Pigment Cream Color
Color Haze Multi-Matte Pigment Cream Color
ILIA-Color Haze Multi-Matte Pigment Cream Color
Your Skin But Better In A Bottle!
Your Skin But Better In A Bottle!
Here’s a little background on my skin. She’s a high maintenance b*tch that likes to suck my bank account dry. Boujee on a budget it? 75% of the time for her that’s not the case. I hate her for it. I can’t stand that my skin looks so PERFECT when I applied Pat McGraths skin fetish foundation because this little bottle cost me $68 plus tax!😵 It looks so amazing that I bought two bottles: shade 5 a light neutral undertone for when I’m fair in the winter and shade 14 a medium neutral undertone when I’m the most sun kisssd in the summer. With these two bottles I’m also able to customize my shade when I’m in between shades during the year. Now to be honest I don’t wear makeup everyday. 90% of the time I’m bare faced. I usually put in makeup if I’m going somewhere special such as an event, on a date, feeling creative or when I need to remind myself that I’m still that b*tch. So I’m actually okay with spending a little more on a nice foundation because I know it’ll last me a long time and if it’s worth it. So the question is..is it worth it? For me YES! I bought her toward the end of summer 2019 and it has served me well through the changing NYC weather and my ever adjusting skin. Whether my skin was really dry or slightly oily the foundation sat on my skin perfectly throughout the day. It’s a nice medium coverage foundation that can be built up or sheered out depending on the look you’re going for. 1/2 to 3/4 or a pump is enough for me to get a sheer/light natural coverage where it looks like my skin just the imperfections have been discreetly masked. To get full glam coverage I can get away with one and a half pumps then not even a beauty mark in my face will peak through! In my profile picture was the first time I used the foundation and I really sheered it out because it was a hot summer day. That day I got a little oily in my t zone but the foundation lasted all day. I don’t really blot or powder because I like the dewy look on myself but also I don’t because I’m lazy and I forget and most of the time at the end of the day I genuinely don’t care haha! In my last picture that I added in this post was when I was feeling creative and really used a heavy hand to apply the foundation. In that post I DID NOT PHOTOSHOP OR BLUR MY SKIN!!!! All I did was adjust the lighting in light room and added a filter to make the three images to blend better. But I couldn’t believe how airbrushed my face came out. The proof is in the pudding. I think it shows how far you can go with this foundation.
Sublime Perfection Foundation
PAT McGRATH LABS-Sublime Perfection Foundation

So weird ,
THE CLOUD PAINT ! So weird , at first wasn’t a big big fan - I’ve always been a powder/matte one of a kind, now I’m totally a dewy one ! And since that I just can’t do makeup without them. So when I started to play with them I didn’t really know how -with fingers ? With a brush ? How much products ?- the more I was playing with it the more I was being confident on how to use them and I like using them with a brush. Dusk and beam were my favorite this summer. But that fall just started I’m really loving storm (even sometimes mixed with dusk). What are your thought about the cloud paint ? A favorite color ?
MILK  Makeup! My Faves and 'meh'
MILK  Makeup! My Faves and 'meh'
I’m always seeing things being released and people talking about them. I cannot wait to checking my purse and surprised to see only few milk products i owned. There are 4 faves and 1 meh on my list , Have a guess before reading. 😉 🍒 MILK Matte Bronzer in Baked: 5/5 the first cream bronzer I had purchased for myself so they’ll always have a special place in my heart. I love the bronzer so much that i have used up a full size and repurchased one. 🍒 MILK Flex Foundation Stick (Mine is the shade of light beige.): 5/5  beautiful natural finish, It has great coverage when applied but not heavy at all which make a look of my skin but better. 🍒 MILK Lipstick in C.R.E.A.M: 4/5  super creamy and comfortable, this is a slightly cool-nude lipstick that i don't own many similar color. 🍒 MILK Kush Fiber Brow Gel in Dutch: 4/5 Bow brow has a waxy pomade texture that keeps your brows setting in a similar way of waxy pencil. It separates and  combines brows like the feather brow. 🍒 MILK Kush Mascara: 1/5  Super popular, but it does.. nothing to my lashes? Like literally nothing, even a little bit lengthen or volumize.. It seems to tint a tiny bit but my lashes are already black so it’s rather pointless. I’m legit shocked, especially on how amazing it looks on others. And it smudges like crazy too! But regardless, I’m still a huge fan of the brand. Their whole branding gives me chic, new kid on the block vibe. and I think everyone should give it a try.
glossier haul  ✨

I pretty muc
glossier haul ✨ I pretty much use the lidstars and niteshine everyday! I am not completely in love with the lidstar shadows because they were hard to work with at first, but I’m slowly learning how to apply and build them up better - I do wish it was a more effortless process to get some good coverage with them tho. The niteshine highlight is GORGE and a teeny tiny bit goes a long way! My friend highly recommended the skin perfecting tint and it is amazing! i love how light the coverage looks AND feels. So glowy & dewy 🤤 As for the lash slick, it is lengthening without being clumpy, but be warned that it will not let your lashes to hold a curl!!! I like to curl my lashes before applying mascara and this guy won’t allow it 😭
Lash Slick Mascara
Glossier.-Lash Slick Mascara
The glow I never I thought I needed in my life
The glow I never I thought I needed in my life
First, let’s talk about the packaging. Charlotte Tilbury is a luxury makeup brand so it’s just fair that the way she packages her products is that they look and feel expensive. This particular beautiful product has her signature rose gold cap going on. And honestly, it’s just super instagrammable. When I lightly squeeze the product out, it comes off as white with tiny particles that I assume is what’s responsible for reflecting the light when I apply this on my face.   It’s one of my 2 very first purchases from Charlotte Tilbury and she didn’t disappoint. A little product goes a long way. The product is white but it transforms into a bronzy color once being applied onto the face. It has an airbrush effect that just looks soooo good! I swear I didn’t know I needed such a beautiful product but now I just can’t stop using it. It gives off a natural bronzy, tanned glow but not too much. It makes me look like I just had a very natural-looking fake tan. It’s a very pricey makeup product at $40 for 40mL but since you don’t need to put on a lot, I think it’s worth every cent!
Unisex Healthy Glow
Charlotte Tilbury-Unisex Healthy Glow